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50 Cutest Irish Baby Names For Boys And Girls

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50 Cutest Irish Baby Names For Boys And Girls

Deciding a name for your future child is serious business and often the first order of parenting. The baby name you choose sticks with your little bundle of joy throughout their whole lives, so it's no small task. 

Irish baby names, in particular, continue to top the charts as the most popular baby names of all time. And with St. Patrick's Day on the horizon, what better way to celebrate than to learn the meanings behind these beautiful, timeless names?

Here you'll find the 50 cutest names and meanings for both boys and girls.

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Irish Baby Names for Girls

1. Alaina: "Dear child"

2. Haley: "Ingenious"

3. Fiona: "Fair; feminine form of Fionn"

4. Freya: "Noblewoman"

5. Caitlin: "Innocence"

6. Fallyn: "Descendant of the ruler"

7. Cara: "Friend"

8. Ruby: "Jewel"

9. Poppy: "A flowers name"

10. Teagan: "Little poet"

11. Briella: "God is my strength"

12. Tarina: "A hill that's located in central Ireland"

13. Lile: "A flower"

14. Aurnia: "Golden Lady"

15. Betha: "Life"

16. Roisin: "Rose"

17. Siobhan: "Kind"

18. Blaine: "Slender"

19. Dara: "Oaktree"

20. Mairin: "Irish form of Mary"

21. Ciara: "Dark"

22. Kathleen: "Pure or innocent"

23. Tara: "Goddess of the sea"

24. Una: "Gaelic forms of Agnes"

25. Erin: "Peace; A Poetic name for Ireland"

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Irish Baby Names for Boys

1. Liam: "Irish form of William"

2. Aidan: "Little fire"

3. Colm: "Dove"

4. Cullen: "Son of the holy one"

5. Rian: "Little ruler"

6. Reagan: "King"

7. Cathal “Invincible in combat”

8. Sean: “God is gracious”

9. Finn: "Fair, or white"

10. Eamon: “Wealthy protector”

11. Quinn: “Chief leader, intelligence”

12. Oisin: "Little deer"

13. Niall: "Champion"

14. Daniel: "Attractive."

15. Art: "Champion"

16. Kian: “Ancient, enduring"

17. Faolan: "Wolf"

18. Darragh: "Oak"

19. Ruairí: “Great king”.

20. Fiachra: “Raven”

21. Cillian: “Church”

22. Ryan: “Little king”

23. Nolan: "Noble and renowned"

24. Corey: "From the hollow"

25. Kevin: "Gentle"

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