10 Of The Cutest Happy Birthday Cakes You Can Order Online

Celebrate with a cute cake!

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Ah. Birthday cake. It’s one of those wonderful things that makes getting older a little more bearable.

When it comes to celebrating, a cute happy birthday cake that shows off the bday guy or gal's personality — and totally suits his or her tastes — is a must. 

But baking a birthday cake isn't always your best bet. It's time-consuming, hard to transport in one piece, and can turn out looking... less than perfect. (Remember that barely legible "Happy Birthday" you piped onto your best friend's cake last year? Yep.) 


That's why ordering a cute happy birthday cake online — and having it shipped to either your home or directly to the recipient — is a way easier option. Plus, it's guaranteed to taste good and look great! 

And if birthday cake isn't your dessert of choice, no worries. We've got all sorts of other sweet birthday-themed treats to choose from below, too.


Celebrate the occasion with one these 10 cute happy birthday cakes (and cake alternatives!) that you can order online in 2018:

1. Ice Cream Cone Cake Pops

Chocolate-Covered Ice Cream Cone Cake Pops, Amazon.com

Instead of the traditional cake pops on a stick, try this totally Instagramable option instead. These festive treats will be a hit at your 2018 birthday celebration! This set of eight cake pops comes in half chocolate and half vanilla cake, each covered with a unique assortment of candies and hand-dipped in Belgian chocolate. Plus, they arrive in an exquisite gift box, ideal for surprising the birthday girl. Buy these ice cream cone cake pops here.


2. Baked By Melissa Assorted Bite-Sized Cupcakes

Assorted Bite-Size Cupcakes, 25 Count, Amazon.com

When you get bite-sized cupcakes for your birthday, you’re allowed to eat as many as you want! This set of 25 cupcakes comes in a variety of fun flavors, including Tie-Dye, Peanut Butter & Jelly, Mint Chocolate Chip, Cookie Dough and more! They're perfect for sharing or hoarding all to yourself. It's your birthday, so it's totally up to you! Buy this bite-sized assortment here.


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3. Chocolate Fudge Birthday Cake

Chocolate Fudge Birthday Cake, Amazon.com

Is it even human to not like chocolate fudge cake? For the chocolate-lover's birthday this year, get them this simple (but delicious) hand-decorated “Happy Birthday” cake. It's layered with creamy filling and covered in dark chocolate ganache. Buy this decadent birthday cake here.


4. Chocolate-Covered Cake Pops

Birthday Chocolate Covered Cake Pops, Amazon.com

Make your friend's birthday an extra special occasion by surprising her with this set of 10 colorful, candy-coated cake pops. Each one is hand-dipped in chocolate and then decorated with candies to make them look (and taste!) fabulous. Get them here!


5. Milk Chocolate-Covered OREO Cookies

Milk Chocolate-Covered OREO Cookies (8-pack), Amazon.com

If the birthday girl or guy isn't a huge fan of traditional birthday cake, get them this 8-pack of chocolate-covered Oreos. I mean, everyone likes Oreos … right? They are the ideal surprise to have delivered to their office on the big day. Buy these shareable sweets here.


6. Classic Vanilla Birthday Cake With Rainbow Sprinkles

Vanilla Birthday Cake, Amazon.com

If you want to go classic this year, get this vanilla cake with delicate raspberry filling. Topped with festive confetti sprinkles and a “Happy Birthday” message, this eye-catching cake is sure to get everyone in the mood to celebrate. Plus, it's big enough to serve six to eight people, making it the perfect choice for a small surprise birthday celebration. Buy the cake here.


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7. Giant Birthday Cake-Shaped Sugar Cookie

Giant Birthday Cake Sugar Cookie.

Have a sugar cookie enthusiast in your life? Go big on the birthday celebrations this year, with this giant "Happy B' Day" sugar cookie that's sure to make their jaw drop! It comes in a gift box tied with a satin bow, so it doubles as the perfect last-minute birthday present, too. Buy this oversized sugar cookie birthday surprise here.


8. Chocolate Cupcakes Dipped in M&M Minis

M&M’s Cupcakes (12-pack), Amazon.com

Let get real, there are not many things that are better than cupcakes. Except, maybe, cupcakes dipped in mini M&MS! These are baked fresh on the day of the delivery, so they're guaranteed to be tasty! Buy a dozen of these colorful cupcakes here.


9. Chocolate-Lovers' Popcorn Pizza

Gourmet Chocolate Gift Box Popcorn Pizza, Amazon.com

For your fun-loving pal, try this creative spin on a traditional birthday cake! This gourmet chocolate pizza includes a milk chocolate “crust” and is topped with popcorn, pretzels, milk chocolate pieces and a white chocolate drizzle — yum! It even arrives in a pizza box. Buy this popcorn pizza here.


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10. Giant “Happy Birthday” Cookie Cake

13-inch 'Happy Birthday Balloon" Giant Cookie Cake, Amazon.com

You no longer have to go to the mall to get a great cookie cake! Baked fresh the same day of delivery, this giant, 13-inch sweet treat is sure to make an absolutely delicious birthday surprise! Buy this giant cookie cake here.


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