7 Ridiculous Reasons Guys Call You 'Crazy'

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7 Reasons Why Men Call Women Crazy In Relationships

Relationships are bound to have bumps, arguments, and hurt feelings. What makes a successful partnership is when both people are willing to communicate and listen.

But there are some guys who pull out their trump card every time there is a relationship problem: It's called "You're crazy."

Are there reasons why men call women crazy? Well, men accuse women of acting crazy all the time if they disagree with them or if they don't want to confront an issue. Here's why some men use the crazy card to manipulate you

1. He wants you to doubt yourself.

When someone calls you crazy, a natural reaction is to question what you're saying and doing.

This is what guys who want to manipulate you rely on; they want you to doubt yourself.

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Once you start doubting yourself, you may end up folding your position all together. If he's good at manipulation, he'll make you feel like you were wrong to even bring the issue up, because there's no real issue in the first place. 

2. He wants to pass the blame.

Even if a guy knows he's wrong, he might not want to admit it. So instead of letting you find fault with him, he'll pass the blame onto you.

If he's able to convince you that you're crazy or hysterical, he'll avoid having to take the blame. "You're the one who's freaking out, so it's your problem."

Don't buy into that! Stick to your guns. 

3. He doesn't want to take responsibility.

When a guy does recognize that there is a problem in the relationship, he'll say you're nuts to make it seem like it's your fault. He does this because he doesn't want to take responsibility for his actions. He's trying to distance himself from the situation.

If he's able to make you doubt yourself enough to convince you that you're the only one at fault, then what you know as right and wrong will be totally turned upside down.  

4. He loves himself more than he loves you.

Sorry ladies, but if he's going to all this trouble to unhinge you, he doesn't love you as much as you thought he did. What he's looking out for are his own self interests.

He wants to keep the power in the relationship, and he's more concerned with that than how you feel. No woman wants to believe that about their lover, but sometimes that's unfortunately the case. 

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5. He's trying to invalidate you.

There is a lot of power in a name. When a guy labels you crazy once, that can be enough to make for a lasting stigma.

Once he calls you crazy, all of your future arguments and feelings will be invalid to him.

If he talks to his and even your friends about you in these terms, then other people will automatically support his stance that you're nuts. People are very gullible, so be sure to put an end to this as soon as you realize what's going on. 

6. He's trying to silence you.

Telling someone they're insane is one of the easiest and most effective ways to silence them. Once you start to believe it, you'll be more reluctant to express your thoughts and feelings.

If he's able to convince you that you're somehow defective, then you'll feel ashamed about yourself well before you even bring up a complaint. This kind of manipulation is a great way for him to keep you quiet in the long run. 

7. He wants everything his way.

The whole reason a guy wants to manipulate you is because he wants everything to go his way. He wants to be in charge of the relationship and he wants everything to go according to his terms.

By invalidating you and your feelings, the only things that remain credible are him and his feelings. That means the focus of the relationship is entirely on him, not on the two of you equally.

But you're too strong of a woman to let him get away with that, so show him what the rules really are. If you have to send him packing, so be it.

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