12 Signs Your "Best Friend" Is Actually A Total Fake

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12 Signs Your "Best Friend" Is Actually A Total Fake

It’s great to have a best friend, a ride or die who is honest with you. Someone that shows that they truly care about you and know you can do better.

But when honesty turns into brutal, unnecessary criticisms and you find yourself losing comfort with your friend, then they’re nothing but a fake friend rather than your supporter.

1. She's filled with envy instead of joy. 

When you get engaged, her reaction is to complain about you posting too many photos of your ring on Facebook or how someone like you could possibly be engaged before her. She has such a hard time celebrating with you because she’s too busy focusing on her own life — and why she can’t have what you have.

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2. They compete instead of encourage. 

She’s constantly trying to be ahead of you in everything: hairstyles, wardrobe, grades — even cleansing diets. She needs to be “on top” with the idea that you could look up and follow like a puppy. She’ll never encourage you to do better because she has to be ahead.

3. Going shopping with her isn't fun at all. 

Most of us are familiar with that moment when you come out of the H&M dressing room with a new outfit. You either get a shout of praise or a shake of the head. Either way, your friend is helping you look great. She’s not your friend when her response is passive-aggressive insults that make you regret shopping with her in the first place. If you can’t enjoy shopping with her, then it’s definitely time to cut her off.

4. Her misery loves your company. 

It seems like every time you’re with her, the world seems darker. She has no concept of looking on the brighter side of things and will shut down any positivity — especially if it’s coming from you. Hanging out with her becomes the chore that you would rather procrastinate about.

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5. Her gossip NEVER ends. 

Her lips might as well be sewers with the amount of crap that she talks about other people. Social media is her sanctuary for purging everything bad about the people she hates — and even likes. She can turn anyone’s life story into a horror story, and if she always talking crap about people...

6. She’s probably talking crap about you, too. 

And that’s enough said because there’s no point in being friends with someone who can’t be constructive with you.

7. She’s somewhat paranoid. 

She always feels like someone is after her. She becomes a CIA agent the minute they get a friend request on Facebook, or even a like on her Instagram photo. Suspicious might as well be her middle name. It’s partially due the fact that...

8. They hold major grudges. 

The chip never leaves her shoulder. If they’re mad at another friend in the group, you could forget ever going to a bar altogether. She’ll always want you to choose sides (preferably hers) and can never just let it go.

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9. You have to be cautious around her. 

You can’t get too drunk around her because she’ll either take photos of you to make you look bad on Instagram, or will go on-and-on about how wasted you were (and not in a good way) over brunch in the morning. A friend you can’t even get hilariously drunk with, and then have a fun hangover brunch with, is not a friend at all. In addition… 

10. You can’t be yourself around her. 

You have to hide a small part of yourself, which is your true self, because you fear that she will tear you down. It’s also why...

11. You have no #nofilter privilege. 

Nothing sucks more than not being able to have #nofilter around a friend because any can of worms could crack open.

12. She's quite the master manipulator.

She’ll attempt to make you feel beyond guilty for anything you do wrong — even after you apologize. The most common guilt trip with her is blaming you for being you.

And no one should ever feel guilty about that.

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