Watch The Staff At Lush Cosmetics Come To Work Completely Naked

lush staff naked

Between their colorful bath bombs and the delicious smell of the shop, it doesn’t seem like we need any more reasons to visit the natural beauty store, Lush. But when their staff came to work completely in the nude, it made it even more tempting to give the store a visit.

The employees of Lush cosmetics came into work at stores across the country wearing no clothes as a protest.

The company actually put out a press release, saying that the stunt would be taking place all over the country from Philadelphia and Boulder to NYC. The willing employees took off their clothes, put on a branded apron, and spent their work day feeling free in order to make a point about the environment.

To make the impact even bigger, the NYC employees actually went outside and stood at the busy intersection of West 34th Street between 5th and 6th. The lineup included both female and male employees who posed for photos both inside and outside the store.

To be fair, there were a few employees who were on the shy side and decided to wear some light or nude colored panties just to feel a little more secure.

The naked protest was initiated in order to bring awareness to the devastating environmental effects of excessive packaging for products.

"Most of the plastic that has ever been produced still exists today, which is why it’s high time for businesses across all industries to take responsibility and present new generations of consumers with eco-friendly alternatives," Brandi Halls, Director of Brand Communications for Lush, explained. 

"As a company, we tend to go all the way for causes we believe in," Halls added. If flashing our bums inspires consumers and industry to reconsider their packaging practices, then we’d say it’s definitely worth a few blushes."

Photos: Daily Mail

More specifically, the stunt is meant to promote Lush’s products that don’t have any packaging like their shampoo bars and bath bombs. In fact, 35 percent of the company’s products are package-free! Yet another reason to start checking out Lush if you haven’t already.