5 Zodiac Signs Who Will Pick Their Cat Over You Any Day

Taurus, Cancer, Leo, Capricorn, and Pisces are zodiac signs love cats more than people.

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Some zodiac signs are symbolic of a type of animal, and how they love and bond with a pet is in their DNA. They can make a soul connection with their furry friend in an instant. 

Pisces is a fish, Taurus is a Bill, Aries is the Ram.. and Leo is a giant cat! Needless to say, in astrology, horoscopes and a love of animals come naturally to them.

That may be why there are people destined to become more fond of their pet than another human being. It's in their astrological personality.


As a pet owner, I totally get the feeling of being torn when deciding whether to go out with my friends on the weekend or stay home with my dog.

I may not be a cat owner, but I know that they're just as adorable as dogs are and if I owned one, I would probably be in the group of zodiac signs who would pick their cat over you any day.



Let me put this another way. The last holiday I saw my family, they brought both of my dogs that I hadn't seen for a few months.

I could barely help my sister in the kitchen without taking a break every two minutes to pet them and play with them.

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And when I had the option to stay at my own apartment for the night or sleep on a couch so I could have a sleepover with my dogs, I chose an uncomfortable couch that I'd no doubt be sharing with my dogs because of how much I love and missed them.

So, if someone asked me to hang out on the weekend or to grab a drink after work, and I knew my dogs were at home waiting for kisses and snuggles, I would probably be more likely to take a raincheck just so I could see my puppies.


And same goes for these five zodiac signs and their cats.

I might not be a cat owner – unfortunately, because my allergies are so unbearable around fur – I know just how hard it can be to say no to a furry little face in exchange for a night out with friends.

I do love spending time with my friends, don't get me wrong, but when you've been dreaming of your bed and a good movie all day (plus your cat), there's almost nothing that can tempt you to give that up.


Then, of course, there are those of us who aren't really "people persons" and spending time with your cat is just a better way of saying that you don't really want to deal with humans at the moment.

Listen, I get it. Interaction with people every day isn't necessarily everyone's cup of tea.

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And when you do get an opportunity to kick it at home with your best cat friend, more often than not you're going to take that opportunity.

Plus, the best thing about cats (and pets in general)? They don't judge when you eat a whole pint of ice cream by yourself.



Okay, cats do judge a little bit, but they're certainly not going to tell on you, which is better than pretending like eating a pint of ice cream by yourself isn't a common reoccurrence when you're spending time with a friend.

My point is, when these five zodiac signs are faced with the option to chill at home with their cat or go out with you, they will pick their cat over you any day of the week – even if it means being judged for binge-eating and watching too much Netflix.

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TAURUS (April 20 - May 20)

Taurus is a big believer in surrounding herself with the best of the best – the best friends, the comfiest bed, the nicest clothes, and the snuggliest cat. Not only is Taurus a big pet lover in general, but when she actually owns pets (and isn’t just crossing the street to pet a dog when she’s out and about), she’s the kind of person to want to go above and beyond to take care of them.


Plus, if she’s putting so much effort into taking care of her cats, she’s gonna want to spend as much time with them as possible. Taurus has two speeds: chill and laidback and high energy, like a bull.

When she’s feeling laidback, she won’t hesitate to stay at home and tell you something crazy like “my cat is sick” – even if she really means that there’s a new show on Netflix she wants to watch with her cat.

When her energy is higher, she’s more than happy to go out with her friends because she knows that when she’s ready to leave, her cat will be at home waiting for snuggles and nose kisses.

CANCER (June 21 - July 22)

Cancer is one of those people who treats her cats like her children. If she didn’t have friends who were there to stop her from doing something crazy every now and then, she would most definitely be the one to dress her cats up; she already spoils them with toys and treats, after all.


And when it comes right down to it, Cancer will almost always choose her cats over you partly because she feels like she has a responsibility to continue spoiling her cat children, but mainly because she just really loves spending time with her cats.

She really loves having someone to nurture and care for that isn’t a person because people tend to have limits to their need for love and affection. But as a cat owner, she knows that she can pick her cats up and kiss them and love them unconditionally, and they’ll always want more from her.

Cancer is most likely to be the one with the chubbiest cats because she loves to coddle them and she just can’t say no to their adorable faces (don’t worry, you’re not alone). She probably also has “quality time with my cat” penciled into her planner somewhere this week.

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LEO (July 23 - August 22)

Above everything else that’s great about cats, Leo loves that her cat is affection and loving. She might have a hard day at work or just isn’t feeling like her feisty self, but whenever she’s home, she knows that she can count on her best kitty friend to look for some ear scratches.

Plus, cats give Leo attention almost all the time (unless her cat is grumpy) and she loves that as soon as she gets home, her cat is all over her. Cats, dogs, whatever – Leo just loves pets in general because they’re all so cute and affectionate.

Leo might not choose her cat over you ALL the time, but she will if the lion inside of her is much more interested in taking a cat nap than going out to a party. And as for FOMO? Leo knows that she’s the life of the party and that no one can really have fun when she’s not around.


But she also knows that her cats would love to keep her company when she’s home, so she never really feels like she’s missing anything good.

CAPRICORN (December 22 - January 19)

Capricorn is one of the most ambitious signs, which means she’s always looking for her next big break – she wants to be the boss and she wants to be part of something big. That said, anything you do invite her to should have significance to her; Capricorn is not one to do something just for the heck of it.


So, if you don’t have any set plans, chances are Capricorn will ditch you for her cat. Hey, at least her cat is down to do whatever Capricorn wants to do, so she technically still gets to call the shots, right?

You know how easy it is for cats to get bored and walk away from you to find something better to do? Yeah, that describes Capricorn, too. And maybe, Capricorn secretly (or not so secretly) hates human interaction after so long and would much rather just chill with her cat at home.

Capricorn tends to treat her cat like a person or a best friend, and when they're together, Capricorn shows her cat affection she doesn't let everyone else see.

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PISCES (February 19 - March 20)

Pisces is already someone who would rather chill at home with all of her fluffy pillows and warm blankets and Netflix account, so when given the option to go out for the evening or stay at home with her cats and hang out, she's most likely to stay at home.

Sure, going out sounds fun, but then she has to get dressed and put on makeup and it becomes a whole thing. When she chooses her cats over you, it's because it makes her feel most like herself. She doesn't have the pressure to go out with people and have fun, even when she would rather be at home anyway.

Plus, she loves the comfort and companionship that cats bring and she knows that they're just as psyched about a warm blanket and snuggles as she is.


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