What Your Child Will Grow Up To Be Like, According To Their Birth Month & Astrology

Will your kids be just like you?

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Looking to astrology to determine a person's zodiac sign can help you in a lot of ways when you're deciding to start a family. For instance, do you ever see someone out with their kids and pray to God you don’t end up with children like that? What if you could predict — even a little bit — what your own kid would grow up to be like?

The screaming girl on the playground or the boy who is always beating up other toddlers looks like a nightmare to have. And then you glance over at the mom, who looks totally defeated, like she could witness someone kidnap her child and let them because she could finally take a nap.


That sounds horrible, but I’ve wondered what my own kid will be like after witnessing my fair share of horribly-behaved children and their poor parents. I've also seen a good amount of kids and parents who just get each other like they know exactly what the other is thinking.


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I have wondered if the parents ever planned what month they wanted their children to be born in. Maybe Mom looked at Dad and mentioned having a June baby would be fun, or that she doesn't want a stubborn baby so she wants to avoid having a kid in January.



Whether you did your research or not, the month your baby is born determines a lot about what your kid will be like — from diapers to dating.

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You’re going to love your kid to pieces no matter what, but knowing what his or her birth month means will help you to better understand their unique personality. Growing with your little one will be much more fun this way.

Hint: You can also use these to dissect your siblings’ behaviors as you were growing up!


January (Capricorn & Aquarius)

Look out, parents, you may be in for a wild ride with a January baby. Those born in January will want to do things themselves at a young age and most likely get good grades throughout school (YAY!) because they love to succeed. Get ready for a line-leader, parents, because these children love to be in charge, too.

They tend to be stubborn kids who let you know exactly what is on their minds. My brother, who was born in January, would say EVERYTHING that came to his mind. I vividly remember my mother being mortified when he told my aunt she has been getting really fat since she got pregnant.


January kids will be January kids, I guess.

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February (Aquarius & Pisces)

When I think of imaginary friends, I usually think of February babies.

If your child was born in February he or she is probably very creative, with a vast imagination. These kids love to color and as they get older, they really enjoy drawing and painting.  Enter your little ones into art contests!


February kids are great big love bugs and will hate to upset you. They’ll be popular in school because they are kind to everyone, so get ready to bring your child to tons of birthday parties.

You’ll never be bored with this one! From funny things your February kid will come up with to permanent marker on the wall, you’ll always be busy.

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March (Pisces & Aries)



Similar to February babies, March kiddos are creative and love to use their noggin. But they tend to be more on the shy side, and don’t always like to share what they see with their imaginations. 

A lot of times, kids born in March will take to reading or writing as a form of entertainment. They are very generous and love to share with others and if they have a cookie, they’ll make sure you have a cookie, too.

They are always paying attention, even if it doesn't seem like it. Watch what you say and do around your March baby because their brain is busy picking up on everything.

If you see parents that are always on top of everything and hardly ever look like a mess, it might be because their child was born in March and isn't too much of a handful. 


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April (Aries & Taurus)

April kids are probably best as only children. They don’t like to share attention with anyone, not even a sibling. Your April blessing will need a lot of one-on-one attention, so I hope you’re OK with no time to yourself, Mom or Dad!


They are most likely going to be the class clown or a popular cheerleader to keep all eyes on them. You’ll find yourself knowing random facts about celebrities simply because your child follows them like a dog and tells you everything you will ever need to know (and more!) about their favorite singer or actress.

You’ll be the “cool mom” or “cool dad” if you remember Beyonce’s birthday! 

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May (Taurus & Gemini)



Children born in May tend to bore easily, so you’ll be on your feet 24/7 keeping this one satisfied. 

They’ll love to do group things, so throw your kiddo in soccer or dance teams. April kids like to be surrounded by other kids and putting them in a club or sports team will help them (and you, parents!) stay happy. 

My nephew is a May baby and whenever I take him to the park he walks right up to whatever kids are there and introduces himself. Sometimes he’ll even ask if they want to be his newest friend! It’s adorable and only solidifies the fact that kids born in May love other kids.

At least your house will hardly ever be empty, Mom and Dad.


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June (Gemini & Cancer)

June babies are very caring and thoughtful. They’ll be very upset if someone is crying and will be the first to try to cheer them up.

They also love to build things and experiment, which will get messier and more elaborate as they grow. Don’t tell them their ideas are dumb; let them do their thing and let those creative juices flow. 


Kids born in June will need you to be patient with them. They like to help others but have trouble cheering themselves up and it’s difficult for them to explain what is bothering them. 

If you don’t have much patience now, you will learn to be patient after having a June baby.

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July (Cancer & Leo)



Kids born in June and July are very alike, the main difference being that July babies are more outgoing and social. 

They’ll want to show everyone what they are making with building blocks. Everyone you know will hear about the volcano your child built for the school science fair. They like others to be proud of them and thrive on recognition. 

Keep in mind, though, you will also have to be patient with your July child. They still struggle with letting others know what they are struggling with or why they are mad at you. 

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August (Leo & Virgo)



These kids are hard-headed and know what they want. You’ll know if your August baby doesn't want a nap or dislikes carrots. 

They also tell it like it is, even if it’s a bit uncalled for. 

I once saw a kid walk right up to a lady who was smoking and he said, “You’re going to die soon because you’re smoking.” I was so thrown back by this little kid’s comment! It was so funny because I would never expect that, and I felt terrible laughing. But I wouldn't be surprised if that kid was born in August.

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September (Virgo & Libra)



September babies can be mean even if they don’t realize it or don’t mean to be mean. If you don’t nip it in the bud early on, they can turn into baby bullies.

But no need to worry, they are very smart and learn quickly. They also tend to hold grudges, even as early on as a toddler. My brother-in-law scared my niece with a mask when she was one year old and to this day every time she sees a mask she will bring it up and get mad at him all over again.

She was born in September.    


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October (Libra & Scorpio)

Kids born in October like for things to stay the way they are. They are not a fan of change.

Switching grades and getting a new teacher or moving to a different city are difficult for October babies, and they can have a hard time adapting. They’ll probably want the same food every day and will watch Finding Nemo 400 times and never grow old of it.


They are easy to keep entertained because they will love something, like puzzles or dinosaurs, so much they never want to stop playing.

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November (Scorpio & Sagittarius)

My mom said November babies are fun and terrifying at the same time. I was born in November, and my mom didn't think I was going to make it to my 5th birthday because I wasn't scared of anything. She also said I had a blast trying to make everyone laugh.


These kids aren't afraid of much. They’ll run out and pick up a lizard at the park or try to do the monkey bars when you know they’re too small. They constantly need supervision so they don’t do something they’ll regret later. 

They also love to be loved and make people giggle. Your November baby will never leave you with a dull moment — just ask my mom. 

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December (Sagittarius & Capricorn)



Babies born in December are adventurous from day one. They’ll crawl before you know it and walk before everyone else. They love to be free and roam around!

As they get older, you’ll notice they hate being stuck in one place. Sitting still is nearly impossible for a December baby, and getting them to focus is a task in itself. But they will have no problem diving deep into a book about something they love and they will know everything there is about whatever they are truly interested in. It’s probably not math, though. It could be but probably isn't.

December babies need their space and their recess or you’re in for a bumpy ride.

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