The 7 Best Podcasts For Women Who Want To Live Their Best Lives

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If you're like me, the only reason you started listening to podcasts was that you found true-crime gems like Serial, S-Town, and Criminal. But like their Netflix-series counterparts, true crime shows of any medium can have profound negative impacts on your life if that's all you listen to. 

In my case, it resulted in a heightened state of paranoia that at its peak forced me to leave the gym during a workout because some guy there was jogging "suspiciously" on a treadmill.  

Once I realized that listening to crime shows all day while I worked was probably not the best method for me, I started to explore my other podcasting options. Low and behold, there was a whole wonderful world of self-help podcasts for women out there that I was missing out on. 

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Every topic from relationship advice to understanding the Taylor Swift fandom to Bachelor recaps to self-love was covered. While it's taken me some to weed through the literally thousands of options at my fingertips, I feel confident that I've finally come up with a list of golden podcasts. 

Whether you're looking for a traffic distraction during your daily commute or want some company during your nightly bath, this selection of the best podcasts for women will teach you literally everything you need to know about life. All of which are available on iTunes or Spotify.

1. Your Kick-Ass Life Podcast

Sometimes all we need is a little slap in the rear to get ourselves going again. If you're feeling like you're stuck in a rut, Andrea Owen will help get your out. Author of the self-help book 52 Ways to Live a Kick-Ass Life, her podcast teaches you how to silence your inner critic and get the happiness you deserve. 

Ever motivating, show topics include things like body positivity, divorce, relationships and how to bounce back from failure. 

Listen here. 

2. The Marie Forleo Podcast

While Marie Forleo is known for being an expert in helping people create businesses they love, she also talks a lot about confidence, positivity and how to be happier overall. 

Her interviews with people such as Gabrielle Bernstein and Tim Ferriss are inspirational, but my favorite episodes are her Q&As. Topics like how to make good decisions and staying consistent with your goals, are motivating and super easy to put into practice. Plus, most of her episodes are only a few minutes long. Perfect for when you need a little inspirational break. 

Listen here. 

3. That's So Retrograde

Co-hosts Elizabeth Kott and Stephanie Simbari are both hilariously funny and informative about the trends of new age and wellness. Everything from astrology to crystals to ghosts to the latest in pop culture — and the occasional 420 celebration — are up for discussion. 

Warning: you may attempt to develop a breathing ritual and stock up some on rose quartz after listening to a few episodes. 

Listen here. 

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4. Style Your Mind

In addition to offering some boss career advice, Cara Alwill Leyba also dishes on her personal keys to success and female empowerment. Girl friendships, confidence and the little ways you make yourself feel glamorous every day are typical themes of her episodes. 

She also has a killer Instagram where she posts inspirational messages on the daily. 

Listen here. 

5. The LadyGang

If you're looking for a dose of realness, the women of The LadyGang have got you covered. Not only do they talk about a variety of self-help and wellness topics in their shows (including healthy eating, skincare, and the likes), but they also interview some of Hollywood's breakout stars whose stories are guaranteed to inspire. 

Listen here. 

6. Small Doses

If you don't know who Amanda Seales is then you're doing something seriously wrong with your life. Not only does she dissect some serious topics on her show such as racism, rape culture and police brutality, but she also drops little gems of "potent truth for everyday use."

Listen here.

7. Sex With Emily 

And finally, if you're looking for some seriously good relationship and sex advice, Emily is your girl. She's not only extremely informative but also seemingly takes out all the weirdness of some of the weirdest sex questions. 

Your boyfriend/wife/FWB will thank you. 

Listen here. 

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