15 Revolutionary Christmas Gifts To Help Your Heartbroken Friend Move On

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best breakup christmas gifts

Sometimes the holiday season is just a tough reminder of the people we’ve lost. If one of your girls is stuck in a rut over a lover departed, her holiday gift may require a little more thought this time around.

In addition to a shoulder to cry on, give her something that’ll help her though it. Here are the best breakup Christmas gifts that’ll earn you the title of Fairy God Friend during her breakup.

1. F*ckboy Repellent Eyeshadow Palette

Not only will she get a laugh out the name of this palette, she’ll actually use it to amplify her post-f*ckboy glow. Yes, that’s thing — just look at Kourtney Kardashian. This palette from Bee-Q-Box is the epitome of “prospering.” Average makeup doesn’t cut it when you’re trying to get your groove back. Give her life in makeup form.

(beeqbox, $25)

2. Cheeky Lift Underwear

After weeks cooped up in the house in your jammies, it’s normal to feel less than sexy post-breakup. This lingerie is for the girl that wants to show her ex what he’s missing while feeling good about herself again! DEFY Lingerie’s “Cheekies” technically aren’t panties. They’re shapewear pieces that double as fetish-inspired lingerie. They actually accentuate your hips and butt at the same damn time. It’s a subtle way to remind her of how hot she is.

(defylingerie, $59)

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3. "Boy Trouble" Revenge Lipstick

Every gal needs a bold lippie in her arsenal to weather a storm. If she’s not the type to go bold, now is actually the perfect time to turn over a new leaf. The liquid matte formula from The Lip Bar is the holiday show-stopper that’ll make her forget why she was even crying. Boy Trouble is another reminder of how sexy she was before and after “what’s-his-name” existed.

(thelipbar, $13)

4. Reclaim Piece X Peace Journal

After she’s done stunting all over her ex’s timeline, it’s time to self-reflect. Breakups can leave you with a whirlwind of emotions that could turn into a real depression. If you’re her soul sister, give her the space to vent and grow. This workbook journal from Set in Soul will help her sort through what happened and begin to get to know herself all over again.  

(setinsoul, $24.97)

5. A One-On-One Professional Intervention

The emotional roller coaster of breakups can spiral out of control quickly. If she’s your tried and true bestie, consider giving her a 1-hour session with a relationship expert. Celebrity Matchmaker and Relationship expert Bonnie Winston actually offers a Love Voucher that can help pull her through heartache and potentially prepare for the dating scene again if she’s ready.

(bonnie winston, $200)

6. The 30-Day Heartbreak Cure e-book

If one-on-one love coaching isn’t in the budget, bootstrapping it with a good old book may work too. The 30-Day Heartbreak Cure: Getting Over Him and Back Out There One Month comes highly recommended. If she’s into reading, add this thoughtful e-book by Catherine Hickland to her collection.

(Amazon, $16.99)

7. Vesper Necklace Vibrator

There’s no sense in being coy here. Breakups can come with LONG dry spells if you’re not ready to date. But we all have needs. Instead of being a super-creep and giving your friend a life-size dildo with realistic veins, play it a little more discreet. This gold necklace actually doubles as a vibrator so she can get to her happy place without the baggage from her ex.

(lovecrave, $69)

8. Tipsy Scoop Alcoholic Ice Cream

Wine and ice cream are post-breakup staples. The breakup Gods have answered all prayers and merged the two for the ultimate crying marathon snack. Wine ice cream is happening and it’s called “Tipsy Scoop.” It’s as delicious as it sounds. Give your girlfriend a scoop of this while she lets it all out. After all, crying is therapeutic! 

(tipsyscoop, $12)

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9. Elizabeth Taylor Affirmation Wine Glass

Ice cream-wine aside, traditional wine is a non-negotiable for most of us. Spare yourself the fuss of figuring out her sophisticated wine preferences and hook her up with a glass she’ll be forever thankful for. This one has a friendly reminder from Elizabeth Taylor that says “Pour yourself a drink, put on some lipstick, and pull your sh*t together,” because sometimes, tough love works.

(losangelestradingco, $15.95)

10. 3Some Chocolate

Keep the comfort food flowing with some chocolate. It’s considered an aphrodisiac known to ignite euphoria. The luxury selection from 3Some Chocolate is worth giving a try.

(3Some Chocolate, $5.95-$30)

11. La Scintilla Insulated Wine Sleeve

Pimp out that wine bottle she’s been holding onto with a bedazzled insulated wine sleeve. Give her the holy gift of constantly chilled wine. No ice buckets necessary. This is a reminder of you every time she takes a sip.

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(brina, $85)

12. White Sands Journey Sweats

Let’s face it: lonely nights at home are an inevitable part of the healing process. A good pair of sweat pants give your girlfriend permission to unwind but not let herself go. This luxe pair gives her comfort, but keeps her stylish. They transform seamlessly when she’s ready to take the plunge from her couch into the outside world.

(crowcollective, $108)

13. Healing Through Humor Box

If she’s really down in the dumps, laughter and positive affirmations can be the best therapy. This box was created for smiles. It’s packed with every day goods to remind her that she’s “still got it.” Who doesn’t want socks that tell you to “Kick This Day in Its Sunshiny Ass” or an adult coloring books all about “Making Life Your B*tch”?

(littleboxofcomfort, $39.99)

14. SassClass Gift Certificate

Sometimes experience has much more of an impact than “things” when it comes to gifting. SassClass is a women's empowerment dance class studio that converts everyday women into video vixens! A dance class is a total confidence booster and a good time for the both of you. Now is her chance to put some of those breakup emotions to good use.

(sassclassnyc, starting at $50)

15. "He Always Smelled Funny Anyways" Greeting Card

Reassure her that her decision to dump her old boy was a good one with a sassy greeting card. Funny cards like this one give her permission to feel a little angry and laugh about it later. They aren’t hard to find, either. Make sure you write a thoughtful personal message inside.

(etsy, $2.95)

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