60 Most Uncommon (But Beautiful) Baby Names Of 2017 For Boys And Girls

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most unique baby names of 2017

By Alessia Santoro

Although it can seem like every kid you meet these days is named Noah or Olivia, there are, in fact, tons of other babies out there who receive less common names that are absolutely gorgeous. 

If you're looking to go off the beaten path when it comes to your baby's name, there are thousands of baby names that were given in 2017 — according to the over 500,000 names BabyCenter sifted through from users this year — that may not have broken into any top charts, but you'll be totally obsessed with all of them (I'm obviously biased toward the first girl's name, but they're all beautiful).

Scroll through for our favorites for both girls and boys (though most skew gender-neutral if we're honest) and let us know: will you go unique or mainstream with your baby's name?

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  1. Alessia 
  2. Anya 
  3. Aurelia 
  4. Azalea 
  5. Beatrice 
  6. Briar
  7. Coraline 
  8. Emory 
  9. Estelle 
  10. Hattie 
  11. Imani 
  12. Ivory 
  13. Joelle 
  14. Kai 
  15. Kenna 
  16. Nayeli
  17. Pearl 
  18. Raven 
  19. Remy 
  20. Rosemary 
  21. Sarai 
  22. Shiloh 
  23. Sierra 
  24. Tatum 
  25. Veda
  26. Viviana
  27. Wren 
  28. Yara 
  29. Zaria
  30. Zelda

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  1. Anakin 
  2. Axton 
  3. Benji 
  4. Boston 
  5. Brock 
  6. Cade 
  7. Callum 
  8. Clay 
  9. Deacon 
  10. Duke 
  11. Finnegan 
  12. Harley 
  13. Kingsley 
  14. Langston 
  15. Lennon 
  16. Makai 
  17. Marley 
  18. Memphis 
  19. Nikolai 
  20. Omari 
  21. Otto 
  22. Pierce 
  23. Reagan 
  24. Rex 
  25. Rhys 
  26. Sage 
  27. Samson 
  28. Thaddeus 
  29. Wilder 
  30. Winston

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This article was originally published at PopSugar. Reprinted with permission from the author.