Guys Explain What Men Really Want When It Comes To Love And Relationships

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What Men Love Most About Being In Relationships

We all know men are hard to read, right?

Remember when you were in middle school and you had no idea if the boy you were crushing on liked you back? You probably had no idea what to do and were stuck wondering if you'd ever find true love. Sometimes it seems like understanding what men want in love and relationships is a puzzle you'll never be able to solve.


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When you’re young and going through high school or college, it sometimes feels as though guys are never really genuine about their feelings. At least, it seems that way to me sometimes. 

I used to have a hard time finding someone who was looking for something long-term. It just seems like men and women have wildly different expectations when it comes to dating at a young age.

But you may discover that as you get older, you come across more men who are looking for a meaningful and lasting commitment.

Which poses a new question: What do guys enjoy about being in a relationship?

If you’re wondering what men want and say they enjoy most about being in love, look to these responses from guys on Reddit AskMen when they were asked, What’s your favorite part about being in a relationship?"

1. Guys can get butterflies in their stomachs, too.

"For me personally, it's knowing someone cares about you, and gets excited anticipating being with you."


2. Who doesn't love to cuddle?

"Cuddling is my absolute favorite thing in the world."


3. Everyone wants to feel wanted.

"I love feeling wanted."


4. Guys love a woman who can entertain them.

"If bored and not busy, guess who gets to entertain me?"


5. Be forgiving, but don't let him think he can get away with EVERYTHING.

"It's good to be assured that even when you [mess] up or perform badly, that you're still valued enough for the person to still love you."


6. Guys appreciate a woman who is always there for him.

"The best thing is probably just having someone as a life partner. Life is so much easier, knowing that she's always going to be there for me when I need her."


7. Being adventurous in a relationship is always a plus.

"I love doing stuff with my girlfriend that I wouldn't normally think of, like trying new restaurants."


8. Communication is key.

"I've been with my gf for over a year now and we constantly communicate and do the best we can for each other."


9. They do say the best way to a man's heart is through his stomach.

"The food... I don't know how to make casseroles, homemade cookies, or pancakes."


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10. Exchanging interests is always a great idea.

"Sharing your interests and things, especially if they've never experienced it before. Seeing the wonder in their eyes when they actually enjoy it too is just so friggin' heartwarming."


11. Guys may seem big and strong, but they want support too.

"Having someone there for me as a support system and being able to support them as well."


12. There's nothing as amazing as feeling accepted.

"I think the really close intimacy in many ways is the best part. If someone's willing to accept my flaws, I'll end up opening up at that point."


13. Just be soft.

"Pretty girls smell nice and feel all warm and soft."


14. This is probably true for all of us.

"It's nice that someone completely loves you besides your parents."


15. A woman's touch is hypnotizing.

"When a girl reaches for your hand or lays her head on your shoulder, it's perfect."


16. Cuddles, cuddles, cuddles.

"There's just something special about wrapping your arms around the one you love and just holding them close to you."


17. There's a special, calming effect like nothing else.

"When my S/O is around, it's like an instant de-stress. I feel warm and safe and loved, and all my problems melt away."


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