The 7 Best Ideas For Easter-Themed April Fools' Day Pranks Parents Can Play On Their Kids

Or vice versa!

The Best Ideas For Easter-Themed April Fools' Day Pranks Parents Can Play On Kids Unsplash: Hannah Tasker

This year, the stars are aligned in a truly delicious way for parents with a wicked sense of humor. That's right! Easter Sunday 2018 happens to fall on Sunday, April 1, and you know what that means ... it's the ideal time to whip out your best ideas for Easter-themed April Fool's Day pranks so you can put your kids (and other family members) through their paces!

After all, it's only so long until the tables turn and your kids will be old enough to figure out how to pull great pranks on you.


And who'll be the one wearing egg on their face then, huh?


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As a kid, I was never nuts about pranks. I thought they were mean, and I hated being made the butt of a joke. Prank me and I was just as likely to cry as I was to blush and quietly leave a room.


That said, the pranks my dad pulled on me almost always made me smile. I think part of the reason I adored his pranks and hated everyone else's was because his pranks weren't about embarrassing the person on the receiving end. They were about making them laugh, smile, or be taken totally aback with utter amusement.

That's why I whipped up this list of seven ideas for absolutely perfect Easter-themed April Fools' Day pranks that parents can pull on your kids.

These aren't the kind of pranks that will going to traumatize anyone or turn your fancy lamb dinner into an awkward, tear-filled soup. Instead, these goofy pranks are sure to delight your kids and leave them with memories that they will talk about for years to come!


1. Veggie eggs

Every kid loves the annual Easter egg hunt. I mean, and who can blame them? What's better than a family-sanctioned reason to be competitive with your little sister, right? Plus, even if you "lose" the Easter egg hunt, you still most likely get your fill of Easter candy hidden inside those tasty plastic eggs.

Unless you try this prank, that is.

Instead of jelly beans or other sweets, try filling your kids' plastic eggs with raw vegetables! You know ... bunny food! Get it?!


2. "Chocolate" eggs

Chocolate is delicious. Poop is not delicious. And yet, both things tend to appear in the same shades of brown (I mean, depending on what you've eaten, obviously).


If you want to toy with your tots, try making this recipe for fake poop. Once your batch has dried, wrap up the little chunks to look like regular chocolate eggs!

If your kids aren't immediately hip to the game when they unwrap these "chocolate" eggs, you might want to make sure you stop them and hand over some real chocolate before they start chowing down.


3. The re-Easter basket

Putting together the perfect Easter basket can be totally awesome ... if you're one of those moms whose entire life could be documented on Pinterest, that is. If you're a mere mortal like the rest of, this prank might be more up your alley


Rather than spending days trying to put together a flawless basket sure to thrill and delight, this year fill their Easter baskets ... with stuff they already own!

Hey, at least you know the kid already likes the stuff you're putting in there, right?

Obviously, you'll also want to have a basket filled with new stuff on standby in case of tears. Which are HIGHLY likely otherwise.



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4. Easter? Today?

This one always got me as a kid, and by that I mean that my parents used it all the time. What can I say? Either I was gullible or kids are, you know, NATURALLY PREDISPOSED TO LOVE THEIR PARENTS.

Anyhow, if you are short on time or don't want to invest too much cheddar in one of the other pranks, you can always gaslight your child into thinking that it isn't actually Easter at all.

Will they ever trust you again? Probably not. But ah, what LOL's you'll have about this on one Sunday morning!



5. Shake your groove thing.

Depending on the age of your kids, this one could be pretty awesome.

Convince your kiddos that in order for them to receive candy and other goodies from the Easter bunny, they have to perform a song and dance routine of their own devising. Then let those little weirdos dance their hearts out for their candies.

Also, definitely make sure you're recording this for later humiliation on social media.


This prank that just keeps on giving.


6. The "sponge" cake.

Colorful cakes are all the rage when Easter comes around. You can make a yummy one for the family if you want ... and/or you can stack up a bunch of clean sponges and layer them with whipped cream!

Watching your family try to cut into their "cakes" ...


Now that is a special Easter gift just for YOU!


7. Bunny poop 

It is a fact commonly known that the Easter bunny poops jelly beans. Where did you think jelly beans came from, silly?

Want to get your kids giggling? Fill the toilet with a handful of jelly beans and leave a note from the Bunny himself explaining that he didn't have time to flush the toilet.


Now that's a winner! (Especially for your plumber!)


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