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The Zodiac Signs Who Are Young At Heart, According To Astrology

Zodiac Signs Young At Heart Old Souls

Being a zodiac sign that is considered young at heart is more than just liking the same things you did when you were younger. Sure, it's nice to still like carnivals and cotton candy, but that's not all being young at heart is all about.

Being young at heart is also about being more carefree and excited about the little things in life; at least, in my opinion, it is.

So often do we forget what life is really about when we grow up: having fun!

I know in my own life, I am so worried about how I'm going to pay my bills, making sure my apartment looks fairly presentable and being an adult, that when I finally get some time to relax and feel young at heart again, it feels so weird and different to me.

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For some, being young at heart comes easy. These people don't really have a care in the world because they always know that there will be time for responsibilities later. And gosh, do I wish I could be like that. Of course, it could just be me.

I like to think that I could always find time in my schedule for fun, but to be honest, I am up to my eyes in responsibilities that the only relaxation I have time for is a tensed-up sit on the couch for a few minutes right before I go to bed.

For others, the people who aren't really young at heart, playtime is reserved for kids; not adults. They tend to believe that growing up means shedding that childish personality for one that's more serious. Because being young at heart is just code for being childish, basically.

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For some not-so-young at heart personalities, it's not so much being a grown-up rather than acting like a kid, but more so being an old soul. These types of people have lived it all; sometimes more than once (if you believe in reincarnation).

So being young at heart is just something they haven't felt in a long time.

Neither side of the coin is wrong; whether you're young at heart or more serious and wise, it all comes down to how it complements your personality. Some zodiac signs are more apt to be old souls, while some you can tell are young at heart just by being around them for a day. You might already know which one you are, but if not, here how young at heart you are, based on astrology.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov 22 - Dec 19)

Sagittarius Zodiac Signs Young At Heart Old Souls

Sagittarius is the youngest at heart because she fully believes in living life to the fullest. If she had a motto, it would be “you only live once” and she is determined to stick to that for the rest of her life. Some may know her as the party girl while others think of her as the one who’s always looking for adventure, but either way you spin it, Sagittarius just loves to enjoy herself.

Maybe it’s because she doesn’t want to look back on her life and regret anything, or maybe she just doesn’t care what anyone thinks, but Sagittarius is young at heart because it makes her happy. She wants to wake up every morning knowing today is going to be fun and, if she gets to be silly, too, then all the better.

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GEMINI (May 21 - June 20)

Gemini Zodiac Signs Young At Heart Old Souls

Gemini is incredibly young at heart, but not really for the reason you think she would be. Sure, she likes to have fun and be playful — and that definitely contributes to her young at heart personality, but she can also be a little childish. She has a hard time standing up for herself and making the big decisions that come with adulthood, and she would much rather just not do it at all.

Of course, Gemini isn’t always a stick in the mud and when she’s feeling especially playful her young at heart personality can come out. She is the type of friend who is always documenting your fun times together on social media and when she isn’t spamming you on Instagram, she’s reminiscing about the last fun you had together. Leave it to her to always get excited about memories like a child (in a good way).

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ARIES (Mar 21 - Apr 19)

Aries Zodiac Signs Young At Heart Old Souls

Aries is all about having fun and will often go out of her way just to prove that she’s got time for work and play. What makes her so young at heart isn’t that she can stay out all night (even when she has to get up early the next morning), but rather that when she’s having fun with friends or being playful with her S.O. that’s the only thing that matters in that moment; not adult stuff.

Aries’ ability to be young at heart almost constantly is very infectious. If you’re having a bad day or you’re just really stressed out at work, she knows just how to get you to let loose and have fun for a little while. She knows that life is short and that you’re going to spend most of your adult years working anyway, so why not have as much fun as you can now (and still make time for it later)?

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CANCER (June 21 - July 22)

Cancer Zodiac Signs Young At Heart Old Souls

It’s no secret that Cancer is in touch with her emotions; so much so that she isn’t afraid to tell it like it is or even cry if you’ve hurt her. She can be incredibly sensitive at times, but what makes her so young at heart is that she’s both vulnerable and innocent. I know, I know, Cancer does all the grown-up stuff we all do, but when it comes to things like love or feelings, she really lets her guard down.

Her moodiness can make her seem child-like for another reason (the one that makes you want to put her in a time-out), but for the most part, it’s her wide-eyed appreciation for the world that she seems to have every single day that really makes her young at heart. She’s ready to greet the day as soon as she wakes up, which makes a lot of people wish they could be more like her.

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AQUARIUS (Jan 20 - Feb 18)

Aquarius Zodiac Signs Young At Heart Old Souls

Aquarius is a combination of young and old, with a young heart, but an old mind. So, when she wants to be playful and have some much-needed fun, it either has to be meaningful or it needs to be a totally new experience for her. She’s got a lot of things she wants to do in life and if she doesn’t get a chance to try it all, she feels like it isn’t worth it.

This has been true about Aquarius since she was actually a kid, so it shouldn’t come as a shock that she would get bored with the same old, same old. If you really want to see her get excited and child-like, suggest something totally crazy and interesting to do, like touring NASA or a wine cave. She’ll love being able to learn and have fun at the same time.

