What Your Blood Type Says About Your Personality (And Likelihood Of Finding Love)

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"Hey, I couldn’t help but notice you from the other side of the bar, but I was wondering what’s your blood type?"

This may not be the smoothest opener in the world, but according to new research, a person’s blood type can tell you a lot about them, and whether you'd want to get to know them in a romantic way.

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Do you have a preference for blood type when choosing a significant other?

Probably not! At least not that they know of. Most people don’t because they either aren’t even aware of the correlation between blood type and personality type, or don’t want their potential partner to run full speed in the other direction after being asked such a silly question.

But there may be something to it. 

You can tell so much about a person from the type of energy they give off, to the type of companion they usually are, all based on their blood type. And if you're still curious, here’s what your blood type says about your true personality.

Blood Type A

You’re very rational and controlled. You have a certain formula for the way you live your life, and you stick to it. You also avoid drama like you’re allergic to it. You keep your head down and stick to things that make sense and are necessary.

However, no one is perfect. Therefore, the flaws of this blood type are your self-assured attitude and how it sometimes comes off to other people as snobbish/standoffish.

Blood Type B

You’re the passionate type, and you wear your heart on your sleeve with everything you do. Whether it’s your job, your love life or trying something new, you have the "all or nothing" mentality when approaching it.

There’s not much of a downside to this blood type other than the fact that you don’t let people in that easily. This can make people reluctant to trust you. But if someone knows you well, they feel totally comfortable just going with whatever it is you’re doing, because they know you mean well.

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Blood Type O

You’re like blood type A in the sense that you’re responsible. But you have more to give than blood type A personalities. You’re more cautious when taking action and are more likely to go with the safe option over the spontaneous one.

Others typically view you as very trustworthy, but some will view you as predictable (which is a flaw to some). Others may also see you as stubborn because of your unwillingness to do things differently.

Blood Type AB

You are the leaders of the world, plain and simple. You’re very confident and social. You don’t look for handouts or use excuses. You have goals and you meet them, one way or another.

The downside is that like blood type B, you’re sometimes closed off and don’t let people in. This can be viewed as snobbish and make people not want to trust you. But if you lead by example, you eventually will win them over.

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