Who Killed XXXTentacion? 5 New Details About The Theory That Soldier Kidd Murdered The Rapper


Who Killed XXXTentacion? 5 New Details About Soldier Kidd, The Man Fans Think Murdered Jahseh Dwayne Onfroy getty

20-year-old rapper XXXTentacion was shot dead on Monday, June 18, leaving many fans and fellow arists wondering, who killed XXXTentacion?

TMZ broke the story that XXXTentacion was shot in Deerfield Beach, Florida after leaving a motorcycle dealership in his BMW. According to police, the rapper was approached by two armed suspects in hoodies, with the shooter wearing a red mask.

Details about the shooting are frightening. Witnesses at the scene said it appeared XXX had no pulse after the shooting, and in the dispatch audio obtained by TMZ it appears the rapper was comatose when emergency services arrived.


While police say the shooting is a “possible robbery” (witnesses said the suspects took a Louis Vuitton bag out of XXX’s car), according to The Blast people close to XXX believe the true motive is murder. “This was not random,” a source told The Blast.


Eerily, it appears XXXTentacion predicted his own death just hours before it occurred. He began an Instagram live video while driving, telling his fans, “Worst things come to thing comes to worst, I die a tragic death or some [sic] and I’m not able to see out my dreams, I at least want to know that the kids perceived my message, were able to make something of themselves and were able to take my message and use it and turn it into something positive and to at least have a good life.”

XXX has had his fair share of beefs in the past. In 2017, the rapper got into it with Migos after he believed they jumped him in Los Angeles. He was also embroiled in a feud with Drake, leading some fans to come up with their own conspiracy theories about Drake murdering XXXTentacion.

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The most widely circulated rumor, however, is that rapper Soldier Kidd murdered XXXTentacion. Here’s why.

1. He had a video of a gun the same day in a nearby location on his Instagram story

Photo: Heavy

Before the shooting, Soldier Kidd posted a Boomerang video to his Instagram story showing that he had food from Hook Fish and Chicken, an eatery whose location, according to Google Maps, happens to be in Deerfield Beach, Florida — the same city where XXXTentacion was shot. Next to Kidd’s platter of food is a gun.


2. He shared a photo with a red mask on Instagram

Photo: Instagram

After news of the XXX’s murder broke, Soldier Kidd reemerged on Instagram with a photo that showed him and a friend sitting on a car. In the front seat of the car, there is a red mask just like the one police say XXX’s shooter wore. “Triple X but we banging like we BD,” he wrote in a caption that included two emojis: a man in a turban and an arrow in a bullseye, also tagging his friend @soldier.jojo.

3. People think he confessed on Twitter

Photo: Heavy


According to Heavy, after the shooting,some tweets surfaced that Twitter users Kidd wrote via a since-deleted account. “Bruh I really just shot XXXTentacion,” Kidd allegedly wrote. “I’m finna go viral.” It’s worth noting that Kidd has a Twitter account under the handle @soldier_kidd.

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4. He and Soldier Jojo denied having anything to do with the shooting

The two rappers took to Instagram to proclaim their innocence. In separate Instagram videos, each claimed that the fans accusing them of shooting XXXTentacion are way off base. “I’ve been seeing a lot of comments, seeing a lot of things going on saying I had something to do with XXXTentacion’s past,” Kidd said. “I ain’t even know who the man was.”

Likewise, Jojo insisted that he didn’t have anything to do with the shooting either. “We out here tryna do us, Triple X, we been claiming that,” Jojo said about the coincidence that both he and Kidd have XXX written in their Instagram bios. “We respect everybody, straight up.”


5. Did Drake hire Soldier Kidd to murder XXXTentacion?

Some fans are claiming that XXX’s murder was born out of his feud with Drake. Twitter user @tevin_maise alleged that Drake’s “I’m Upset” lyrics referenced XXXTentacion and his death. “End up gettin’ loose and gettin’ pictures from my ex, SMS, Triple X,” the lyrics go. “That’s the only time I ever shoot below the neck.” @lexxidemorea took the theory even further when she theorized that Soldier Kidd and Soldier Jojo had “XXX” in the Instagram bios because Drake hired them to take out XXXTentacion. “Could Drake be implying that he relies on this person to shoot below the neck?” she questioned. “Could he be a possible [assassin] sent to Drizzy's dirty work because we all know Drake is always rapping about his life and hinting at events all the time.”

Of course, people were quick to point out that Drake’s lyrics were more likely a reference to sex, saying these theories are “reaching.”

As of now, police have no official suspects. The Broward County Sheriff’s Department tweeted that they are currently offering a reward of $3,000 to anyone with information about XXXTentacion’s death that leads to an arrest.


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