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20 Quick & Easy DIY Decoration Ideas For Any Cinco De Mayo Fiesta

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Cinco de Mayo Party Decorations DIY Decor Ideas

One of the most fun holidays or celebrations throughout the year is the Cinco de Mayo party. There’s none of the stress that comes with the Christmas holiday season, and it’s a chance to enjoy some time with your friends and family and celebrate Mexico's victory over the Battle of Puebla (NO, it's not Mexican independence day. Nice try though.)

Whether it’s a day just with the girls, a way to drink margaritas with your friends, or a time to celebrate your Mexican heritage, Cinco de Mayo is a great opportunity to embrace your inner party planner. And we have the perfect DIY Cinco de Mayo decoration ideas to get you started.

Because Spring is in full swing and the weather is warming up, you have the option to have your Cinco de Mayo party indoors or outdoors. However, if your area is prone to rain, it’s probably best to play it safe with an indoor party. Watered-down guacamole is no good for anyone.

The great thing about planning a holiday-based party is that it allows you to work around a fun theme but also be creative as well. Even the presentation of the food and beverages served can be a part of your party’s decor.

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When it comes to a Cinco de Mayo party in particular, there are classic Mexican-inspired decorations, foods, and beverages you can use.

Food staples like pico de gallo salsa or tacos are always popular, and although the go-to Cinco de Mayo drink is a margarita, you can also serve sangria or popular Mexican-made beers like Corona or Pacifico.

Party decorations can include things like the Mexican flag colors, sombreros, or cactus plants. Bright colors overall are great to use.

Although we would like to think that we have all the best tricks for planning an epic Cinco de Mayo party, sometimes it’s good to gather other ideas as well, including DIY options. We can see what works for us and get inspired.

Use these creative DIY Cinco de Mayo decoration ideas to help plan your upcoming fiesta:

1. Make colorful Corona bottle bouquets.

 Credit: Pinterest

Use bright paint colors to decorate left-over Corona beer bottles to make beautiful flower bouquets.

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2. Serve some Jarritos Mexican soda.

 Credit: Pinterest

These colorful sodas made in Mexico can be non-alcoholic beverage options or just used for decoration.

3. Why not make a self-serve burrito bowl bar?! YUM.

 Credit: The Handmade Home

A creative way to decorate the food area, while also letting guests know that they can help themselves.

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4. OMG churro cupcakes. You can't go wrong with these.

 Credit and full recipe found on: Domestic Rebel

Cinnamon-sugar and vanilla cupcakes topped off with a piece of a baked churro. 

5. Make some simple cactus centerpieces for a Cinco de Mayo dinner party.

 Credit: OK Chicas
A beautiful Southwest accent for the dining table.

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6. Make a flower vase with your favorite empty tequila bottles (after making the margarita mixes, of course.)

 Credit: Courtney Alexander Design

A perfect way to make use of that bottle of tequila you had.

7. Leftover salsa cans to hold flowers or cacti for centerpiece decorations.

 Credit: Kara's Party Ideas

Creative use of left-over salsa cans from authentic Mexican food brands.

8. It's easy to make your own papel picado banners.

 Credit: Mex Fabric Supplies

These bright paper banners feature unique designs and can be hung throughout the party area.

9. Get creative and make a chili pepper candle centerpiece.

 Credit: Eat Well 101

Chili peppers may be tough to eat, but that doesn't mean they have to be excluded from the party completely.

10. Make a sombrero and maracas wall decoration.

 Credit: Hostess With The Mostess

A cool way to incorporate a sombrero and maracas into your party decor.

11. Colorful paper lanterns can be a cheap and easy way to decorate.

 Credit: In The Kitchen With Cherchies

These are perfect for an evening, outdoor Cinco de Mayo party.

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12. Make a paper flowers archway with some tissue paper.

 Credit: My Mercado Mexican Imports

Beautiful decoration to greet your guests as they arrive.

13. Margarita cupcakes for the win!

 Credit: The Inspired Home

Tequila and lime cupcakes garnished with a slice of fresh lime.

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14. Cactus cookies are super cute.

 Credit: BlueSugarCookieCo on Instagram

Southwest-inspired dessert treats.

15. Play on words wall decor with some colorful balloons and scrap ribbons. Super DIY.

 Credit: Cute 766

Your party will be the taco the town.

16. Mason jar make margaritas mobile (and give your party a Pinterest-y feel!)

 Credit: Living Locurto

A creative way to serve your guests margaritas and provide a parting gift at the same time.

17. Sombrero cookies with candy inside - YUM!

 Credit: Hungry Happenings

Now this is how you have a cookie.

18. Chalkboard make an easy place for an important party PSA.

 Credit: Garvin & Co.

A fun way to remind everyone what really matters: fiesta like there's no manana!

19. Create a flower vase filled with sliced limes.

 Credit: Wedding Chicks

Who says limes only have to go with the margaritas?

20. This avocado Piñata is a cute twist to a classic donkey.

 Credit: OhCarlene

When your love of avocados, piñatas, and Cinco de Mayo comes full-circle.

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