8 Supportive Ways To Help A Friend Through A Breakup

Help her get her groove back.

8 Supportive Ways To Help A Friend Through A Breakup getty

Heartbreak sucks, but friends who know how to help a friend through a breakup make it suck less. These friends remind us of our worth and speed up the process of moving on from painful breakups we never thought we'd get over.

I was in the eleventh grade when I had my first true heartbreak. The guy I was dating at the time had just broken up with me because he was “still in love with his ex.”

My parents were very strict and didn't want me dating anyone, so this guy was my first official boyfriend. I literally had to beg them to let me date him and breaking my heart was how he chose to repay me. I was beyond hurt.


Anyone who has experienced a tough breakup knows it’s one of the worst feelings in the world.

You replay the moment over and over in your head, and you can’t help but cry over everything that reminds you of your ex. You feel sad, betrayed, and confused. It can be easy to shut down and remove yourself from everything and everyone, even your closest friends.

Although it is hard to let others see you in this broken state, sometimes you need the people who love and care for you the most to swoop in and save the day. You’ll be surprised at how good they are at helping you feel better without even realizing it. It’s their hidden superpower.


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Think about all the times your friends have helped you get past a difficult situation, especially a breakup. Maybe they took you on an adventure, introduced you to new people, or made you laugh away the pain. Even if you aren't aware, these tricks helped you move on from whatever was hurting you and it's time to repay the favor for your heartbroken friend.


Sometimes being a good listener and a shoulder to cry on is simply not enough. Your friend needs you to think outside of the box. If you go above and beyond to ease their pain it will make all the difference.

Here are 8 clever tricks you can use as a guide to help a friend through a breakup.

1. Have a girls' night out.

Tell your friend to get all dolled up for a fun night out. Pick one of her favorite spots to hang out at and laugh over a few drinks. This will allow her to relax a little as she dances to some good music and admires some handsome men.

2. Give her a makeover.

They say changing your hair can make you a whole new person.

Take your friend to a reputable salon and have her try a new hairstyle she has always wanted to try but has always been too scared to get. Then head over to the nail salon where she can choose a fun and funky nail color and design. This will restore her confidence in herself and give her some quality "me" time.


3. Arrange a date with a male friend.

Remind your friend that she is still desired. People would kill to have a chance to be with her! 

Show her this by setting up a casual dinner with someone who she is comfortable with and who admires her. She will enjoy a nice meal accompanied by great conversation filled with laughter. It will take her mind off the break up as she remembers how great it is to be wined and dined, even if she isn't ready to officially move on yet.

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4. Take a boxing class.

Working out is a good way to relieve stress and forget about what's on your mind. Getting your friend to start boxing can allow her to take out all her frustrations on the punching bag. She can imagine the bag is her ex and release the built-up anger and resentment she is feeling towards him. Without even realizing it she will fill more relaxed and be in a better mood overall.


Plus, she'll be getting in shape while she does so. It's a win-win!

5. Take a trip.

Out of sight, out of mind. Your friend could use a change of scenery to get the heartbreak off her mind. Allow her to experience a new place, a new adventure. Choose a setting that will allow her to relax and engage in fun activities so she leaves her sadness at home.

Being in a new location might also give her a different perspective.

6. Be her secret admirer.

Make your friend feel special. Put all her favorite things in a cute basket and send it to her job along with her favorite flowers. Her mood will instantly change for the better. She won’t be able to stop smiling as she is reminded someone cares and pays attention to the little things that make her happy.


7. Have a photoshoot.

Get your friend to release her inner Beyonce and rejoice for all the single ladies, including herself.

Photoshoots allow you to be whoever you want. She will get to dress up and pose as the bold and fierce individual she is, even if she has momentarily forgotten. Once she has chosen her favorite shots, proceed to post the photos on social media where she can receive comments about how great she looks. Reassurance is everything.

8. Give her a journal.

Get your friend a journal and a pen and encourage her to write out her feelings.

This will allow her to vent without holding back. You can even pretend you are him and she can write to you. When finished she can burn the book and this can serve as her way of letting go and finally getting the closure she deserves.


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