25 Fun & Delicious Easter Food & Drink Recipes That Use Jelly Beans

Jelly Bean Food Drink Cocktail Recipes For Easter Sunday
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Some jelly in your belly.

Unless you've been living under a rock you know the fruity and delicious goodness that is jelly beans. Jelly beans have been an Easter staple in the candy business since forever. They are tiny little droplets of yumminess that everyone enjoys. 

There is no better time to enjoy jelly bean recipes than in the Spring, during Easter. The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, flowers are finally starting to bloom. The weather outside is bright so having a bright candy to match the mood seems like a perfect fit to me. 

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Jelly beans are fun because they aren't just one flavor. You have so many choices and not one of them is bad. You may like the green ones, your sister the orange ones, and your best friend is a ride-or-die red Jelly Belly fan.

Whatever your favorite jelly bean is, it's probably amazingly delicious. 

The great thing about jelly beans is that they are versatile. Sure, digging your hand into a bag of them as a special treat is oh-so-good. But using them in different recipes is just as rewarding. And there are a ton of different recipes out there that they can go with. 

In fact, any dessert you can really imagine can be enhanced by jelly beans. Cupcakes, cookies, even ice cream.

There are so many satisfying and delectable combinations it is easy to see why jelly beans have been an OG candy for so long. Not to mention they go great with cocktails. Jelly beans and alcohol are like two peas in a pod. You get some drinks packed with flavor and they look pretty cute too. 

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So get ready this Easter for some delicious recipes using our friend the jelly bean, and don't forget to send me samples! 

1. Jelly Bean Easter Bark 

A delicious and flavor-packed Easter dessert. Who wouldn't want some of this bark in the springtime? It is quintessential Easter to have a dessert that is as colorful and playful as it is tasty. Your taste buds will thank you. 

Find the full recipe at: Nestle

2. The Jelly Bean Cocktail

A cocktail that tastes exactly like jellybeans?!? So you can get a little buzz on while feeling like you are snacking on some candy... uhm sign me up because that sounds too good to be true. Need to see it to believe it, so I guess we all gotta try it.

Find the full recipe at: Kitchn

 3. Jelly Bean Popcorn

A colorful and fun twist on one of your favorite snacks! The mixture of the sweet and salty is so delicious, you will be begging your local movie theater to add it permanently to the menu. Super easy to make as well, but tasty enough to impress.

Find the full recipe at: Two Sisters

 4.  Jelly Bean Chocolate Strawberry

These treats are oh so cute! Adorable but full of flavor at the same time. The spring is all about fresh smells and bright colors and this dessert embodies all of that and more. The jelly beans add an extra zest to this perfect combo. 

Find the full recipe at: Jelly Belly

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5. Jelly Bean Shooter

What's more fun than a shooter that tastes like a jelly bean? I'll tell you the answer: nothing.But you probably thought that anyway. Don't believe me? Have one of these bad boys and just try to act like you aren't immediately obsessed with them. 

Find the full recipe at: The Spruce

6. Jelly Bean Nest Cookies

So perfect for this holiday. The nests symbolize the season of spring and eggs hatching. The way you can make desserts to mimic a birds nest may sound a little strange at first. Until you taste it and then you will wonder why you ever questioned it in the first place.

Find the full recipe at: Jelly Belly 

6. Jelly Bean Mimosa

What a perfect way to start the day and get some jelly bean in right away in the morning. Super sweet and fruity, everything you would want to start a holiday (or any day really). Pair it with some pancakes or eggs benedict, yummy. 

Find the full recipe at: Food52

7. Jelly Bean Meringue Nests with Raspberry Sorbet

These desserts are light enough to make you feel like you are having a treat with not a ton of guilt. But they still feel like enough of a treat to make your tummy full and your smile wide. These little treasures will be a hit and everyone will be asking for your recipe. It's up to you if you keep it a secret or not.

Find the full recipe at: Jelly Belly

 8. Jelly Bean Flower Cookie Pops

SO CUTE. These desserts are stunning and look like they could be the centerpiece of a beautifully decorated table. And hey, they can be. You can impress everyone with an arrangement like this and you will be the most pleased when you realize just how sweet and delicious these pops of heaven really are.

