Where You Should Vacation This Summer, Based On Your Myers Briggs Personality Type

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Your Perfect Summer Vacation, Based On Your Myers Briggs Personality Type

The days are getting hotter, the nights are getting longer, and summer is in full swing! When I think of summer, I picture sunbathing at the beach, relaxing by the pool, and going on spontaneous road trips with my friends. However, in reality, we all know this is never the case.

The weather might be beautiful, but that doesn't mean we can just escape our daily lives for a few months. We still have to go to work and pay the bills.

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Don't fret just yet! Just because you don't have the whole summer off doesn't mean you can't take off from work for a week or two. We all deserve a little bit of time off after all of the hard work we've put in throughout the year, and the brain needs to vacation this summer, too

With that in mind, it's not too late to plan your perfect getaway. We all love to skip work for a few days and just enjoy some time to ourselves, but that doesn't mean we all enjoy the same type of vacation. 

Everyone belongs to a certain personality type (according to the Myers Briggs online personality test) and each of these types are very different from one another, and they enjoy different things. 

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Some types are very extroverted, and they like to travel to interesting countries or go on thrilling adventures. Others are more introverted, and they might prefer to spend their time on a relaxing island. Many, of course, are somewhere in between. 

Whether you're looking for a crazy adventure or just some place to get your tan on, there's a perfect destination out there just for you. The best part is, you don't have to spend any time searching for it because we've already found it! 

With this part of the planning process already figured out, you're one step closer to your dream summer vacation.  

1. INTJ: New York City, NY 

NYC is the place people go to make their dreams become their reality, so this is perfect for your big imagination. Plus, you love to plan, and there's plenty to do in this bustling city that you can add to your busy itinerary. 

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2. INTP: Athens, Greece

You have a thirst for knowledge, so it's only right that you travel to a city filled with centuries of history. Not only will you learn everything about ancient gods and goddesses, but there are several beautiful beaches nearby for you to relax that brain of yours. 

3. ENTJ: Washington DC

You are the commander, known for your strong sense of leadership and diplomacy. Washington DC is the perfect city for you because you can learn everything you want to know about the history of the US government while imagining what it would be like to sit in the Oval Office yourself. 

4. ENTP: London, England

Being the smart and curious person you are, it's important for you to travel far across the globe. London is perfect for you because it has tons of history and landmarks, and it has some pretty great nightlife too.

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5. INFJ: Bangkok, Thailand 

You have a quiet nature, but that doesn't mean you aren't adventurous. The unique beauty and culture of Thailand will bring out the mysteriousness inside of you, which is a side that should come out more often.

6. INFP: Woodstock, NY

Being the peaceful and poetic flower child that you mean that Woodstock is the travel destination you belong in. Here you can learn about one of the most iconic movements of the 1960's, the decade you were probably meant to live in. 

7. ENFJ: Agra, India

You are one of the most charismatic and inspiring personality types, so experiencing a culture entirely different from your own would be very beneficial to you. In India, you can learn the stories and lifestyle of a beautiful nation of people. 

8. ENFP: Havana, Cuba

Because you are so creative and free-spirited, you LIVE for color. You need to travel somewhere that will inspire your artistic soul. The vibrant streets of Havana are calling your name. 

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9. ISTJ: Cross Country Road Trip

You are a very practical person, so a fancy vacation might not be in your budget this summer. By doing a cross country road trip, you can save money while still experiencing some of the world's most beautiful landmarks. 

10. ISFJ: Disneyland, CA

There is nothing more important to you than your family, so you need a vacation that every member of your family will enjoy. Between riding roller coasters, watching shows, and meeting the characters, Disneyland will offer a fun experience for everyone in your family, especially you. 

11. ESTJ: Service Project

You often don't like to travel and take time to yourself because you feel that it goes against your selfless nature. By traveling to another country for a service opportunity, like Costa Rica or Australia, you can experience a new culture while still helping others.

12. ESFJ: Negril, Jamaica 

You are incredibly social and you love to connect with people who are different from you. Jamaica is the perfect vacation spot for you because you can relax on the beach while also mingling with the happy and exuberant people who live locally. 

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13. ISTP: Dubai, UAE

You are a hands on learner, so you appreciate any kind of architectural masterpiece. Dubai is known for it's mind blowing buildings and infrastructure, and this city will totally catch your bold eye. 

14. ISFP: Florence, Italy

You are a natural artist, so it only makes sense for you to travel to the city where art flourishes. In Florence you can visit iconic landmarks like the Sistine Chapel and learn about artists from the Renaissance period.

15. ESTP: African Safari 

The perfect trip for you is to join a wild African safari where you can experience the exciting wildlife of Africa firsthand. You are an energetic person who likes to live life on the edge, and what's more thrilling than this?  

16. ESFP: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 

As an entertainer, you have quite the enthusiastic personality. You should travel to a city who's energy matches this. Rio is the perfect vacation for you because it has lively people and a surplus of fun summer activities.