11 Single Needle Tattoos Every Minimalist Will Loooove

For people who love delicate tattoos, these beautiful artworks are right up your alley.

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Big, bold statement tattoos can serve a purpose, but they’re certainly not for everyone. If you like the idea of having a meaningful tattoo, but fear it turning into a faded blob on your body, or are just unsure of how much you really want it to stand out, you might consider the single needle tattoo technique. 

Right in the middle of the bold statement and barely there look, the single needle technique involves the tattoo artist using just one needle instead of the more mainstream multi-needle machine. The outcome results in very fine lines that reveal a more intricate, illustrator-like piece of work.


Minimalists will love the trend, as it allows for sophistication and creativity while being simple and discreet. 

It’s important to note, however, that while there are fewer needles being used, it doesn’t mean the process will hurt any less. In fact, because the design focuses more on the outlines as opposed to the shading, you may experience even more pain. Regardless, anyone ready for a tattoo is less likely to focus on the discomfort and more on the art that is being created before their eyes. 


Intrigued? Check out these 11 single needle tattoo ideas from some of the most sought-after artists in the industry. 

1. Redwood tree

minimalist redwood tattoo

LA-based tattoo artist Daniel Winter is well-known in the single needle world. Flip through his Instagram and you’re likely to get lost in a sea of black and white images revealing his talented work. If you’re a nature lover, you might like this Redwood design. 


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2. Heart

minimalist heart tattoo

Daniel has many celebrity clients, including Miley Cyrus, Bella Thorne, and Janel Parrish. If you like simple hearts like Bella Thorne, this tattoo might be your thing. 

3. Shri yantra

minimalist spiritual tattoo


Daniel also has a lot of clients that like spiritual tattoos. 

4. Eye of Horus

evil eye minimalist tattoo

Brian Woo, aka Dr. Woo, is probably one of the most famous single needle tattoo artists. Based out of LA, it’s rumored that his studio rotates spots every month. The Eye of Horus has popularized in the tattoo world, and Dr. Woo's single needle version is just delicate enough for minimalists


5. Cacti

cacti minimalist tattoo

Before making it big on his own, Dr. Woo worked at the high-profile Shamrock Social Club tattoo shop on Sunset Strip for almost 10 years. Cacti make for great pieces of minimalist art thanks to their simple stature and intricate details only a keen eye picks up on. This “cacti family” tattoo is serious inspo. 

6. "Lover"

love minimalist tattoo


Dr. Woo got his first tattoo while still in high school. He was inked by Mark Mahoney, who is often referred to as the godfather of black-and-gray single-needle tattoos. Love to love? Want to remind yourself that you are a lover every single day? This super-simple tattoo is so delicate. 

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7. White-ink flower

white ink tattoo


Brooklyn-based tattoo artist Mira Mariah specializes in innovative line structure, unusual subjects, and an occasional splash of color. For the ultra conspicuous, you might like this white-ink tattoo. 

8. Olive branch

olive branch tattoo

Mira proves that collarbone tattoos can be so dainty, even if they aren’t in the most discreet of spots. “Olive branches signify peace amongst friends,” Mira writes about this tattoo for one of her clients. 


9. Avocado

avocado tattoo

Mira makes even bigger tattoo concepts look discreet and minimalist-friendly. Are you an avocado lover? Do you just need one on your body? Keep it cool with this single needle design.

10. Finger designs

hand tattoo


Are you both a badass and a minimalist? Then you’ll love Brooklyn-based artist Rosa Bluestone Perr. Hand tattoos can feel a little rough around the edges, but these dainty finger designs are just the right amount of edge. 

11. Om hands

upper thigh tattoo

Rosa’s feed is filled with single needle tattoo ideas, perfect for someone who wants to expose their design only when their clothes come off would like. This tattoo will only show if you’re sans-pant.


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