11 Men Reveal The Kind Of Lingerie That Turns Them On The Most

Though as long as he can peel it off, he's ready to go!

The Kind of Lingerie That Turns Him on the Most weheartit

In general, every man who loves women wants to see you naked more than anything else. That’s pretty much the “lingerie” all men would choose: nature’s lingerie.

But each guy has a preference as to what he’d love to see you in, whether it’s a whole lot of hot vinyl or a teeny-tiny g-string. Whatever his flavor, here's the best lingerie to turn him on, all while feeling sexy about yourself.


1. Tiny panties

"I don't need lingerie, just a barefoot woman in tiny, tiny, tiny undies and a nice push-up bra."




2. Strappy and V-back style

"I love the newest trend of strappy bras. And don’t forget a nice V-backed thong."

3. Something that shows her dangerous side


“I love black and shiny. Patent leather or PVC... something really dominatrix-ish. The soft, lacy stuff is sexy as hell, don’t get me wrong, but there is something dangerous about a woman strutting into the room in some spike heels and vinyl. It definitely maximizes the excitement factor.”

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4. A costume of some sort


“I love the cosplay look!”

5. Boots and stockings

"Anything with thigh high boots and stockings is a hell yes. Or, a thigh highs and heels ensemble is perfect.”

6. Anything pretty and kinky


“I like fishnets, garters and thongs. Sometimes it’s just matching bra and panties that does it for me. A good visual and a 'present to unwrap.'”

7. A babydoll negligee

"A babydoll-style lingerie outfit complete with thigh-highs is great, but no garters."

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8. Something feminine but hot

“Have her wear a satin chemise with lace. Looks great, and with no unwrapping to do.”

9. Whatever she can work


"I want my lady to wear something that is flattering to her personal body type, not too complicated and easily removed. Extra emphasis on easily removed. It's kind of a turn-off when you're trying to take her clothes off and you can't get her out of the damn thing."

10. Thigh-highs and a thong

"I thought I wasn't particularly into lingerie; I had the 'it's gonna wind up on the floor anyway' kinda sentiment. Then I remember the one time she had on thigh-highs that connected to her underwear. And good night, Charlie. Maybe it was a turn-on because it was meant to be salacious and it was out of character. Maybe it was they really accentuated her figure and thigh tattoos. Thumbs up. Also, thongs are pretty great but it may just be I was a big Sisqo fan back in the day."


11. A tightly wrapped outfit

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"I love a corset as it shows effort and thought."

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