Find the full recipe at: Jelly Belly

 9. Tuxedo Jelly Bean Fudge

Chocolate is never the wrong choice. Even when you get some fruity jelly beans you can make the combo work. This fudge recipe is the perfect example of that. You will marry the two flavors so perfectly that you'll wonder why you have never thought of this before.

Find the full recipe at: Jelly Belly

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10. Jelly Bean Cupcakes

Cupcakes are a no-brainer. They will always be a favorite and there is a good reason why. After a long and hard day, a cupcake will always make you feel better, guaranteed. And these jelly bean cupcakes are soooo good your day will get way better with just one bite.

Find the full recipe at: Coupon Clipping Book

11. Jelly Bean Vodka 

Vodka meant to be fruity right? Yes, and the jelly bean flavors really hit the mark especially if you are looking to get a little tipsy. Ayyy time to have a fun fruity and fantastic Easter.

Find the full recipe at: The Daily Meal

12. Jelly Bean Soft Sugar Cookies

These cookies are a treat and a half. They don't only taste like heaven but they look so festive and fun. Making them will be just as fun as eating them. Will you have a ball preparing the dessert and that's always half the fun anyway right? These cookies definitely need to make it in your recipe book.

Find the full recipe at: Lady Behind The Curtain

13. Jelly Bean Cake

Let us eat cake! This recipe is traditional in the cake sense but the jelly beans are literally the icing on the cake. If you need an Easter recipe for a party this is the one you should go for. It's tasty and a treat for everyone, plus not too difficult to make! 

Find the full recipe at: Betty Crocker

14. Jelly Bean Poptart

Poptarts are a classic and always so delicious. They are normally packed with fruity flavors that are great for the taste-buds, adding in the jellybeans will just give them a kick that cannot be beaten. 

Find the full recipe at: Serious Eats

16. Jelly Bean Martini

Oh, you fancy huh? What a fun and cute way to celebrate the holiday. A super festive cocktail that will really get your spirits up for the springtime and Easter. You can decorate it any way you would like, peeps are definitely a winner though. 

Find the full recipe at: My Man's Belly

17. Jelly Bean Rice Krispies

What a fun dessert. This is sweet and crunchy, gooey and flavorful. A great little sweet addition to your dessert tray for the festive springtime occasions. If you love Rice Krispie treats get ready for an upgrade.

Find the full recipe at: The Frugal Foodie Mama

​18. Jelly Bean Ice Cream

Ice cream and jelly beans in one combo??? That sounds like heaven. Why isn't this a common ice cream flavor that are in most parlors. I'll start a petition to make it happen and you can all sign. 

Find the full recipe at: Tastemade

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19. Jelly Bean Pizza

This is not just a regular pizza. It's packed full of delicious jelly bean drops of goodness and icing to make the best pizza you will ever have. Soooo who's ready to start making jellybean pizza a regular thing because I will totally open up a jellybean pizza parlor if I have to. 

Find the full recipe at: Spark Recipes

20. Pink Jelly Bean Drink

Vanilla vodka, ginger ale, some maraschino cherries and a little bit of jelly bean garnish is the way to go if you're looking for something different but still classically delicious. Plus its so pink an pretty! 

Find the full recipe at: BHG

21. Jelly Bean Pudding Cups

Perfect for all of the festivities. Pudding... check. Crushed up cookies.... check. A cute little design to make the occasion even better.... check. And of course jelly beans..... check and check.

Find the full recipe at: Ready Set Eat 

22. Jelly Bean Blondies

Yaaaassss is all you will be saying when you get the chance to eat some of these delicious creations. Ooey gooey and so fruity too. This recipe is a gift and it will keep on giving. 

Find the full recipe at: A Few Shortcuts

23-24-25. Three cocktail combo


Cherrylicious Jelly Cocktail 
If you are into the sweet kind of lip-smacking flavor when you are having some drinks then buckle up because this is the drink for you. The cherry flavor will leave you wanting more.

Sunkist Sour Jelly Cocktail
Heres a drink that packs a punch. The sour flavor is so tasty and its perfect if you are looking for a drink that is still delicious but not too overly sweet. *Mouth waters*

Berry Blue Jelly Cocktail
Blue is the way to go. This drink is completely perfect to round up this three drink combo. Sweet, full of flavor and you will love it so much it will be one of your new regular go-to's.

Find all three full recipes at: The Style Edit

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