9 Cringey Details About Cardi B And Offset's Relationship, Including Cardi B's Sex Tape & Rumors Offset Got Another Woman Pregnant

What's actually going on in their relationship?

cardi b and offset relationship details

The music industry has always had its fair share of interesting (to put it mildly) relationships. Although there have been many rocky relationships, there are still some power couples whose unions have lasted for years. From Jay-Z and Beyonce to Faith Hill and Tim McGraw, there's a favorite musical duo out there for everyone.

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One of the most recent popular music couples is Cardi B and Offset. Both are young, successful rappers who started a relationship after meeting each other earlier this year and also collaborated on a music video together.


However, their relationship is more well-known for being cringe-worthy than fairytale-worthy. Since most of their relationship is documented through social media, it's not surprising that whenever they make the news, people all over the Internet are already discussing and examining whatever is currently going on with the pair. And, boy, do these two ever cause an uproar when their relationship is front and center (which is basically all the time).


So, what is it really that makes people shudder instead of swoon when it comes to this relationship?

Here are some of the most cringe-worthy details about Cardi B and Offset's relationship:

1. Cardi B and Offset's relationship status was never really clear.

As with most modern couples, Cardi B and Offset like to use Instagram and Twitter to let fans know about their lives. On Valentine's Day this year, Cardi B seemed to have made their coupling Instagram official, posting a video of her and Offset on a date to the Super Bowl and calling him her "babe."


But only about a month later, Cardi B did an interview in which she refused to confirm the relationship. She even went so far as to say in the interview that she "wasn't going to say she was dating an Atlanta guy."

Offset is guilty of giving the same relationship runaround. He also has refused to confirm the relationship when asked about it in interviews.

So either they'd rather keep that part about their lives private or they just can't seem to decide on a relationship status. And judging from their heavy use of social media, we're going to go with the latter.

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2. Offset bought Cardi B a $60K chain — and more.

In June, Offset treated Cardi B to a shopping spree. But this wasn't just any normal shopping spree. Offset was willing to spend a cool fifty thousand dollars on the couple's day out. And if that isn't mind-boggling enough, in the following month Offset bought Cardi B a chain worth $60K. 

All for a woman he still declined to verify a relationship with.

3. Cardi B hasn't been shy about hiding Offset's gifts.


A post shared by Eliantte (@elliotavianne) on Jul 25, 2017 at 8:33am PDT

Cardi B wore the chain given to her by Offset to a concert and was spotted wearing it backstage. Also, the designer of the chain posted a close-up of the jewelry to their Instagram account and tagged Cardi herself, confirming that it was hers. 


The close-up image also revealed that it was personalized just for Cardi B. The photo showed long red nails, multiple rings, and a bandana. 

4. They're probably the most on-again/off-again relationship we've ever known.

In August, the pair sparked engagement rumors after they were seen looking at rings. And Offset furthered the speculation when he posted an Instagram video in which he was wearing an impressive-looking ring on his pinky finger.

However, their assumed engagement rumors were soon defused by none other than Cardi B. At the MTV Video Music Awards Pre-Show, she addressed the rumors and implied that she did want to get married, but there was yet to be a proposal. 

This kind of back-and-forth drama has been happening throughout the course of their relationship. It's so extreme to the point that the couple has seemed to have been caught in a never-ending cycle of being off and on. Is there an award for Most Indecisive Couple Of The Year? Because we pretty much think these two are a shoe-in.


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5. Cardi B and Offset's breakup shocked fans.

In order to understand this one, let's start from the beginning. And, no, we won't confuse (or torture) you by taking it back to the beginning of the relationship (was there ever truly even a beginning?). 


We're throwing it back to October when Cardi B posted an ominous selfie to Instagram simply titled "single." Of course, the photo — which was later deleted — sent fans into a frenzy. People now thought for sure that the duo had officially parted ways. 

But what outraged fans even more was when Cardi B reacted to the Internet meltdown a mere 10 minutes later confirming that her and her beau were still very much an item. Cardi B sent out a few tweets explaining that her and Offset got into an argument after she thought that he stole a purple blanket that belonged to her. And then went on to say how much she still loved him.

Moral of the story: don't ever steal Cardi's blanket.

6. Offset finally proposed.

Not long after the couple's quickie breakup, it seemed like all of Cardi B's dreams came true. Offset proposed to her publicly, seemingly officially ending their infamous on-again/off-again status for good. 


He popped the question at a performance in Philadelphia and it made the crowd's night when Cardi said yes. And true to form, Cardi showed off the bauble instantly on Instagram. 

Since we already know that Offset isn't shy about dropping some dollars on jewelry for his lady, it comes as no surprise that this engagement ring was perhaps his biggest purchase yet. Offset reportedly spent $550,000 on the ring.

However, we won't be shedding any tears for Offset anytime soon. He will most likely be earning the ring money back as he and Cardi B were targeted to make a TV wedding special worth one million.


7. Did Offset cheat on Cardi B?

In December 2017, Offset became the focus of a cheating scandal. Someone hacked into his iCloud account revealing some incriminating videos in which Offset was filming other women. As per usual, the news easily made its way to social media and caused more negative publicity for the supposedly finally happy couple.

8. A woman claims Offset got her pregnant when he cheated on Cardi.

TMZ reports that a woman named Celina Powell posted a photo to Instagram claiming she was pregnant with Offset's baby. Powell posted a photo of her alleged sonogram with the caption, "Yes, I am expecting and yes she's a GIRL." She claims Offset is the baby daddy, tagging him in the post and writing that she hopes they will be able to work it out for the sake of the child. 

9. Did Cardi B leak her sex tape?

Cardi B managed to stir up some controversy of her own this holiday season. Shortly after the cheating rumors came out, Cardi posted what seemed to many to be a live video of her and Offset having sex. However, the video turned out to just be a "joke."


We're not sure what will ultimately happen with Cardi B and Offset's relationship. But what we are sure of is that these two will definitely continue making more waves in the world of music industry relationships. 

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