5 Reasons Why Your Vagina Itches And How To Make It Stop

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what to do about an itchy vagina

I have very sensitive skin. 

I also happen to have a very itchy vagina most of the time.

I am embarrassed to share how long it took for me to link these two facts. 

Not to get on my high horse, but I kind of think that the patriarchy is to blame. 

When a woman has something feeling not-quite-right in her entire vaginal region, she tends to keep that noise on the down-low. 

I, for one, have spent many years trying to negate years of education that taught me that even thinking about my vagina too much was sinful.

If a guy has an itchy penis, the world comes to a standstill. They are all manner of products designed to treat his itchy, itchy member. But if you're a woman and your cave of feminine pleasures gets itchy (read: your vagina) then chances are you'll be too embarrassed to even know it's there to say anything to anyone about it. 

Having an itchy vagina is really common. While your vagina is powerful as hell, it is also a sensitive flower, must like you yourself.

If you have an itchy vagina and you're worried, I need you to do two things for me. 

First off, relax. If you're wondering "why is my vagina itchy," you need to understand that, more than likely, your vagina is fine. It is not going to fall out, and I'm 88% sure that you aren't pregnant (she said, without having met you).

The second thing I need you to do? Read this list to find out what may be making your vagina itchy.  

1. Contact dermatitis

Contact dermatitis is termed coined by dermatologists to make themselves feel important. 

I'm kidding (but only sort of). 

It's fancy medical speak for "skin irritation," and while you might not think of your vagina as being something covered in skin, it absolutely is. 

If you shave or wax regularly, you know all about ingrown hair. 

What you might not know is that shaving and waxing, hell, even wearing rough underwear, can irritate your skin and lead to itching. 

Be sure to treat your sensitive vagina skin right if you think this treatment is to blame and let your waxer know all about your sensitive skin. 

2. Allergies

Have you noticed that your vagina is itchy after sex? You might be allergic to your dude's sperm (it's totally a thing.) 

Another thing that's totally a thing and also probably a lot more likely? You're allergic to latex. 

Having a sex with a traditional condom when you've got a latex allergy is like merrily eating peanuts even though you know they make you break out in hives.

That's a fool's errand.  Find a latex-free brand of condoms to ease your woes. They absolutely exist. 

3. Lichen sclerosus 

I was going to make number 3 be about all of the different STDs that cause itchy vaginas, but I figured that's kind of obvious. Let's talk about a more unusual and less discussed cause of itchy vaginas. 

Lichen sclerosus manifests as itchy white spots on your vulva. Doctor's aren't sure what causes it (always comforting) but they suspect it might be related to your immune system. 

See your vagina doctor to get this diagnosis. It's easily treatable with medication, so fret not, you little itchy vagina haver, you. 

4. Yeast infection 

Yeast infections.

They are the worst. 

If you have ever taken a course of antibiotics and woken up to discover that fetid loaves of bread are cooking in your drawers, then you know this is true. 

Yeast infections are caused by anything that throws off the balance of your vagina's natural fauna. 

Sometimes itchiness can be the primary symptom, not the horrible gloop you usually associate with yeast infections. 

There are all kinds of treatments you can buy over the counter to treat a yeast infection.

Conversely, you could just jam a piece of garlic up your vaginal opening like this one roommate I had once did with poor to no success. 

5. Hormones

As a woman, you know what a pain hormones can be. Prepare to hate them just a little bit more (like that's even possible.)

Any time your body experiences a fluctuation in its hormones ... yeah, that can lead to vaginal dryness or an itchy vagina. 

Really all you can do when this itchiness strikes is ride it out. You can also make such not to do stuff like douche or apply scented creams, which will only make that noise even worse.

If you think there's another reason your vagina got itchy as all heck, don't hesitate to talk to your doctor.

Yeah, scratching your lady parts is embarrassing, but your vagina is a part of your body and it deserves to be treated with love and respect — just like the rest of you!