The Dark Side The ISFP Myers Briggs Personality Type

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What Is The Dark Side Of The ISFP Myers Briggs Personality Type?

The ISFP is also known as the 'adventurer' or 'artist' ISFP is the abbreviated form of  Introversion (I), Sensing (S), Feeling (F), Perception (P) and these people make wonderful service related workers. 

However, ​ISFP's don't always play by the rules. They are unconventional and know people look down on them because they take a different path in life.

Pushing limits and always on the edge of social reform, they always are informed about the issues that are plaguing their neighborhood and around the world.

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Once they are committed to publicizing a cause they are passionate about, ISFPs will go above and beyond to make people near and far educated on the cause and informed on how they can help. Truly a people person at heart, they will and would sell everything they own to help a person in need.

People know that ISFPs are selfless human beings. Never saying no, (when they sometimes should) they are always on the frontline when a loved one or friends are in dire need. Its sweet to help people out, but it makes ISFP's a target for people who want to take advantage of their giving nature.

Having artistic and creative expression benefits ISFP's because it makes them a shoe-in at work. ISFP's are the go-to people at work because they find creative ways to market the companies they work for and make them lucrative. Their co-workers constantly shadow them because they want to be a success just like them.

Many people are surprised that ISFPs are introverts by nature and only push their social and forward thinking personality to get things done and share their creative ideas with' the world.

Being alone isn't such a bad thing because it allows ISFP's to channel their energy and brainstorm new ideas to save the world.

ISFPs could be an artist if they wanted to and could sell their art to the gallery in their neighbor and around the world, but most ISFP's want to do so much more than spend time with paints and oils. ISFPs are the ultimate risk takers.

They LOVE to put their ideas and money on the line for a chance to win it big and become super successful. ISFPs don't realize that putting everything on the line could be detrimental to their livelihood and self-esteem.

Although people see ISFPs are free range people with artistic capabilities, this Myers-Briggs personality type has a lot of flaws that need to be addressed in order to sustain a happy and healthy lifestyle. 

Some of the qualities that need to be addressed for ISTPs are being overly stressed, unpredictable, and overly competitive. Find out about ISFP's fatal flaws in depth below as we share what the darkside of this personality type can be like.

1. This personality type is fiercely independent.

 ISFPs are independent and they know it. Although they are social beings, they tend to want to hack it alone. A lot of people don't like how they approach life and that's why ISFP's are so determined to do well and prove people wrong.

ISFP's want the validation of people who think that they are wasting their time and have no focus in their life. Once they are determined to prove somebody wrong ISFPs will go to great lengths to accomplish a task and have people who doubt them on their side.

Although we all need assistance ISFPs have learned to do things on their own because they are not usually assisted in life. Letting people in for an ISFP can be challenging but it will be worth it in the end.

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2. This personality type is unpredictable.

ISFPs don't play by the rules. They have lived their whole life bending the rules and doing things to push the limits of society and don't seem to want to fall in line. Their minds are creative and if they like what they are thinking or feeling they will act upon it.

Feeling free is great, but in the real world, there are consequences to peoples actions. ISFPs have to learn how to control their artistic energy and free-range lifestyle.

If they don't tone down their behavior, people will notice and not in a good way. There is a way to be expressive without interrupting the lives of others and IFSPs haven't yet figured that out yet.

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3. This personality type is easily stressed.

For a creative personality type, ISFPs are easily stressed. With their brains always on fire, they are never at peace and sometimes have trouble sleeping. Going to work everything can be stressful because you are the go-to person for new and creative ideas.

Always afraid of not coming up with the solution to everyone's problems, ISFP's stress that they will lose their friends and themselves if they are not thinking of the next big thing. ISFPs need to learn that if people can't accept you for who they are, then they are not worth it in the end. Being creative has its upsides but if its keeping ISFPs from living a productive life than it's a problem.

4. This personality type is overly competitive.

Yes, it's a competitive world out there. People will do anything to get ahead and be successful. ISFPs have the minds of competitive athletes. Whether it is at home or at work they want to be first and it drives the people they care about crazy.

Always wanting to prove people wrong, ISFPs have adopted a work ethic that surpasses most of the Myers Briggs personalities.  ISFPs seem carefree, but they are hard workers with a mission to get things done even if it borders on being downright nasty with others. ISFPs know that if they can't rely on their team that they can complete any task themselves to the best of their ability.

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5. This personality type has fluctuating self-esteem.

People need self-esteem to get what they want and feel good about themselves. ISFPs seem like they don't care about what people say about them behind their backs, but they do. Always putting on a facade and walking as if nothing is in their way.

ISFPs want to belong and want to fit into a group, but don't know how. Always jumping from one idea to another and never staying in one place for long has caused ISFPs not to build a relationship with the people around them.

ISFP's self-esteem could be fixed by staying around and putting down roots and staying in contact with people they meet. Confronting their issues will be more helpful than running away from them.

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