10 Memorable Sunglass Styles Of 2018 That Are Worth Checking Out

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10 Memorable Sunglass Styles Of 2018 That Are Worth Checking Out

For those of you who don't know, National Sunglasses Day is comes up every June 27th. If you're a fashionista like me, this holiday may have you wondering what fashionable sunglasses to wear over your eyes this summer while getting the maximum UV protection. 

With the summer season here, our wardrobes are changing quite a bit. We're stripping down into sundresses and bathing suits and taking in some Vitamin D. With every cute summer look comes the most fabulous accessory: sunglasses. 

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Sunglasses are the perfect (and necessary) summer accessory that absolutely never goes out of style. Between cat-eye shades in the 1950's, oversized round frames in the 1970's, and the very famous era of Ray-ban in the 2010's, sunglasses have ALWAYS been in style.

There's no doubt that the look changes, and rather quickly at that, but sunglasses are always there on the catwalk year after year. 

Whether you're sunbathing at the beach, strutting down the sidewalk on your way to work, or going for a drive with the windows open, sunglasses are essential to our daily life. Not only do the right sunglasses protect our eyes from the blazing summer sun, but they instantly make us look fashionable. 

Just like any other piece of clothing, sunglass trends change every season, and no one wants to be that girl wearing last year's sunglasses. But, with this handy-dandy list of the newest and most popular pairs of sunglasses this season, you'll be styling all summer long. 

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Every girl has a pair of sunglasses that fit both her look and her personality just right, and this list has the perfect pair for everybody. So go ahead and treat yo self to a new pair! 

1. Cat Eye

The subtle touch of vintage you need for your modern wardrobe. 

2. Heart Shaped

These are perfect for summer music festivals. 

3. Clear Lenses

It's impossible not to look like a celebrity in these. 

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4. Flat Top

The perfect pair for those dress-up days. 

5. Tortoise Print

Who said tortoise print was out of style?

6. Round Shaped

2018's take on a 2017 favorite. 

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7. Rainbow Lenses

For the most fabulous showstopper. 

8. White Frames

Retro is definitely the new look. 

9. Octagonal Shaped

For those who are bored with the standard round frames. 

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10. Embellished 

The best way to come out with a bang this summer.