These Game-Changing False Eyelashes Don’t Require Any Glue At All

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One Two Lash Magnetic False Eyelashes Review And Photos

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from scrolling through Instagram’s ‘explore’ tab, it’s this: false eyelashes are key to looking absolutely stunning no matter what.

Of course, many of these photos belong to bonafide makeup artists who, you know, know stuff about makeup. They know what strobing is, how to match your foundation to your skin’s undertone, and, most importantly, how to put on false eyelashes without gluing your eyelids together.

Anyone who’s ever tried to glue a strip of (or worse, individual) lashes to their eyes knows it’s anything but simple. Best case scenario? You don’t glue the lashes to your fingers or your fingers to your eye. But you constantly run the risk of them shifting all over the place with each blink or falling off completely thanks to your wholehearted yet shoddy glue attempts. Not to mention, isn’t putting glue so close to your eyeball dangerous or something?

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I was convinced I was destined to live a life with stubby, sparse eyelashes. But then I heard about a brand that sells magnetic false eyelashes and couldn’t help but give them a try.

To be honest, I thought it sounded too good to be true. First of all, what!? Magnetic eyelashes!? Second of all, if the magnets were too strong, wouldn’t they pull my real eyelashes off eventually? If they weren’t strong enough, wouldn’t they fall off?

I decided to some magnetic lashes for myself and put them to the test.

I chose the One Two Lash set from One Two Cosmetics since it’s the original maker and I was afraid to end up with some cheapo version. Their lashes are award-winning and featured a ton of positive reviews, so I figured it was the safest bet.

As soon as the lashes arrived, I was stoked to try them. They come with two pairs in a cute compact box that fits easily into my makeup bag.

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Here’s how the One Two Lashes work: each pair has four lash strips, two for each eye. You rest one of the strips on top of your real lashes against your top lash line, while the second strip goes underneath your top lash line. Once the bottom strip gets close enough to the one on the top, they’ll click together and voilà! You now have a set of full lashes.

Seriously, that’s it. That’s all you have to do.

I know you’re dying to see what magnetic false lashes look like in action before you commit to a pair of your own, so let me demonstrate.

First, my lashes without any assistance. As you can see, they’re rather short and lackluster — nothing to write home about.

I can dress up my eyes all I want with eyeshadow and liner (well technically I can’t, because I’m not good at that — but that’s a story for another day), but nothing really gives that oomph effect quite like false lashes do.

Here, I have the lashes on one eye and the difference is so striking I’m confident I don’t even need to point out which is which. The best part is they were so incredibly easy to put on. Once you get the top lash where you want it, you simply line up the bottom lash and it clicks right into place.

I was so surprised at how light the eyelashes were. Even though the magnets are small and basically unnoticeable, I was worried they'd weigh my natural lashes down, but they didn't! While I have no other eye makeup on here, to wear these out I’ll probably add a little bit of eyeliner to my top lid. The lash strips are short (meant to be applied towards the outside of your eye), so adding a little bit of liner makes your lash line look fuller and more natural.

The packaging along with the application simplicity makes these lashes the perfect beauty accessory for when you’re on the move (I’m talking about putting on makeup while traveling or at a friend’s house, not literally on the move — don’t apply lashes and drive!). Not to mention if someone as beauty-inept as me can apply them with ease, anyone can.

One Two Lash does not disappoint! The future of beauty is now and I’m here for it.

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