50 Best Graduation Caps & DIY Decoration Ideas For Your Graduation Day

Wherever you go, go with all your heart.

Graduation Cap Designs Grad Cap Decoration Ideas From Instagram

Graduating is an extremely special time in any person's life. When you graduate from school, programs or courses you feel like you have fulfilled a destiny in your life. Setting out to achieve success and working hard to reach your goals is the formula you used to get where you are today. 

Be proud! You accomplished goals and made it to the finish line. Whether it was a hard battle or just a long journey there is nothing bad about celebrating your victory. 


One of the best ways to celebrate your graduation day is to decorate your graduation cap! You can make it any design you want, with any saying — it can be something that motivates others, sparks a little inspiration or something personal that you felt along the way. 

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Or maybe you want a design that will make you and everyone else laugh. It showcases all those sleepless nights, numerous cups of coffees and stressful situations. Making a little humor out of all that is always a great way to show how you conquered a lot. 

Your graduation cap design can be uniquely customized to match your personality. It is a showcase of what you accomplished and what you will tackle again in the future.


Your adventure in life is only beginning. There is still so much more in store. Get excited about moving on to the next stage in your life!

If you graduated with a certain degree it is easy to find designs that are custom to what you studied at school, through searching places like Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest. Why not show off your skills and let everyone know that there is gonna be a new doctor, lawyer, actress, newscaster etc. in town. 


To help give you a little inspiration, we've gathered ton of our favorite graduation cap designs, inspirational quotes and decoration ideas to help spark your creativity. Congratulations! And go forth in life with a lot of positivity, tenacity, and a smile! 


1. Sparkle and shine on your graduation cap. 

"Don't be afraid to sparkle a lil' brighter"
Instagram @puetorican_geisha

2. All the power is within you.

"Sky above me. earth below me, fire within me"
Instagram @prettylittlecraft


3. Change can start with one person. Or one graduation hat.

"Be the change you wish to see"
Instagram @creativitay_


4. No fear of the future. 

"She is clothed in strength and dignity and she laughs without fear of the future."- Proverbs 31:21
Instagram @colorfulcargodesigns 

5. If you don't give up, it's always worth it. 

"Nevertheless she persisted, 6 years later she did it."
Instagram @mickeyyant 

6. You did it and now its time to celebrate with an awesome graduation cap.

"I did it! I am the light of the world and the salt of the earth."
Instagram @littycapsbypinky

7.  Perfect graduation cap design for all dental students. 

"May the floss be with you."
Instagram @catsandrarae

8. This graduation cap can be made personal with any pet! 

"Our human is graduating." 
Instagram @sammi24_


9.  You can too. 

"She believed she could so she did."
Instagram @le_le_lines

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10. This graduation hat is tasty enough for Culinary students.

"Bake the world a better place."
Instagram @camilla_creations


11. Helping people is always beneficial. 

"The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others."
Instagram @joyfuljourney1

12. Gotta throw some thanks to your folks on your graduation cap. 

"My mom is my biggest cheerleader, my dad is my greatest coach."
Instagram @decoryourday

13. Disney lovers unite. 

"It is kind of fun to do the impossible."
Instagram @jacquiscakeshop


14. Your motivation can sometimes be fueled by the people you love.

"Some people are worth graduating for."
Instagram @danielle.wharram

15. Where will your story take you next?

"And the story goes on."
Instagram @shaneasmith123


16. Faith is bigger than fear. 

"God is within her, she can't fail."
Instagram @demarcosmark

17. Gotta show appreciation on your graduation cap for the good times. 

"I wined a lot but I did it"
Instagram @madebyshann

18. The sky is the limit.

"There's just no telling how far I'll go!"
Instagram @k.kraftycorner

19. Teachers deserve an amazing cap. 

"In learning, you will teach. In teaching, you will learn"
Instagram @mrs.shyanneramos

20. Oh yes, it is. 

"The best is yet to come"
Instagram @artistnani

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21. Finally is an understatement. 

"Finally done with this."
Instagram @omg_itsjerica

22. Time flies when you're having fun. 

"I'm looking around wondering... where did the time go?"
Instagram @jenarowens 

23. Just having faith that everything will always work out.

"God's plan"
Instagram @ibelola

24. Shoot for the stars! 

"May your hats fly as high as your dreams"- Michael Scott
Instagram @crafternoondaze

25. Now you can be a free elf. 

"Master has given Dobby a diploma, Dobby is free!"
Instagram @saba_j.h

26. Channeling your inner Dr. Shepard.

"It's a beautiful day to save smiles"
Instagram @joyfuljourney1

27. Show 'em where you're headed next with a fully customized, hand-painted graduation cap.

"Enjoy the journey and the destination — Next stop: North Carolina"
Instagram @hufflefluffandstuff

28. The entertainment business is now ready for another star.

"Now time for act II."
Instagram @miki_2014

29. Definitely a true statement.

"Teaching is a work of heart."
Instagram @uncappedcreations

30. You are in control of your destiny.

"It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves."- Shakespeare
Instagram @oliviagirlmorgan1310

31. An optimistic, motivational, and thankful graduation cap design. 

"Have courage and be kind"
Instagram @juliebluelife

32. Be happy because life is short.

"Enjoy this life."
Instagram @kokokapri4822

33. Some sound advice.

"Float like a butterfly and sting like a bee."- Muhammad Ali
Instagram @fourthingspaper

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34. A great adventure that is. 

"I think I'm ready for another adventure."- Bilbo Baggins
Instagram @camilla_creations

35. Hard work always pays off.

"The rose that grew from concrete."
Instagram @postz.girls

36. Grace will lead you to success. 

"Grace carried me here and by grace, I will carry on."
Instagram @kudryacrafting

37. Just have some faith. 

"Nothing is impossible, the word itself says 'I'm possible."
Instagram @mickeyyant

38. Pets = priorities.

"I worked hard so my dog could have a better life."
Instagram @newhuepaintings 

39. Always finish strong.

"How things begin is not nearly as important as how they end."
Instagram @h34rt1lly

40. The power of makeup.

"I winged it!"
Instagram @create_more_often

41. Th-th-th-th-that's well said. 

"That's all folks."
Instagram @popaletteart

42. A little magic can always help. And LED lights on your graduation cap. (COOL!)

"All you need is faith, trust, and pixie dust."
Instagram @makeupby_ashleygonzalez

43. What everyone is actually thinking.

"Can I nap now?"
Instagram @hand.made.soul

44. Dropping some truth bombs. 

"Dreams don't work unless you do."
Instagram @newhuepaintings

45. And it is tasty. 

"I was served lemons so I made lemonade."
Instagram @sadieraedesign

46. For all the future Ocean experts out there. 

"Is anyone here a marine biologist?"
Instagram @le_le_lines

47. The medical field is awaiting their next hero. 

"Coming soon to a hospital near you."
Instagram @nurse.glo

48. This graduation cap advice is gold.

"Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire."
Instagram @crafts_by_jason_garcia

49. This time the answer is yes. 

"Can I be excused for the rest of my life?"
Instagram @graduationcap

50. May it live on forever.

"Long live the magic we make."
Instagram @aestheticmess_

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