Rapper Tells Men That ‘Letting Their Females’ Sit On The Internet All Day Will Ruin Their Families

There are much worse things that can lead to the downfall of families.

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A well-known rapper is taking heat after sharing his controversial beliefs regarding family screen time. 

While he blamed screens for the downfall of families, most people pointed out that he was actually the problem. 

Rapper Fivio Foreign told men that ‘letting your females’ sit on the internet all day will ruin their families. 

Fivio Foreign, whose real name is Maxie Lee Ryles III, took to X (formerly known as Twitter) to share his warning that caused strife online. 


In a message that has been reposted over 400 times, Fivio Foreign wrote, “Letting your kids or female sit on the internet all day will ruin your family.” 

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Although the rapper was vague about how the internet would ruin your family, given his popularity, some people assumed he meant online gossip. 

“Facts!! If someone doesn’t know the difference between real life and the internet, don’t let them access the ‘net,” one X user commented. 

Others assumed that he was talking about the internet as a whole and how it could damage one’s self-esteem if it constantly broadcasts unrealistic, photoshopped pictures that depict happy families free of wrinkles and life troubles. 

“The most powerful statement made by a rapper in a minute, it’s really messing with people’s heads and killing all motivation!” another user wrote. 


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However, others believed that worse things could destroy families than the Internet. 

“Taking Percocets and promoting it will ruin your family before the internet does,” one X user noted, alluding to the rapper’s admission that he takes drugs, even tweeting, “If yu want me to stop taking percs.. Give me something different to b addicted too,” in February 2024. 


“Listening to rappers sing about killing all day will ruin your family…fixed it!” another user commented, highlighting some of the violence that is depicted in some of Fivio’s song lyrics. 

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Others argued that the rapper needed to do some serious self-reflection if he blamed the internet for the falling out of families, including his own. 

Jasmine, the mother of Fivio’s children, would disagree with his statements that the internet was the problem in their relationship.

According to Jasmine, Fivio always “ignored” his children, even while they were together. "This man always walks in the house and walks past his kids," she reported in an Instagram live video. 

 "He don't pay his kids no [expletive] mind. He never has.” 

She also claimed that Fivio promised to leave them money before he went on tour and failed to keep his word. 


"He came back like nothing — normal," she stated. "How you leave on tour and don't leave your family a dollar? What type of [expletive] is that?"

Jasmine also alleged that during a heated argument with Fivio, the rapper pulled a gun on her with their children standing behind her. 

"This man, while his sister is holding him back because he's trying to hit me, takes out his gun — mind you, my kids are behind me crying,” she said. 

Fivio has denied Jasmine’s accusations in response to The Shade Room. "Out of respect for the mother of my children, I am going to handle this issue privately. Never have I ever been accused of not taking care of my children and my responsibilities,” he said. 


“As an artist, I travel for work to take care of my family. I love my kids and their mother.” 

He added that he believes it was Jasmine’s jealousy of his new relationship that caused her to go online and accuse him of such things. 

Rapper Fivio Foreign Tells Men That Letting Their Females Sit On The Internet All Day Will Ruin Their Families Photo: Franklin Sheard / Shutterstock 


No woman should have to ask her male partner permission to use the internet.

Many people already know how false information spreads rapidly online, influencing public opinion and causing confusion or harm. 

Parents are entitled to limit their children’s screen time to ensure their health and safety.

However, adult women’s time on the internet should never be monitored or limited by their male partners over the fear that it will “destroy” their families. 

People do that themselves by being unfaithful, unloving, lying to their partners, being violent with them, and not paying bills.

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