The Weird Reason Taylor Swift And Her Boyfriend Joe Alwyn Are Rarely Photographed Together

They've only been seen out in public together a handful of times.

The Weird Reason Taylor Swift And Her Boyfriend Joe Alwyn Are Rarely Photographed Together Getty Images

The singer who became famous for her spotlighted relationships has somehow managed to keep her most recent one private. 

Taylor Swift, 30, and her long-time boyfriend, Joe Alwyn, 29, have rarely been seen together since they began dating in 2017 (although they were rumored to have been together for months before then).

So what gives? Why are Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn rarely photographed together?


“Joe doesn't like attention or have any interest in being a celebrity,” a source said in 2017. “It’s been a great change of pace for Taylor, and she is very happy with him."

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It looks like he may have chosen a tough celebrity to keep out of sight, but the couple has surprisingly managed to stay hidden quite well. "Taylor has been in the UK a lot more than people know," an insider said in 2018. "She has the entire routine down pat now."

Swift has kept her relationship with the British actor away from prying eyes, and the two are reportedly going strong, even after being together for a few years.

“She has been insanely private with Joe,” a Swift insider explained in 2017. “She wanted to get to know him without any chaos... She is terrified of making the same mistakes in her relationship with Joe, so she is doing everything she can to protect her love life.”

The singer and actor both lead hectic lives, but they seem to make time for each other as often as they can, even if the paparazzi doesn’t catch it. “She has been more busy with work and traveling, but Joe continues to be supportive and great,” a source revealed in 2017.


Alwyn is also apparently Swift's “No. 1 fan.” 

“Joe will travel with her as much as possible,” the source continued. “Taylor is still very happy with him.”

Swift had reportedly been staying at Alwyn’s London flat for awhile and avoided the public by flying on private jets and riding in blacked-out cars in the city. "Unless you're part of her inner circle, you wouldn't know when she is or isn't here," a source added.

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There had been other rumors that the “Reputation” singer had possibly moved in with her man, but sources hinted otherwise.


“Taylor has been spending a lot of time at Joe’s house, and has been enjoying going out with his pals to their favorite local haunts,” a source revealed in 2018. “She always tries to keep a low profile, but has been having a lot of fun with the group. And some have even been joking that it’s as if she’s moved in with him, as Taylor doesn’t have her own place to live in when she’s staying in the UK. She and Joe haven’t quite got to that stage though.”

The pair seemingly get along famously for not wanting to be a famous couple. 

"Taylor's met all of Joe's family. They've done many a Sunday roast together — in fact it happens without fail if she's here over a weekend — and they seem very comfortable around her," added the insider. "His brothers all seem to be fans of them together as they've hung out with Taylor and Joe on several occasions."

Swift and Alwyn haven't been photographed together much over the years since they revealed their secret relationship in 2017 — and it seems like they plan to keep it that way. 


"She still intends to keep the relationship as private as possible," an insider explained. "It's sacred to her and she feels that keeping it to themselves has worked out for the best.”

There were even rumors earlier this year that Swift and Alwyn might be engaged after Swift was seen wearing what looked like an engagement ring in her new documentary, Miss Americana

In the documentary, Swift also opened up about their decision to have a private relationship, saying, "I figured I had to reset everything. I also was falling in love with someone who had a really wonderfully normal, balanced, grounded life. We decided together that we wanted our relationship to be private." 

And in a 2019 interview, Alwyn admitted that he doesn't even consider their relationship to be private. He just thinks it's normal. 


“I don’t think more than anyone else. I don’t think anyone you meet on the streets would just spill their guts out to you, therefore why should I? And then that is defined as being ‘strangely private’. Fine. But I don’t think it is. I think it’s normal,” he revealed. 

The couple have also been spending the coronavirus quarantine together. And Alwyn has even be sharing some cute (and very rare) photos of his time in quarantine with Swift.

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Editor's Note: This article was originally posted in February 2018 and was updated with the latest information.