What Your Eye Color REALLY Says About Your Relationship Personality

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The eyes are the windows to the soul. The SEXY windows to the soul! To be real, eyes are maybe the only time windows are ever referred to as being remotely sexy. I mean unless you are reaaaaaalllly into draperies. 

Seriously, you can tell so much about a person just by locking eyes with them. You can unlock the secrets of their personality.

The key is knowing what, exactly, you're looking for. 

When it comes to meeting new people, I always go straight for the eyes. Wait that made it sound like I attack all strangers by attempting to peck their eyes out. That is only true in very specific, very isolated instances. 

Whether you're meeting new colleagues, a new friend, or a new lover, looking into their eyes is the first real impression either of you gets. Is there a spark of attraction and could your corresponding eye colors be the source? 

It's no wonder that for years people used to believe that you could predict what, exactly, a person's personality was like by the color of their eyes.

While I don't think it's fair to lump people into categories, I do think it's DEEPLY fun. 

What sexy secrets does your eye color convey about you? If I look closely enough can I see what you're like in the sack? Maybe, just maybe. 

1. Brown Eyes

You might think of brown eyes as being common, and it's true, brown eyes make up the majority of eye colors the world over. But that SO doesn't make them hum drum people.

Brown-eyed people put the needs of others first. When it comes to love they are intense and dedicated to their partner. Talk about sexy! 

2. Blue Eyes

People with blue eyes are peace lovers who go the extra mile to make everyone around them happy. This really pays off in the bedroom. But there is a tradeoff.

Blue eyes expect a commitment from their partner pretty early on. Once they get that, their freak flag flies with glee. 

3. Hazel Eyes

People with hazel eyes are elegant, fun-loving, and totally mischievous. The real challenge with a hazel-eyed person is keeping them focused. They have a short attention span and are ALWAYS looking for the next best thing.

This is cool when the next best thing is a pizza for you both to enjoy, not so cool when they leave you for your sister. 

4. Grey Eyes

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Grey eye havers make for the best submissives. That's because this rare eye color tends to be had by very passive people. They are kind and loyal, and deeply intelligent. But they need a strong upper hand if they really are going to thrive. 

5. Black Eyes

When we say black eyes we mean people whose brown eyes whose color is so rich and dark it can read as black. Conversely, we also mean a dragon and maybe Voldemort. Black eyed people are cagey and mysterious. They can be slow to trust, but once you get them to open up they are intense and passionate. 

6. Green Eyes


A person with green eyes is always a breath of fresh air. They're the person you want at every party you throw because they always up the fun quotient.

They are an energetic and giving lover, but you've got to be careful because (yup, you guessed it) people with green eyes can be more jealous than the average bear.