21 Funny April Fools' Pranks To Blow Up Your Social Media Universe

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21 Funny April Fools' Pranks To Blow Up Your Social Media Universe

I come from a large family, which means that April Fools' Day was basically the Olympics for pulling "harmless" pranks and practical jokes.

No one made it out unscathed.

So it should come as no surprise to anyone that I now hate pranks the most of almost anything there is.

All of that said, I do think there are some funny ways to mess with people on April Fools' Day without making them feel embarrassed or causing them actual physical pain (see: every prank my brother has ever played on me in the history of time immemorial).

A great way to get people? By learning some good April Fool's jokes to use on social media and in text messages.

Here are the best funny April Fools' Day Facebook pranks and practical jokes that are perfect to pull on your friends on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and any other social media platforms you love:

(MySpace ... is that a thing still?)

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1. Teach your loved ones the importance of using social media safely.

This one is a little bit invasive, so proceed with caution.

Many people leave their computers and phones signed into Facebook. Why not use this April Fools' Day as an opportunity to teach the people you care about most just how important privacy is?

When they hop up for a bathroom break, change the birthday shown in their profile to ... today! They will be flooded with birthday wishes and confusion.

Also, they may or may not unfriend you both on Facebook and IRL once they learn you are to blame.

Don't say I didn't warn you ...

2. Post a photo of your "engagement" ring.

You know those annoying photos that newly engaged girls post of their massive ring? The kind of photos that make you go "Cool, so, a lifelong commitment to the love of her life and she is showing us the ring and not the dude ... Classy"?

Now, it's your turn. Snap a pic of yourself wearing a friend's sparkler or just a piece of costume jewelry and coyly announce your own marriage.

This one is even better if you're dating someone and they see this picture and comment on said post. God, maybe I should do this one this year!

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3. Announce a cross-country move.

Post a photograph of a city, town, or even country that is very, very, very far from where you live. Then, either straight up announce that you're moving, or post a subtle hint that you are getting ready to uproot your life and move on to greener pastures.

Just make sure you and your landlord aren't connected on social media because the dude is going to have questions.

4. Show everyone your "bloody" injuries.

Ketchup. It is great for putting on burgers, french fries, and (hot take) scrambled eggs.

But did you know that if you pour it all over your hand and post a dramatically staged photograph on Instagram and add like #justcutoffmywholehandohgodthelightisdimming, people all across the globe will send ambulances to your location?

Nothing says April Fools' Day like making those who love you think you're in mortal peril, right?

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5. Convince your friends they are wanted criminals.

Okay, now this one is a classic one of my favorite Facebook pranks. Post this link in your status bar and delete the preview window: http://facebook.com/profile.php?=733

This link will automatically send those who click it right back to their own profile page.

Now, cause as much mayhem as you want by including text like, "Oh my god they finally caught that woman has been robbing local donut stands!"

Then, bless their innocent hearts, eager to see the donut bandit, they click and be presented with ... themselves. BOOM.

6. Fake a pregnancy/childbirth.

Want to send every single person in your life into a total downward spiral of shock, horror, and abject delight at the fact that they'll now have something sweet as hell to gossip about? Get a photo of positive pregnancy test and share it as your own.

Wanna be a little bit more low-tech with it? Just announce there's a bun in the oven using your words. It will still have one heck of an impact.

Bonus points if you are like, "I'm naming him after his father: William Bradley Pitt."

7. Make everyone believe you've fallen victim to a pyramid scheme.

This April Fool's Day prank can be done through an Instagram post or DMs. Look to Herbalife and Lularoe for example, or just start a DM to people you hardly talk to with "Hey girl..." and then proceed to talk about the life-changing product you'd love to offer them.

8. Hint at a big announcement with a confusing sequence of emojis.

This Instagram prank can be super simple. Just post a photo of something ambiguous, like a selfie or a nature photo and caption it with something like  "Big things are coming!" followed by a combination of emojis that makes absolutely no sense.

9. Become an influencer for the day.

Copy your favorite influencer's signature pose and write a fake ad for a product of your choice. Be sure to use all the relevant hashtags and a high-quality photo to make it look like a serious post.

10. Fake a celebrity meeting. 

Show off those Photoshop skills by editing a photo to make it look like you met your favorite celebrity.

11. Announce the adoption of an exotic pet.

Find a photo of an undomesticated animal (preferably one that doesn't look like it belongs in National Geographic) and announce that you've just adopted that animal as a pet.

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12. Share college acceptance news.

May is college decision time, so April Fool's is the perfect time to fake a college announcement. Create a convincing acceptance letter or find a photo of one and share that you have just been admitted to the college of your dreams. This prank works for all social media platforms.

13. Post about the launch of your OnlyFans.

If you're feeling brave on April 1st, snap a sultry selfie and announce the launch of your fake OnlyFans. Your mom will love this one.

14. Run a fake text subscription service.

Fool your friends into thinking they've been signed up for an annoying text subscription service. Channel your inner bot and keep responding with "automated" messages.

15.  Swap your profile photos for those of your celebrity doppelganger.

Change all of your social media profile photos for ones of your celebrity lookalike.

16. Stage a vacation.

Use Photoshop or real photos of a luxurious location and pretend you are on a relaxing vacation your followers would be envious of.

17. Send something to the "wrong person."

Send a romantic, oddly specific, or seemingly personal message via Snapchat or text to prank people into believing you sent them something that wasn't meant for their eyes. (Your ex might not be the best person to include in this April Fool's prank).

18. Confess a big secret in a one-second snap.

Be mysterious with a one-second, blink-and-you'll-miss-it Snapchat of a shocking confession. This will keep everyone guessing.

19. Mouth your words in a Snapchat video.

Everyone will be wondering if their phone volume is malfunctioning when you send a silent Snapchat video of you mouthing words.

20. Pretend you have no idea who is texting you.

Hit your friends and family with a "who dis?" when they text you, and keep playing dumb until you've had your fun. Pro tip: Maybe don't do this text messaging prank if your ex or someone you are on the outs with is trying to get back in touch with you.

21. Text only in song lyrics.

Pick a song that could sound conversational and weave it into a texting convo. See how long it takes before the person catches on, or gets so confused they stop replying. This texting prank is simple but hilarious.

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Rebecca Jane Stokes is a writer living in Brooklyn, New York with her cat, Batman.  She writes about Internet culture and relationships and explains all the latest slang. For more of her work, check out her Tumblr.