If You Have These 16 Characteristics, You're A Member Of The Kindest Personality Type

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Perhaps one of the kindest personality types in the entire Myers-Briggs personality set is the ISTJ — and that’s why we all love them, but what is the ISTJ meaning?

Being an ISTJ is a great thing. In fact, many of the most well-liked people in society are members of this personality type. Famous ISTJ's include Jeff Bezos, Andrew Johnson, Warren Buffet, and Natalie Portman.

The ISTJ meaning you need to know

ISTJ stands for introversion, sensing, thinking, and judgment. These are qualities that an ISTJ personality is heavily known for, and they’re qualities that often end up propelling them into managerial positions as a result.

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Here is the classic ISTJ meaning and their personality traits:

1. Traditional.

ISTJ's are as old school as they come — and that’s a great thing. People have actually called them “an old soul” or old-fashioned as they are the logistician personality type.

They value tradition and often will stick to the “tried and true” paths of building a good life rather than venture out into unknown (and possibly dangerous) territories.

2. Enjoy time alone.

ISTJ's idea of a nice day is spent inside at home because they are introverted sensing and don't like to be in big groups. They might enjoy baking cookies, or having dinner with the fam, but really, not much else. ISTJ's are known for being homebodies and introverts who just want to relax after a hard day’s work.

3. Realistic and responsible.

With ISTJ's, responsibility is always the name of the game. Everyone tends to go to ISTJ's when they want someone to be realistic and responsible.

ISTJ's are the kinds of people that others approach when they need advice on insurance, taxes, or even something like childcare. Why? Because they know ISTJ's won’t be doing something crazy or be unrealistic with your advice.

4. Appreciative of the small things.

It’s the little things in life that thrill ISTJ's. Making a new craft out of a Mason jar? Sweet! Seeing a nice day in the park? Also perfect. ISTJ's don’t need things like clubs and bottles of bubbly to get them going.

5. Organized and professional.

At work, ISTJ's often end up in managerial positions. They might also be an accountant or a scientist. Numbers are kind of their thing in many cases.

Because ISTJ's are notoriously hard workers who focus on getting things done well and on time, it’s safe to say that finding a job is rarely ever a struggle. ISTJ's are what bosses call “the Golden Employee.”

6. Don't like change.

ISTJ's tend to take badly to change, imperfection, or unpredictability. Stability and regularity are what make an ISTJ feel safe.

If ISTJ's feel a job isn’t done properly, or if they feel they can’t predict people well, it will end up causing them to get irritated. The word “perfectionist” gets thrown around a lot with them.

7. Know-it-all.

ISTJ's often end up caring more about being right than making the other person feel good. 

This is also a leading cause of relationship problems with ISTJ's. Their need for logic and correctness can get so thorough, they may even alienate those around them.

8. Honest.

Honesty is the best policy with ISTJ's because they are often honest to the point of blunt. This can be a good thing, or a bad thing, depending on what they end up doing.

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9. Dependable.

People have called ISTJ “safe” before. You know what that means, and it’s not a bad thing. It means they know they can depend on an ISTJ.

10. People pleaser.

ISTJ's are known for making it their personal duty to keep friends and family happy. To a point, ISTJ's are known for being people pleasers. They will often go the extra mile to keep people around them happy, simply because they feel it’s the right thing to do. They may even blame themselves for things that are not in their control because of this.

11. Practical.

Overall, ISTJ is a very calm and practical person. They make their decisions based on logic and are all about realistic goals and slowly reaching them. Anxiety doesn’t really happen unless they're thrown for a loop, and even then, it’s almost always temporary.

12. Perfectionist.

The only time you’ll see an ISTJ be spastic is if they are perfectionists. This is probably the biggest Achilles’ heel of the ISTJ personality type.

For ISTJ's, everything has to be perfect, especially at work. For everyone else, dealing with an ISTJ who takes this too far can be a nightmare.

