The ISTJ Personality Type's Biggest Dating Strengths & Weaknesses

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The ISTJ Personality Type's Biggest Dating Strengths & Weaknesses

No matter your Myers Briggs personality type, when it comes to relationships you have a certain list of dating strengths.

These personality strengths are unique to you and your type.

Of course, with strengths also come weaknesses.

ISTJs tend to get written off quickly for their aloof personalities and cold demeanor. They are investigators, actively seeking the entire truth of the people and community they surround themselves with, unsatisfied with settling for any less. 

However, when exploring deeper, it is proven that ISTJs can make wonderful partners; if you’re willing to handle their less savory parts.

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There are strengths and weaknesses to the dating behavior of this personality type. Here are several truths of dating an ISTJ.

ISTJ Dating Weaknesses

They are considered cold

The ISTJ personality type isn’t very expressive, or at least not in a way most people are able to perceive. ISTJs are introverted thinkers, meaning they keep to themselves and prefer to work out their thought processes on their own.

This can present as them appearing cold, unable to talk about their feelings, which can frustrate both the extroverted or feeling partners. 

They take their time falling in love

An ISTJ is not likely to be swept off their feet. They must investigate and research any person they want to share their life with. This can be frustrating for their dates, however, the ISTJ wants to ensure that no one is wasting their time when it comes to dating. 

They must learn the ins and outs of the person they are interested in, testing in their minds if this is a partnership they want to work out. This is done in silence and can leave the person of affection in the dark. 

Because of this as well, ISTJs are less likely to casually date; they are in it for a serious commitment, which may not be for everyone. 

At times, the ISTJ can be a little too straightforward

Because they are not looking to waste anyone’s time, ISTJs are likely to be very straightforward with you, but because they are not thinkers, they may not take your emotions into account when speaking their truths. You can always count on an ISTJ to tell you the brutal truth, especially when you don’t want them to. 

They always want to be the breadwinner

This is how an ISTJ expresses their love, however, this can become very frustrating if you tend to bring more to the table than they do. This creates insecurity within the ISTJ that they are not providing enough and may even question the relationship at this point. ISTJs can be very stubborn and set in their ways. 

ISTJ is more likely to show their love through action than words. They may take this too literally and become ultra-competitive to try and bring in more money in an unattractive way. 

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ISTJ Dating Strengths

They work hard in their relationships and are supportive partners

Despite the appearance that they can be cold, ISTJs tend to be very romantic... just in more practical ways. They will work as hard as they can to take care of the people that they love. This can be seen in picking up extra shifts to take you on a nice date. 

Not only are they destined to work hard, but they tend to be supportive partners as well. If your whole world is against you it will be the ISTJ who is still standing in your corner, defending you against the world. 

They value loyalty

ISTJ date for keeps. They want to be in serious relationships, more often than not monogamous. An ISTJ values honesty as a crucial part of their core being.

Because of this, ISTJs are less likely to be unfaithful to their partners. They investigate because they are researching their investment; if they deem you worthy they won’t do anything reckless to mess that up.

ISTJs won’t forget important events

They are excellent keepers of information, great at remembering birthdays and anniversaries. Because of this, they would be more than happy to show up to the events in your life that hold significance to you, such as work functions or friend’s birthday parties. They understand the value of these engagements and dates because they are so thoughtful. 

They are very unlikely to abandon their loved ones

When an ISTJ decides to make a commitment they know that means they won’t give up. They are in relationships for the long haul. An ISTJ is aware that they must build a strong foundation in order to survive. This means that they are adaptable and willing to better understand their partners before throwing in the towel.

However, because of this, they expect the same respect in return. This is as little as an ISTJ will actually demand in a partner. They want to feel the same respect and get the same space they provide to others. Often, they are written off before they get a chance to reap in the love they pour out. 

ISTJs tend to be greatly misunderstood; part of this is their own fault for not expressing themselves in a way that is easily interpreted. However, despite the illusion of their appearance, ISTJs can be very practical and supportive partners, grounding some of the other personality types who have their heads in the clouds, and leading the way towards a functioning and happy relationship. 

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