Women With This Zodiac Sign Prefer Male Friendships Over Female Ones, According To Astrology

These women just get along better with the opposite sex, and astrology reveals why, by zodiac sign.

Women With This Zodiac Sign Prefer Male Friendships Over Female Ones, According To Astrology unsplash

Some people think that men and women can't just be friends and that a friendship between opposite sexes must develop into something romantic or sexual. That's not always true. There are lots of reasons why women prefer male friendships over female ones, and it has nothing to do with intimacy. Just like any friendship that develops over time, there are shared interests and mindsets that make two people click platonically but never fall in love.


In fact, there are female zodiac signs who are completely in touch with their feminine side, yet mentally, they are more comfortable making friends with men than they are with women. Maybe not for any specific reason, but these few zodiac signs are much more likely than others to have men as friends than women. 

For example, I have both male friends and female ones, and I won't give up being friends with a guy because I'm in a relationship. As an Aquarius, I think it’s important to make friends of all genders — women, men, neither, both — because it gives you a new perspective on the world.


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Not everyone is exactly like you and the friend group you have should help you open your eyes to new ways of thinking and celebrate differences, shouldn’t it? When I make a new friend, I always try to keep my mind open.


And having a friend who is the opposite gender than I am, really helps to accomplish that. Who else is going to explain to me the way that a man acts when I need to hear the truth, and why? A man has an inside scoop into the mind of a guy... and even though there are people who break those generalizations, overall, it's neat to hear a perspective from someone who is completely different from you. As a woman, there are times when that would be a male. 

And because I’m a woman, I like making friends who are men because it helps me learn new things about someone that’s pretty different from myself. Plus, I can finally get answers to questions we all have about guys and their mysteries, like whether or not they gossip about their crushes during sleepovers just as much as girls do.

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You know you want to know, too. But besides wanting answers to some of life’s greatest questions about men, some zodiac signs are just drawn to making male friends over anyone else. A lot of the time, it is because these few zodiac signs are ruled by planets named after gods rather than goddesses.

And with all of that masculine energy coursing through them, they find it easier to relate to men than they do women. These signs are also more likely to be interested in competition and adventure, and can even be more aggressive and sometimes emotionally distant, than zodiac signs ruled by feminine planets.



On the other side of the astrology spectrum, those zodiac signs ruled by feminine planets and goddesses tend to be more romantically-inclined, as well as dreamier and softer around the edges. Even if you don’t see yourself as having a masculine or feminine energy within you, your zodiac sign can tell you a lot more about what’s hidden under the surface.

Interesting things can come from astrology, don’t you agree? Anyway, my point is that some zodiac signs, by horoscope, who are more likely to have friends who are men over women, based on astrology. Interested to know which zodiac signs these are? Keep reading!

1. ARIES (March 21 - April 19)

Aries often has more friends than most zodiac signs because she’s confident in her ability to make friends with just about anyone – guys, girls, whatever. But when she’s in that competitive mode, she likes to spend more time with her guy friends than her girlfriends. When Aries is looking for a dynamic friendship, she looks for someone who will challenge her and make her want to push the limits to what she can achieve.


She does have girlfriends who are just as competitive as she is, but as the zodiac sign that is ruled by the planet Mars, Aries is full of a masculine energy that meshes very well with guys and their own masculine energy. As the ram of the zodiac, Aries is able to use this masculine life force and combativeness in a positive, healthy way, rather than butting heads with her girlfriends (which is a very opposite kind of life force).

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2. LEO (July 23 - August 22)

Leo is the leader of the zodiac – she is the lion, after all! So, when all the young girls were still saying, “Ewww boys!” in school, Leo was asking them to be her friend. She feels empowered by the fact that she has friends of all genders and that she doesn’t have to restrict herself to only what she knows – other women – when she is just as comfortable hanging out with guys, too.


Leo is also ruled by a masculine planet, the Sun. Thanks to the Sun, Leo knows how to relate to men better than women. She uses her own masculine life force to be the leader that all squads need. She loves being the center of her friend group (and Universe because she’s ruled by the Sun), so being the one to call the shots is kind of her thing. And with her fiery, fierce attitude, men are drawn to her energy and tough outer skin.

3. SCORPIO (October 23 - November 21)

Scorpio is one of those zodiac signs who has a bunch of friends simply because she’s really good at making friends. When you first meet Scorpio, it’s easy to get along with her because she wants to have a good time, which means she’s not looking for a deep connection just yet – it can be a while for her to open up to someone new. And while many of her girlfriends want this deep connection right away, she often spends time with her guy friends because they usually just want someone chill to hang out with.

Scorpio is also ruled by a very jealous nature. Whether you see that side of her right away or not, it’s always there under the surface. She tends to have more guy friends than girl friends for this reason because she secretly feels like she has to compete with her friends in one way or another. Rather than always feeling green with jealousy and on the verge of a catfight, Scorpio chooses to spend time with her guy friends instead.


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4. SAGITTARIUS (November 22 - December 21)

Sagittarius, another zodiac sign ruled by a masculine planet, has a lot more guy friends than girl friends – and more guy friends in general than any of the other signs. For her, life is about enjoying every second you have and she isn’t one to shy away from an opportunity to make a friend for any reason. If you see her constantly hanging out with her guys, there’s no underlying meaning – she’s just out with friends.

Sagittarius is also one of those people who can get along with literally anyone. In school, she was friends with the band geeks, the popular kids, the outcasts, and the smart kids. Honestly, no one is really sure how she does it, but when you know that many people, you’re bound to have quite a few friends. She especially likes hanging out with her guy friends because of this masculine energy inside of her, but anyone who’s up for fun is a friend to her.


5. AQUARIUS (January 20 - February 18)

Aquarius may be an air sign — which means she tends to go with the flow and let life (and the wind) take her wherever feels right — but when she finds things and people that mean a lot to her, she likes to plant roots. And once she creates a foundation (or friendship), she works very hard to keep that person in her life for a long time.

The main reason Aquarius has more guy friends than girl friends is that she’s always trying to expand her mind. As someone who is not a guy herself, having a guy friend is like getting a sneak peek into a mind that is totally different from her own. She likes that she can learn new things from men and learn new things about herself in the process. When Aquarius makes friends with guys, she does it for the mind- and eye-opening experience.

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