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These 4 Zodiac Signs Are Happier When Single, According To Astrology

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These 4 Zodiac Signs Are Happier When Single, According To Astrology
How do you feel about the single life? Do you embrace the idea of being a single person, or are you one of those personality types who has to be in a relationship, all the time?

I know not a lot of zodiac signs will agree with me, but as an Aquarius, I feel slightly obligated to say this: the single life is pretty sweet.

There’s something about being able to put yourself first all the time, not have to worry about going on terrible first dates, and even getting to have the last say when deciding what to have for dinner that’s really nice.

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There are a lot of science-based reasons for being in a relationship, including longevity, improved financial gains, and of course, married couples can jump on one another's health care benefits. But there are some amazing benefits to the single life, too? 

What are the benefits of being single? You can travel when you want to, and let's not forget that it costs less to feed yourself if you do. You save time and can do what you want without having to ask for permission. Maybe the greatest outcome of being single is knowing that you can really make it on your own, and that's a true self-esteem boost to any person's ego.

Don’t get me wrong, relationships are awesome. But they can be stressful at times. And if you feel like all your relationship is doing is stressing you out, then you’re probably better off single anyway.

No one wants to be in a relationship that is anything less than amazing, right? But I know that there are still zodiac signs out there who just feel more comfortable being in a relationship than being single, no matter how difficult the relationship can get. Maybe you’re not so great on your own and it scares you to think that being alone equals to being lonely.

Or maybe you just really like those rebound relationships and awkward first dates too much to give it up. Whatever works for you!

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But on the other end of the spectrum are the horoscopes whose zodiac signs really are happier when they’re single. These are the signs, like Aquarius, who just work better on their own. Heck, they sometimes even prefer working alone at the office because they know that the only person they have to rely on is himself or herself.

And there are some people who don't like being single. Why do people dislike being single? There are all types of reasons ranging from being afraid to be alone to not wanting to live life without a companion. 

Being single can some with a lot of little perks, like being able to binge watch Netflix and share takeout with your cats, but it also comes with some pretty big perks, too. When you’re single, you get to put yourself first — including your needs. You can use this time to really get to know yourself and figure out what else makes you happy besides enjoying the single life.

Maybe you do want to be in a relationship, but you need to be more confident in what you’re looking for in a partner before you try again. Or maybe you realize that you’re happier single because you can put all of your efforts into your work now.

Whatever realization you come to when you’re single, let it be a positive experience. These zodiac signs who are happiest when they’re single know how to do that, according to astrology!

1. GEMINI (May 21 - June 20)

Gemini is MUCH happier single; anyone who knows him can see that. It’s not that he doesn’t like being in relationships, he just prefers something more casual and unattached; something without a lot of complications. For him, relationships are meant to be fun and carefree, not full of restrictions and commitment. I know, only Gemini could think this, but that’s just him! He’s the hot and cold zodiac sign that loves you one day and needs some space the next, so you never know what to expect with him.

Gemini is also very particular about his preferences – that is, when he can actually make a decision. Having to accommodate someone else’s needs is just too much work for him. Plus, when he can’t make a decision for himself (or his partner), it just stresses him out more and makes him feel like he’s failing at his relationship. He’d rather just be responsible for himself and his own happiness right now than someone else’s too.

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2. VIRGO (August 23 - September 22)

Virgo is VERY picky when it comes to relationships. Not just particular like Gemini – straight up picky. You know when you want to draw something, and you have a very specific vision in your head, but when you go to actually draw what you’re envisioning, it just looks awful? Instead of saying, “Well, that’s good enough!” Virgo will continue to draw and re-draw until every single line is perfect.

This sentiment is true for his relationships, too. Virgo would much rather be single and looking than date someone he’s not 110 percent sure about. But just because he’s single doesn’t mean he’s not happy. Being single makes Virgo very happy because instead of feeling like he should either mold his partner into someone he is happy dating or just ignore those little things that bother him, he can wait for that one perfectly perfect person – no matter how long it takes.

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3. SAGITTARIUS (November 22 - December 21)

Sagittarius doesn’t mind dating and relationships as long as he gets to call the shots. No, that doesn’t mean he’s controlling, it just means that if things start to get too serious or clingy for him, he always knows his way out of the partnership. Because Sagittarius really isn’t emotionally ready for the serious relationship, he’s one of the zodiac signs that are much happier when single.

For him, relationships have to be a growing experience… and Sagittarius doesn’t make the same mistake. Let me explain. If Sagittarius tries the long-term thing and realizes he just doesn’t have enough time for himself too, he’s not going to get serious with someone again until he knows what he wants from it – lesson learned. What makes him happiest right now is being able to stay single and work on what he wants, so that when he tries again, he’ll be much more mature and grow up.

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4. AQUARIUS (January 20 - February 18)

Aquarius is much happier single than he is in a relationship because he’s just better independent. Sure, he plays well with others and will gladly be exclusive with someone if he feels like it’s the right fit for him, but he also needs his freedom. Aquarius also doesn’t crave intimacy and closeness like other zodiac signs. If he wants to find closeness, he can go to his family, friends, or find a hookup if that’s what he wants.

Aquarius values his “me time” and tends to be happier when he gets to make his own “me time” schedule. When he’s in a relationship, he wants to be a good partner, so he’ll do his best to accommodate his boo into his life. That said he still has a hard time not feeling selfish when he just wants to be alone. When he’s single, he can do whatever he wants without feeling like someone is constantly depending on him (which can feel like clinginess to him) and that makes him the happiest.

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