How To Stop Chafing: 10 Easy Solutions That Cure Those Pesky Thigh Rubs

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how to stop chafing

Chafing. Sometimes it has the alternate cute name of “Chub Rub,” but gives us horrifying experiences, especially in the summers. It happens to the best of us. 

Whether you’re an enthusiastic runner who won’t reduce the running time because of chafing but want to learn how to stop chafing to get at least some kind of relief, workout religiously, or if you just happen to be a victim of chafing, we have got solutions for each one of you.

But what is chafing and why does it happen? Chafing is skin rubbing, and your thigh is one the most vulnerable parts where chafing happens. When the skin of your inner thighs rubs together, it creates frictions, and too much friction leaves you with rashes, burns, sores, stinging sensation, and even bleeding in extreme cases.

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There are some external conditions such as wearing synthetic pants, tight jeans or yoga pants, which may lead to chafing. This condition worsens when irritation forces you to scratch the area over and over again, or when your sweat glands decide not to shut off and turn your thighs into Niagara Falls.

Luckily, we've got the 10 best solutions to stop chafing for good, including clothing you can wear, chafing cream, and even some helpful soaps.

1. Bandelettes

Well, these cute little and sexy pieces of clothing are not only for your sexy date night. It can be also worn as anti-chafing lace elastic and it works wonders. These comfortable leg bands protect your inner thighs from the inconvenience of chafing.


2. Body Glide

Many men and women who have had their fair share of uncomfortable chafing experience swear by this product. It won’t be wrong to call Body Glide balm the original anti-chafing solution.

But what makes it their choice are the tons of other solutions they cater to besides the balm: Moisturizer “for her,” balm with sunscreen, and petroleum jelly to name a few.  

(Body Glide, $4.99)

3. Lush “Silky Underwear”

No doubt Lush has many great handmade cosmetics, but did it ever occur to you that it could also have an anti-chafing dusting powder? To be fair, it doesn't really claim it’s an anti-chafing powder, but many women use this as their defense against chub rub, and the kaolin absorbent in it works like magic.

(Lush, $10.95)

4. Under Skirt Safety Panty

If you feel Bandelettes loosen over time and don’t give you much coverage, opt for mid-waist short legging. It is 100 percent polyester which makes it breathable and prevents skin irritation leading to chafing. If you want more protection, wear your bandelettes inside.


5. Purely Northwest Tea Tree Body Wash

This antifungal body wash is Amazon’s #1 choice for Bath & Shower Gels. This powerful formula is also enriched with other essential oils and skin nourishing botanicals, making it both the anti-chafing moisturizer and antibacterial shower gel.


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6. Anti Monkey Butt Lady Powder

Another product that is known to prevent chafing is Anti Monkey Butt. This product combines cornstarch and calamine powder, making it an effective anti-chafing powder. Cornstarch is known to absorb the moisture, which keeps your thighs dry and clean.


7. Monistat Chafing Relief Powder Gel

Made especially for vaginal care, this product that combines the benefits of both benefits of anti-chafing lotion and powder, helps remove redness, and forms a breathable moisture-control barrier that fights friction. It is fragrance-free and dries to silky finish, which means it doesn’t irritate skin.

(Walgreens, $7. 99)

8. Trislide Anti-Chafe Continuous Spray Skin Lubricant

You must be thinking that we are taking it a bit too far, but lubricant actually works! Silicone-based sweat-proof products are mainly formulated for runners who sweat heavily and are more prone to chafing. This anti-bacterial spray helps eliminate friction between skin and clothing.


9. Gold Bond Friction Defense Stick

Gold Bond products are highly recommended for every person who spends their time at the gym or yoga studio. Their unscented friction defense stick is a long-lasting product that soothes and comforts the already chafed skin and prevents chub rub.

(Walmart, $13.60)

10. Vi-Tae Anti Fungal Soap

If you do not fancy the application of creams, lotions, or gels on your thighs, this organic anti-fungal soap is your last resort. The anti-fungal natural plant derived oils like Cajeput and Lemongrass Oil in it, fighting fungal infections and preventing their return.


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