13. Analytical.

ISTJ's are known for being the "logistician" personality type, and this can be hard for women because women are seen as sweet and kind and not outspoken, basically everything that a typical ISTJ isn't.

However, if you're one of the few women ISTJ's, then you're already challenging gender norms and standing out amongst the sea of ISTJ men.

14. Argumentative.

The hard thing about ISTJ's is that it’s very easy to fall into a rut with them. Being open to new experiences will make things lightyears better for them in the dating world and the real world. 

Additionally, the blunt and stubborn nature ISTJ's have can make them prone to arguments. They need to learn to be willing to compromise.

15. Controlling.

Lastly, the biggest hurdle ISTJ's may have is the control issue. ISTJ's, when they get perfectionistic and commanding, can become extremely controlling in relationships.

So, if they find themselves needing to micromanage their partner, they may need to leave ISTJ or stop being friends with one. 

16. Stable and loving.

ISTJ's provide stability and joy to the right partner and always do what they can to please them. So, ISTJ is a great catch for the right match.

ISTJ's also tend to be loving once they're in a committed relationship and you and your partner really know each other. 

Overall, being an ISTJ is a great thing if you are looking for a long-term relationship. If you’re looking for the short-term (which you almost never are), it’s not so good. 

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What are ISTJ characteristics and personality traits?

The ISTJ is one of the most common personality types in the world, and if you ask us, that’s great!

Are ISTJ's nice?

ISTJ's are known for being extreme introverts and they only are able to open up to close friends and it's hard for them to make friends as other people might think they aren't nice and look standoffish when really they are just introverted feeling people. 

How rare is ISTJ?

ISTJ is the second most popular Myers-Briggs personality type as an estimated 11.6% of people are ISTJ's out of the 16 personality types. It's seen in 16 percent of men, the ISTJ personality type is rare in women at only 7%.

Attraction-wise, ISTJ's have personalities that work well for them in the dating scene. ISTJ's are the type of people others want to marry and settle down with.

It makes sense, considering how traditional, honest, and homey they tend to be. Most people would be thrilled to take you home to mom, but there’s a catch with your personality type that tends to make dating hard: Your excitement.

Why are ISTJ's so boring?

ISTJ's tend to be a bit on the “boring” side because they always follow the rules and don't take risks much and they always need to accomplish every task right away and constantly work and they prefer to work alone, meeting their obligations to work. Therefore, ISTJ's may have to work on being more exciting to the opposite sex. ISTJ's may also want to look for someone who likes the “by the books” lifestyle that you tend to have.

What are ISTJ Hobbies and Interests?

ISTJ's are always down for a challenge and they are interested in anything that will stimulate their brain and knowledge. Therefore, they would like games like chess and Trivial Pursuit, as they have to use their concentration during these games. ISTJ's also like playing challenging computer games, as well.

They would most likely be into watching sporting events, competing in a solitary sport like golf, and going to the gym. ISTJ will most likely be into 

Who is the best match for an ISTJ?

ISTJ has an instant connection with ISTP, ISFJ, ESTJ, and another fellow ISTJ.

These personalities are most likely to get along easily with ISTJ and they all have similar interests, personalities, values, and aspects of life. They are all good matches as they have lots in common and will get along the best with ISTJ out of any other personality type. 

What is the best career for an ISTJ?

ISTJ's need a job that is certain to have a good structure that requires order, perseverance, and requires them to work independently and systematically to effectively complete their tasks while learning, growing, and thriving in their career. They like a stable work environment to get their work done efficiently and effectively.

Jobs that an ISTJ would do well in and enjoy include finance jobs like an Accountant or Budget Analyst, architecture and engineering jobs like Aerospace Engineer or a Mechanical Engineer, and Computer and Information Technology jobs like Computer Programmer and Software Developer.

Famous ISTJ's include U.S. President George Washington, famous inventor Henry Ford, Entertainer Johnny Carson, American industrialist J.D. Rockefeller, Queen Elizabeth II of England, and boxer Evander Holyfield.

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