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Who Is Eminem Dating? 7 Things To Know About The Mystery Woman In His New Video And His Secret Relationship

who is eminem dating

Who is Eminem dating? Rumors of a new relationship between Eminem AKA Marshall Mathers and a mystery girl have sparked from the moment a video of the two of them in a hotel room together leaked in February. Ever since Eminem and ex-wife, Kimberly Mathers (who share a daughter, Hailie Mathers) split for the second time in 2006, it’s been a long waiting game to see if the Detroit-raised rapper would ever find love again. After 12 years, is it possible this mystery girl is Eminem’s new girl? In the video clip, we hear cute banter between Eminem and the mystery brunette and spot them kissing on the bed.

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So is this for a for real Eminem relationship? Or is it just an Eminem publicity stunt? Let's look into the details, shall we? 

1. The woman in the video is actress and model, Sarah Ashley Toups, also known as Sarati.

Finally a name behind the mystery woman title. The woman seen kissing Eminem and taking the "leaked" video is Sarah Ashley Toups AKA @Saratiofficial on Instagram. She's a fitness model and B-list actress known for her work in TV shows like Lethal Weapon and Stichers. She also posts a lot of photos of herself.


A post shared by SARATI (@saratiofficial) on May 26, 2017 at 12:07pm PDT


2. The hotel clip seems to be a promotion for Eminem’s music video, River.

Eminem’s new song, River — a collaboration with Ed Sheeran — off his new album Revival was released on Valentine’s Day (only six days after the video went viral of the two in the hotel room). In the video, guess who’s the leading lady? Yep, Sarati! Coincidental publicity stunt or is Eminem's new music video also the leading lady in more than just their on-screen romance?


A post shared by SARATI (@saratiofficial) on Feb 10, 2018 at 11:30am PST

3. The "leaked" video is eerily similar to the verses of River.

River is all about the infidelity between both a man and a woman in a relationship. (Seems to be an Eminem theme, no?) The song lyrics talk about the constant need for partners to cheat on one another as if it’s a “chess match” and constantly seeking revenge on the other:

He's comin' home with his neck scratched, to catch flack

Sweat jackets and dress slacks, mismatched

On his breath's Jack, he's a sex addict

And she just wants to exact revenge and get back

It's a chess match, she's on his back like a jet-pack

She's kept track of all his internet chats

In the hotel room clip of Eminem and Sarati, we see the concern he has when he realizes their encounter is still being filmed and the video ends abruptly. This could indicate that something shady's happening and they’re not wanting their lives publicized, as if they’re engaging in activity that they shouldn’t be. In the music video, we also learn how Sarati’s character is cheating on her relationship by hooking up with Eminem, hinting also to the behavior exhibited in the leaked video.

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4. They kept it professional on set.

The behind-the-scene video of River shows Eminem and Sarati working together in a very professional manner. The director, Emil Nava, talks about the character’s relationship with one another in a purely platonic sense. There are no hints at anything romantic happening between the two of them, nor is there flirting going on when the cameras are off...that we know of. 

5. Eminem and Sarati were complete strangers before meeting on set.

According to Sarati’s interview with EminemPro, before the release of the video, River, she talks about the process of auditioning for the music video. She says that initially it was a blind audition and had no idea what she was auditioning for. When she found out that it was for one of Eminem’s videos, she was in complete shock and very surprised. After she landed the role, she says how excited she was to meet Eminem and work with him, saying it was one of the coolest things she done in her career thus far. She told The Daily Shuffle, "I thought to myself 'you were sitting at home twiddling your thumbs yesterday, and now you are watching the greatest rapper of all time perform in front of you before you go perform with him.'"

She also mentions how this was her big break and all her roles leading up the video were very minor. This opportunity actually allowed her to show off her acting skills and not be labeled as “the hot blonde saying a couple of flirty lines.”

6. She’s taken... but not by Eminem! 

Sarati has been in a 2-year relationship with Jesse Callahan, who she posts a lot about on Instagram. From the looks of things, the couple is still together and seemingly going strong. In her most recent post with Jesse, dated March 18 (a month after the release of River), she poses an adorable couple selfie captioning “My Everything”.

7. Meanwhile, Eminem is single and looking — on Tinder! 

According to his New York Magazine interview back in December, Eminem admitted to using dating apps like Tinder to find dates. He goes on to explain how it’s been tough to date ever since his divorce from Kim and hasn’t found anything substantial yet. 

So sadly, while we were hoping for another John-Legend-meets-Chrissy-Teigen-moment on set of a music video (thank goodness for Stereo), we shouldn’t be holding our breath for this one. It looks like the hotel room clip, while hot and heavy, was simply a teaser of Eminem and Sarati for his music video River ft. Ed Sheeran.

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