7 Fun Birthday Party Themes For Adults (Plus, Must-Have Party Supplies)

Need a theme for this year’s birthday party?

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When you were a kid, picking a birthday party theme was easy — you just picked your favorite superhero or Disney princess, and there you had it. But picking a fun birthday party theme as an adult is a whole other story. 

Let’s get real: The older we get, the more of a pain birthday parties seem to become — which is incredibly ironic since the older we get, the more we could seriously use a party (adulting is hard work!). There are people to invite, party supplies to buy, and so much planning it could make your head spin.


With all that said though, getting together with friends every once in a while is good for us. Psychology Today has actually reported that social interaction is good for both physical AND mental health (and may even stave off dementia). All the more reason to invite all of your adult friends over for a fun birthday party celebration this year.


Whether you’re planning your own birthday party theme or the birthday party of a lover or close friend, you’ll find plenty of fun birthday party ideas for adults below. Plus, check out the must-have party supplies under each theme to help you set the stage for a good time.

It's time to get your party on!

1. Mystical Unicorns Party

Decorate the house in rainbow colors and sparkles, make rainbow cupcakes (come on, you’re never too old for rainbow cupcakes!) and celebrate how unique you are (like a unicorn) at this year’s birthday bash!


Unisex Unicorn Onesie, Amazon.com

Be the life of the party in this adorable unicorn onesie!


"I Believe in Unicorns" Party Décor Kit, Amazon.com

Decorate the house with this “I Believe in Unicorns” party set. Included are unicorn inspired party hats so all of your guests can be unicorns with you! Score!

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Cotton Candy Maker & Supplies, Amazon.com

Add a whimsical and delicious touch to the party with your own mini-cotton candy maker! It comes with three unicorn-approved sugar colors/flavors.


2. Roaring 1920’s Party

Make your party as close to the legendary parties depicted in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby (on a budget, of course). Listen to jazz, do the Charleston and drink lots of booze while pretending there is still prohibition. Get a little crazy this year, old sport (see what I did there — it’s a Great Gatsby reference) and have a beer, brandy, bourbon or tequila drink station so guests can create their own tasty concoctions. Bottoms up!

Women’s Flapper Dress, starting at Amazon.com

One of the best parts of a party like this is getting to dress like you were a goddess from the past. And this is the perfect dress to do it!


Plastic Champagne Glasses, Amazon.com

Because no elegant Gatsby-worthy party would be complete without a champagne tower.


72-pack Roaring 1920’s Photo Booth Props, Amazon.com

Have something fun for you and your party guests to remember what a fantastic night you all had with these props for taking photos.

3. Mexican Fiesta

Create a Mexican-inspired snack station with all of the birthday gal or guy’s favorites, like chips, salsa, guacamole, sour cream, nachos, taquitos, and more. Then, set up a margarita bar and have all of your favorite amigos and amigas come over for the ultimate birthday fiesta!


Sombrero Headband Party Hats, Amazon.com

No fiesta is complete without sombreros!

Plastic Mexican Banner, Amazon.com

Decorate the party area with this colorful banner. This banner is almost exactly like the one in the new Disney movie Coco. Consider allowing it to inspire you to watch the movie at your party.


Margarita Glass Piñata, Amazon.com

You’re never too old to beat the heck out of a cardboard piñata with a bat (especially when it’s shaped like a margarita!).

4. Around The World Party

Maybe you haven’t had the chance to travel around the world (yet), but have always wanted to. Well, now is your chance to explore the world from the comfort of your own home! Make the birthday boy or girl’s favorite edibles from all of the world's most iconic travel destinations and listen to a variety of cultural music styles during the get-together, too.


Vintage Post Cards, Amazon.com

Decorate the party with these adorable vintage-style post cards to get in the mood.


Around the World in 80 Cocktails book, Amazon.com

Make your party guests cocktails from around the world with this eclectic recipe book.

Vintage Kraft Favor Boxes (50 pc), Amazon.com

Stuff these adorable little suitcase-shaped party favor boxes with the birthday boy or girl's favorite candies from around the globe.


5. Under The Sea Mermaid Party

You may have gotten too old for The Little Mermaid, but she hasn’t got too old for you. Make sea-themed desserts, dress in mermaid-inspired skirts and allow the mermaid theme to become part of your world (see what I did there?).

Mermaid Blanket, Amazon.com

Get plenty of pictures of you and your friends in this adorable mermaid inspired blanket (that will make a great snuggle blanket after the party is over).


Mermaid Shell Plates, Amazon.com

Everyone is sure to get in the “under the sea” mood after eating birthday cake off of these beautiful shell-shaped plates!


Mermaid Wine Bottle Labels, Amazon.com

Deck out the wine at the party with these mermaid-themed wine bottle covers. It’s your birthday, go ahead and “drink like a fish”.

6. Modern Day Throwback To Prom Party

Pretend you’re turning 18 again and go back to your prom with this throwback to prom party theme. Get out the dress you wore to your actual prom or go buy one at a thrift store, spike some punch, take silly pictures, dance, maybe make out a little (it is prom after all *wink, wink*).


Young AF Balloons, Amazon.com

These fun “word balloons” are the hottest new thing in party decor, and what’s more totally prom-tastic than doing something that is “in” right now? Get this modern day mashup to prove just how young at heart you still are — despite being yet another year older.


2-pack Kings and Queens Crowns, Amazon.com

Come on, it wouldn’t be prom if you didn’t crown a king and a queen! The birthday boy or girl obviously wins the title hands-down.

Prom 2018 Photo Booth Props, Amazon.com

Take tons of silly prom photos with these cute photo props — and of course the traditional awkward prom pose is required, too!


7. Blacklight Party

Neon and blacklight? Sign us up! Get the house decked out in bright neons, sip on vividly-colored cocktails, make a birthday cake with neon icing and get all of your friends together to dance under a blacklight!

Neon Blacklight Reactive Fluorescent Palette Kit, Amazon.com

Encourage party guests to paint silly designs all over their bodies with these cool paints that look neon under a blacklight. 


Light-up Glow Stick Bracelets, Amazon.com

Glow-in-the-dark bracelets will take your wacky living room dance party to the next level.


Blacklight Bulbs (6-pack), Amazon.com

Make just about every room in your house part of the blacklight party theme with this 6-pack of bulbs. (Yes, even the bathroom gets one!)

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