The 25 Best Style Icons & Fashion Instagram Accounts To Follow This Year

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Style Icons Fashion Instagram Accounts To Follow

Style, fashion trends and Instagram go hand in hand. With the app being the perfect place to showcase blogs and perfectly manipulated and filtered photos, its no wonder! With just the click of a button, users are able to follow the latest trends and DM them to their friends.

Full of pictures and descriptions its almost as if you are looking through a catalog. 

It's amazing to see how much the fashion industry has advanced with the usage of Instagram. People who are not employed in the industry are able to show off their style. And some people who are employed in it can show off their favorite looks.

Maybe even sneak peeks into what goes on with your favorite designers and shows. It's almost like having a backstage exclusive pass. 

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It doesn't matter what your style preference is. It will most likely be featured somewhere on the site.

Whether you enjoy a laid-back boho style or a professional and chic look, it'll be somewhere. You can easily access any page that isn't on private and searching is quite easy and fun! 

Instagram accounts are an amazing way to be able to showcase who you are and your personality. With your favorite instagrammers, you really feel as though you are getting to know them. It's like you do know them even. It is more in-depth than a magazine because they are choosing what they want to show.  

You are also able to see styles from all around the world. What is hot and happening in Spain might be vastly different from Japan. You can view what the newest trends and styles are in just a few short minutes. It's inspiring to your own style.

Pretty soon you have your own vibe.. and maybe one day your own fashion blog?? Dreams. But totally possible. 

Either way, take a look at our picks for the 25 best fashion Instagram influencers to follow this year so you can up your style game and keep up with the trends.

1. Asiyami Gold

Instagram: @asiyami_gold

Her eclectic and colorful style is eye-catching. With so many different looks this is the perfect Instagram to follow if you want a lot of options for inspiration. 

2. Jennifer Grace

Instagram: @thenativefox

If you are looking for different then look no further. Her style is unique and one of a kind, this Instagram is anything but boring. Plus KILLER shoes 

3. Sophia Roe

Instagram: @sophiaroe

​Based out of Copenhagen you can get a sweet taste of the style there. It's fresh but classic all rolled into one stylin' instagram page. 

4. Ellie

Instagram: @slipintostyle

Funky and edgy style that will have you scrolling your fingers off. Plus handbags, handbags, handbags! Yaaass. She has got the best taste in purses.

5. Cheyenne Adler

Instagram: @adamantlyadler

​She has a way of having a chic, colorful, sexy style all wrapped up in a bow. But her insta-page features so much more. You'll have to check it out to see. 

6. Katie Sturino

Instagram: @the12ishstyle

She's spunky, stylish and not afraid to use her voice. The founder of Megababe she is no stranger to fashion and she knows how to work it.

7. Korin Avraham

Instagram: @yasalamfashionblog

Talk about a stylish jet-setter. If you love travel and fashion then this is the absolute perfect page for you to follow. You can thank me later. 

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8. Evangeline Smyrniotaki

Instagram: @styleherione

Her photos not only showcase clothes but are also very artistic and eye-catching. She embodies the "less is more" style but makes it look like a million bucks. 

9. Janelle Marie Lloyd

Instagram: @waityouneedthis

​She is a modern day Carrie Bradshaw showing off her chic style in the Big Apple. Her style embodies the Empire state of mind all in one page. 

10. Maria Borges

Instagram: @iammariaborges

You may recognize her as one of the faces of L'Oreal and she is here to make a splash. Her fashion is on fire and her gorgeousness will leave you speechless.

11. Candice Huffine

Instagram: @candicehuffine

This gal is ready to take over the world with her style. She is sexy and her clothes showcase her confident personality. Definitely a page you do not want to miss.

12. Jenny Walton

Instagram: @jennymwalton

Showcasing her style and other trends from different places this is the perfect page to check out a variety of fashion. The inspiration practically leaps off the screen. 

13. Ebonee Davis

Instagram: @eboneedavis

Her instagram is not one to miss, her pictures are seriously on fleek. Her style is so eye-catching and unique in its own right. Absolutely stunning.

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14. Nicolette Mason

Instagram: @nicolettemason

Sweet and girly but still chic and stylish. She embodies feminine clothes with an elegant undertone. Not easy to do but she is killing it. 

15. Mary Lawless Lee

Instagram: @happilygrey

Her laid-back country vibe is one of a kind. Based out of Nashville you can get a taste of the eclectic country life with a whole lot of trendy outfits to see. 

16. Juliana Salazar

Instagram: @julianasalazar

She is unafraid to be herself and she is showing off her unique style for the world to see. She is the definition of hipster chic. If you want fresh then follow this page. 

17. Babba C. Rivera

Instagram: @babba.c

Her style is elegant with a hint of flirtatious. It's hard to be sexy but still simple, yet she hits it out of the park. You will not want to miss this page. 

18. Morgan Bethel-Sosinski

Instagram: @hangitupla

One word: Flawless. Her style is so chic it practically jumps out at you. She makes all of her outfits absolute show stoppers. You will love every pic you see. 

19. Ria Michelle

Instagram: @riamichelle

One look at the page and you will be envious of her. Two looks at the page and you will get immediate inspiration for your own style. 

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20. Michaela Kotob

Instagram: @rosesnmimosas

This gal is too cool for school but in the best way possible. Her looks all seem effortless and chic. It may seem impossible but she makes it work.

21. Mallory Morris

Instagram: @malloryonthemoon

Colorful and so so fun! Her page is so interesting and she takes her photos to another level. Every single one is like a passionate work of art. Her style is very unique. 

22. Sage Coralli 

Instagram: @sosageblog

She is a blonde bombshell who has a sophisticated and sexy style. Her outfits always look like they came right out of the pages of Vogue. It will inspire some Vogue outfits in your wardrobe as well. 

23. Karissa Marie

Instagram: @karissamariie

She proves that being a stylish mom is possible even with young toddlers. She always looks chic and knows how to showcase her feminine side all while being badass. 

24. Seyi Famuyiwa

Instagram: @thedailyseyi

Work it girl! Her style is so perfect for an edgy and sophisticated look. One look at her instagram page and you will instantly click follow. 

25. Gizele Oliveira

Instagram: @giizeleoliveira

If you want a page that will inspire some new looks at you then look no further. Because this gal knows how to be fabulous with her style. 

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