25 Sexy First Date Night Outfits (That Take Attraction To The Next Level)

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Yay, the new guy you've been flirting with finally asked you out! But the real question is: What should you wear on your first date night to boost the attraction?

You want him to think you're outrageously sexy and stylish, of course. So do you go with a mini skirt and sky-high wedges, keep it classic with a little black dress, or try another outfit idea entirely for your date night plans? 

Dressing sexy is risky business — you don't want to overdo it! That's why picking the right first date night outfit (that's equal parts sexy and sweet) is essential. If you dress too sexy, he'll only see you as a one night stand. If you don't dress sexy enough, you worry he won't be attracted to you.

You have to figure out which outfit idea will make you look your best, and that's not always easy.

But don't worry, we've rounded up the best sexy first date outfit ideas for 2018 that are stylish, sultry and guaranteed to make you look — and feel — fabulous, without overdoing it.

Here are 25 sexy first date night outfit ideas that will make him do a double-take. Get it, girl!

1. Satin Tank Top  

Slip Lace Solid Top, $58,

This is a great top if you have a more athletic build, and smaller chest. For a first date, it pays to be casually sexy. Get the look here.

2. Sleek Lace Dress  

Black Lace Shoulder Pad Dress, $77, 

The little black dress just got a makeover! It brings a little of the 80's back with its pointed shoulder pads that show off what a strong, powerful woman you are, without you having to say a word. Buy this style here.

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3. Button Skirt

Skater Skirt in Black, $49, 

Your legs will love amazing in this sleek shirt. You can look great without showing off too much. Dress it up with a bold pair of heels! Buy the skirt here.

4. Fitted White Dress 

Slim Dress, $295, 

Show off those curves, while still being classy, in this simple white dress that's ultra-fitted. Buy it here.

5. Easy Breezy Tie-Up Crop Top

London Top, $105, 

This V-neck top makes you look casually confident. You'll feel totally comfortable wearing it, while still looking hot. Buy this laid-back style here.

6. Off-The-Shoulder Lace Top

Lace Cold Shoulder Tube Top, $22.99,

It's a juniors top, but age isn't anything but a number. You can wear this and rock it on your first date! Get this affordable find here.

7. Tie-Neck Halter 

Sleeveless Blouse Halter Tie Back A-Line,

Whether you pair this halter top with jeans, shorts or a skirt, you'll be good to go. Plus, it's A-line cut will hide any signs of a muffin top — so you won't have to suck in during dinner. Buy it now.

8. Zippered Faux Leather Skirt

Faux Leather High Waisted Skirt, 

Nothing is sexier than a woman who knows how to wear leather. Buy this rockin' look here.

9. Striped Sparkle Dress  

Women's Striped Sequin Dress, $184,

For those of you who love to outshine the rest of 'em, this dress is for you. It sparkles and shimmers with your every move, giving you a starlet aura. Buy the look here.

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10. Red Vixen  

Crop Top Flutter, $145,

Let's be honest: Red is the absolute best color to wear on a first date. He will not be able to take his eyes off of you! Buy this eye-catching style here.

11. Lacey Long-Sleeve Top


Plus Size Bell Sleeve Open-Back Lace Top, $25.99,

This top is definitely a conversation starter and will show off your bold personality! Wear it with a pretty bra underneath, or go for a more conservative look with a solid-colored cami. Snag the look here.

12. Unique Little Black Dress

Parisian Petite High Neck Mesh Skater Dress, $38, 

Take the traditional LBD look to the next level — and wear it time and time again! Get it here.

13. Sophisticated Purple Dress 

Chiffon Overlay Shutter Pleat Sheath Dress, $180,

This elegant dress gives you a classy air, while still clinging to your lower half to show off those curves. Buy it now.

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14. Striped Summer Romper

Off Shoulder Rompers Striped Beach Shorts Jumpsuit Outfits, 

Look effortlessly trendy without the hassle thanks to this one-piece look. It's sexy, simple, and perfect for a casual summer evening. Buy it here.

15. Fitted Pink Lace Dress

Elegant Crochet Flower Lace Bodycon Dress, 

If you got it, you should definitely flaunt it! This dress shows off all of your curves in a lacy flower design. Shop this style here.

16. Stylish Sweater

Long Sleeve Blouse Criss Cross Back Tie Up, 

White is the color of new beginnings, which is an excellent idea for a first date. It will give you a sexy yet innocent look, especially when worn with shorts or a mini skirt. Buy it now.

17. Denim Jumpsuit

Bethea Jumpsuit, $50.99,

Fun fact: Blue represents trust, and is the best color of commitment. Plus, this style shows off all your best assets, without looking like you're trying too hard. Get the look here.

18. Scalloped Tank Top

V-Neck Backless Camisole Scalloped Peplum Cami Top, 

This top is effortlessly sexy and looks perfect when paired with jeans — great for wherever your first date takes you. Buy it here.

19. Elegant Beaded Flowery Dress

Dayflower DDress,$395, 

The beaded accents bring this floral dress to the next level, making it the ideal choice for a finer affair. Shop the look here.

20. Cut-Out Shirt

Casual Loose Hollowed Out Shoulder,

This shirt's casual style makes it great for a low-key first day. Guys love a girl who's comfortable with herself and in her clothes, so you can't go wrong with this look. Buy it here.

21. Suede Overalls

Crisscross Back Tapered Overalls, $27,

Why do you need skirts or dresses to be sexy? Show off your killer style with this suede-like getup. Get the look here.

22. Floral Maxi Dress With Slit

Floral High Slit Maxi Dress, $79.90,

Putting this dress on will instantly make you a bombshell! This shows off your legs in a big way, and has a lovely open back, too. Your date will be mesmerized. Buy the dress here.

23. Chic Romper

Casual Striped Sleeveless Halter Short Romper Jumpsuit, 

This outfit is perfect for some summer fun. It comfortable, cute and sexy all rounded into one. Get one now!

24. Floral Shift Dress 

Chiffon Sleeveless Party Dress, 

This halter top dress works for women of any shape or size. Its elegant spring design is fun and flirty, while it's easy breezy still will have you feeling confident all night long. Buy it now.

25. Blue Accent Dress

Sleeveless Cocktail Party Pencil Dress,

Have a date right after work? Pair this sleek style with a blazer during the day, and take it off as you head out the door toward your date spot. Buy it here.

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