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LIBRA (Sept 23 - Oct 22)

Libra Zodiac Signs Young At Heart Old Souls

Like pretty much everything in her life, Libra wants there to be balance when it comes to being both young at heart and a grown up. She feels like she can reasonably be both serious and lighthearted, depending on the situation she is in. When she’s with her friends, she likes to let go of all her troubles and just focus on having fun, but when she’s at work, she likes to put her head down and show that she can be serious, too.

Libra is pretty good at self-control. So this balance seems to work pretty well for her. Of course, if she’s having an off day or she’s dealing with some stress, this balance can get way off-kilter. Instead, she’ll want to cut out of work early to hang with friends or act grumpy and serious when she should be relaxing after a hard week at work, which can make her seem both young at heart and very immature.

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LEO (July 23 - Aug 22)

Leo Zodiac Signs Young At Heart Old Souls

If you’ve ever spent time with Leo on a weekend, then you definitely know that she likes to have fun. But she’s the type of person who likes to have grown-up fun — not run around being silly but sipping wine and talking. Some signs might not think of this as fun, but to Leo, fun is about unwinding after a long week; she doesn’t see the need to act wild just for the heck of it.

This isn’t to say that Leo doesn’t know how to be playful and young at heart, but she doesn’t want to do anything that will ruin her reputation. She likes being the person whose idea of being young at heart grows with her as she grows up, too. It might not make sense to some, but don’t forget that Leo doesn’t care what others think and will do her own thing anyway.

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PISCES (Feb 19 - Mar 20)

Pisces Zodiac Signs Young At Heart Old Souls

Pisces likes to have fun with friends and alone in her free time, but she isn’t as young at heart as some of the other signs. She needs to really be in the mood to want to be playful, but even then, it’s always a much more subdued version of playfulness. As for being vulnerable or innocent, she always tries to learn from her experiences and mistakes and doesn’t often let others see her vulnerable side unless she trusts them.

The biggest traits that would make Pisces seem young at heart would be her sensitivity. She has no problems opening up to others and letting them know how she feels, which can sometimes turn into her being overly honest (like a kid). But there are times in her life when she desperately wants to be known as an adult, so she feels like she has to shed her young at heart personality a bit to get there.

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TAURUS (Apr 20 - May 20)

Taurus Zodiac Signs Young At Heart Old Souls

Taurus is often stuck between wanting to be seen as serious and still having that young at heart personality that comes out whether she wants it to or not. To her, being serious means be able to handle the adult things in life, whereas being young at heart means you just want to fool around without any consequences. When she feels like her friends are acting too childish, she tries to distance herself from them.

Taurus is always trying to define herself and really understand what kind of person she wants to be. So, while it may seem like she’s flipping back and forth between one personality and another, she’s really just trying to figure out if she wants to be that stubborn, serious person, or if she wants to stay young and carefree. This inner battle makes it hard to really get to know her completely.

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SCORPIO (Oct 23 - Nov 21)

Scorpio Zodiac Signs Young At Heart Old Souls

Scorpio is one of the least young at heart signs because she’s always got her eye on the future. She feels like at this point in her life, she’s already done all of the childish, silly things she wants to do, and now she wants to think about her future (which means she future as an adult). She still definitely likes to have fun, but like some of the other signs, her idea of fun is grown-up fun.

Scorpio doesn’t like thinking about the past for a few reasons. One, if she still wants to do something she did when she was younger, she can still do it, so there’s no reason for her to get upset that she’s too “old” to still have fun. Secondly, living in the past means that she still wants to be a kid and not worry about things that are important to her, which is entirely untrue. She wants to grow up and be serious now… but still have fun.

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VIRGO (Aug 23 - Sep 22)

Virgo Zodiac Signs Young At Heart Old Souls

When Virgo thinks about what being young at heart means, she thinks about being childish – period. She doesn’t see it as a way to hold onto your youth or do irresponsible things just because you can. She sees grown people being dumb when they should be more conscious of their decisions. Virgo lies her life trying to be as responsible as possible, which is why she would not want to describe herself as young at heart.

She is definitely not boring or lame, but she is a lot more reserved than other signs. Her whole life she has wanted to be taken seriously, which means if she wants to be taken seriously about being serious, she has to play the part, no matter what that means. This might seem boring to some, but to others, it’s like having someone around who can help you make adult decisions so you can still be young at heart yourself.

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CAPRICORN (Dec 20 - Jan 19)

Capricorn Zodiac Signs Young At Heart Old Souls

Capricorn is similar to other signs who want to be seen as serious and adult-like, but there’s more to it than just trying to be the opposite of young at heart for her. She is also a very old soul, which means she’s wise in what she does and what she says. In fact, it’s almost like she’s lived a hundred past lives, which not only makes her great to come to for advice, but also makes it impossible for her to be young at heart.

Capricorn is definitely one of the most responsible and level-headed people you’ll ever meet, so when it comes to acting like a child, it would seem very foreign and out of character. She’s always been described as the mom friend, so it makes sense that she would be an old soul who somehow knows the answer to everything and can act responsibly in any situation — definitely not child-like.

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