QUIZ: What's Your Dominant Personality Trait?

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Color Blot Test Determines Your Dominant Personality Trait

Depending on your personality type, each one of us has a unique dominant trait that we possess.

Are you the person who takes charge of situations or is more laid back and lets others decide? What about love — are you someone who chases what you want or do you sit back, lacksidaisical?

Maybe you're independent, wanting to do things on your own. You're probably strong and adaptable with a wild spirit to you. Or maybe you're humorous, seeing the sunnier side of life and always finding something to get a good chuckle at. Perhaps you're compassionate, caring for all living things, or are the sociable, a fun person at a party.

Some people consider themselves to have Type A personalities. This means you tend to live life on the fast track, ambitious to accomplish your goals and prevent anyone from getting in the way. This also means that you're meticulous about every detail in your life, whether it's the way you fold your clothes, how you park the car, or which way the toilet paper roll faces (and who knows how many marriages have fallen apart from this).

On the other hand, you might have a Type B personality — which doesn't make you any less important! But Type B personalities tend to be more introverted and reserved, not wanting to be in the spotlight like the Type A. They are more laid-back. But just like their Type A counterparts, they are meticulous... in their thinking. They always think before they act.

Whether or not you fit into one of these personality types, or maybe fall just outside of either, your dominant personality trait can be determined through this color blot test. Remember color blots? How you interpret each blot says something about you.

Take the personality test below and find out for sure which trait about you stands out the most.


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This article was originally published at Higher Perspective. Reprinted with permission from the author.