15 Cute & Easy DIY Valentine's Day Gift Ideas That Will Totally Impress Your Valentine

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diy valentines day gift ideas 2018

Make your lover something special this V-day.

Regardless of where you are in a romantic relationship, make V-day 2018 extra special with a cute DIY Valentines Day gift idea that's made with love.

Personally, I’ve always found hand-made Valentine's Day presents to be the most heartfelt and special. 

Whether it’s for your spouse, significant other or just someone special in your life, you’re sure to find a cute Valentine’s Day DIY gift idea to show your love below.  

1. Melt his heart with hand-made chocolate heart candies.

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Heart Mold, check for rates and availability check fo

Make Your Own Chocolate Kit, check for rates and availability, Amazon.com

Instead of being predictable and getting your boyfriend the cliché assortment of chocolates box from the store, why not hand-make chocolate heart for him? With this chocolate-making kit and silicone heart mold, this DIY gift idea is easy to pull off and will make him extra loved this Valentine’s Day.

2. Brighten your Valentine's day with an air plant terrarium. 

Bliss Gardens Air Plant Terrarium Kit , check for rates and availability, Amazon.com

Instead of getting her a dozen roses, make her a customized terrarium with this kit that includes a glass vessel, pebbles, an amethyst crystal, a dried thistle and an air plant. Since air plants only need to be watered once a week, they're super easy to care for so she can keep her mini-garden thriving with ease — even if she doesn't have a green thumb.

3. Give her your heart with DIY a no-sew pillow.

Heart Pillow Kit, check for rates and availability, Amazon.com

This easy to make Valentine’s Day pillow Is a super cozy way to “give her your heart” this Valentine’s Day. Bring on the snuggles!

4. Commemorate your ever-lasting love with a DIY sculpture.

Luna Bean Keepsake Hands DIY Plaster Casting Kit, check rates and availability, Amazon.com

This kit makes a great, romantic activity to do together as a couple this Valentine’s Day! It includes everything you need to make a sculpture of your clasped hands that your Valentine can display on a shelf, as a year-round reminder of your love. 

5. Give your lover the sweetest dreams with a handmade dream catcher.

Peacock Feather DIY Dream Catcher Kit, check for rates and availability, Amazon.com

Make sure your free-spirited girl always has sweet dreams by making her this adorable DIY dream catcher. Tip: This kit comes with everything you need but glue, so you may want to pick some up before sitting down to craft.

6. Make your sweetie a scrapbook of your memories together.

Ruotong DIY Photo Album Wood Cover, check for rates and availability, Amazon.com

Collect all your favorite relationship photos and turn them into a sentimental scrap book that will make your darling swoon. Add little mementos — like movie tickets, a leaf from a romantic walk in the park, or the first note your partner ever wrote you — to make it extra special. 

7. DIY your own snuggly teddy bear for her to cuddle.

Red Love Teddy Bear Kit, check for rates and availability, Amazon.com

Instead of getting her a generic, store-bought teddy bear this year, make your own. She'll be sew impressed with your skills — even though it's a no-sew kit! Shhh... You don't have to mention that part.

8. Paint your Valentine a picture with a paint-by-number kit.

Rihe Paintworks Paint By Number Kit, check for rates and availability, Amazon.com

Just because you’re not a professional artist doesn’t mean you can’t create something beautiful for your special someone thanks to this surprisingly simple paint-by-number kit. Surprise your significant other by hanging it up before he or she gets home! Your partner will smile and think of you every time they see it. 

9. Build your boyfriend a LEGO rose.

LEGO Rose, check for rates and availability, Amazon.com

A great gift for your fun-loving man, who's still a kid at heart. Build your guy this ever-lasting rose to show him your love. Who knows, maybe building the LEGO rose together will even become a new Valentine’s Day tradition for you two — how adorable.

10. Say “I love you” with hand-made soaps.

Rose Heart Decoration Silicone Soap Mold, Amazon.com

Make Your Own Soap Kit, check for rates and availability, Amazon.com

With this make-your-own soap kit, you can pick from two different scents and three different colors to create your own unique combinations that are sure to please your leading lady. Pour the mixture into this heart-shaped Valentine’s Day soap mold, and you'll be all set!

11. Pamper her with heart-shaped bath bombs.

Heart Mold, check for rates and availability, Amazon.com

Pink Dye, check for rates and availability, Amazon.com

Citric Acid, check for rates and availability, Amazon.com

Epsom Salt, check for rates and availability, Amazon.com

Indulge your sweetie this Valentine’s Day by making her heart-shaped, fizzy bath bombs with this easy recipe. She'll be so impressed that she might even invite you into the tub with her to try them out *wink, wink*.

12. Add a personal touch to her home with hand-made wall art.

"Hope From the Heart" DIY String Art Kit, check for rates and availability, Amazon.com

This gift says, “I hope to be with you forever.” With easy-to-follow instructions and everything you need included, you can make this pretty piece of art that is sure to pull at her heart strings.

13. Make your own silhouette artwork out of a favorite photo of the two of you.

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Blank Canvases , check for rates and availability, Amazon.com

Black Acrylic Paint, check for rates and availability, Amazon.com

With these supplies, create a loving silhouette of you and your significant other in your favorite romantic pose. Blow up your chosen photo, cut it out, and trace your silhouettes onto a blank canvas. Then, fill in your shapes with black paint — and voila!

14. Appeal to his interests with a DIY boozy lantern.

LANMU Tiki TorchLantern Kit, check for rates and availability, Amazon.com

Transform his empty booze bottles into hand-made lanterns to decorate his back porch. This kit includes three sets of 14" wicks, wick holders, and wick covers — all you need are the bottles. Plus, this DIY takes under 5 minutes to pull off.

15. Give her a DIY keepsake she can look at daily.

Mosaic Heart Craft Kit, check for rates and availability, Amazon.com

Make your own mosaic heart with this all-inclusive DIY kit. The company even has a sweet how-to video to make this project go more smoothly. She can hang it on the wall as art or use it as a coaster for her morning coffee. 

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