10 Things He Wants You To Do While You're In The Middle Of Sex

"Every time we'd have sex, she'd stop in the middle of it to give me a high five."

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Lets be honest here: Guys really like sex, and there's very little we're doing that they don't like or want more of.

That said, there's some stuff men fantasize about that they wish we would do more of to learn how to be good at sex or become even better at it. And they are here to tell us what those things are, so we have no more excuses not to make it happen for us.

It goes both ways, too. We can be more vocal and tell them what we want. It can't hurt and it can lead to way more fun.


So what do guys want? Some stuff will not come as a surprise; they may even want you to express more intimacy or be more physical. But other wishes (say, a water break?) kind of take us by surprise.

Here's how to be good at sex, according to men who want you to just... try a little harder.


1. Turn it into a workout.

"Roll your hips and tighten up down there. It increases the friction and feels damn amazing."

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2. Show a little enthusiasm.

"Be into it and have fun, and don't be afraid to express your pleasure. Really, this is what we all want, right?"


3. Do things you wouldn't normally try.

"My latest girlfriend was very enthusiastic, and that was the best part. She would let me do anything and hinted at wanting even more. Spanking. Anal. Choking. Stuff I was not really into. I want more girls to be like that."

4. Take a pause.

"Call me sentimental, but in the middle of sex, I wouldn't mind a little pause or time out to have my partner tell me how much she loves me."


5. Be casual about it.

"When I was in college, I used to have a friend with benefits. Every time we'd have sex, she'd stop in the middle of it to give me a high five. This kept the expectation very casual, since I knew we were just in it for the sex and sex only. I thought it was very cool of her. I'd love the girls I meet now to be more like that; it takes the pressure off of both of us."

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6. Drink water.

"I wouldn't mind taking a water-chugging break in the middle of sex."

7. Let us spank you.

"In the middle of sex, when I get really, really into it, I want to just bend my girlfriend over and smack her ass really hard. I don't know what comes over me, but I always feel the need to do this. I would love if she'd initiate that moment by bending over and asking me to slap her ass."


8. Make more noise.

"I've probably said this before, but please make copulatory noises. While the word 'grunt' sounds the opposite of sexy, the act isn't. Don't moan like a Japanese porn actress, but do make a noise that resembles the kind of one you'd make while lifting weights. You know, more like an irritating pro tennis player firing a forehand winner down the alley after a long, arduous volley. A combo of exertion and a little bit of pain; like 90-10."

9. Take control.

"Yes, I like to be 'the man' and take control, but it's also hot as hell when we reverse roles and you are dominating me. Do that more."


10. Talk dirty.

"Use some nasty words, do nasty things. It's going to make me want to get nasty. Get the point?"

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