These 4 Zodiac Signs Have Zero Patience

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zodiac sign with least patience

Patience is NOT in my vocabulary. Yep, I’m one of those unlucky people who gets agitated by the slightest delay. And I gotta say I am not anybody’s favorite person when I get impatient.

It can be SCARY, and taking a couple steps back is in your best interest.

For those of us who have ZERO patience, we want everyone to know that we get agitated because we are perfectionists.

While being a perfectionist can have its downfalls, someone has to do it! Someone has to get a little upset — okay A LOT — when the plane boards 2 hours later than scheduled. We just missed swimming with dolphins in Cabo and I’m a little pissed, OK?!

Impatient people expect things to go swimmingly because they work hard to ensure that they do. We are the leaders of the pack and when things get delayed they feel like they’ve let the whole group down. And its devastating!

Most impatient people have a lot of energy. We are naturally high on life and WILL NOT stand for things to get into their way of having a good time.

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When someone tells them to tone it down or not run around in the streets naked, they will get impatient and leave their sorry butts behind.

Impatient people can also be forward thinking. They are the doctors and scientists of the world and will not stand for anymore people suffering.

While impatient people can be annoying on vacation, they do have some good qualities, too (believe it or not). Astrology has it's ups and downs and can tell you a TON about a person — especially us impatient people — so look to see which zodiac signs with the least patience have good qualities too. 

Trust me. It's a good sign. I promise.

Here are the four zodiac signs with zero patience: 

Aries (March 21 - April 19)

Aries zodiac sign with least patience

Aries is a speed demon. She can’t stand when things are not done quickly or first. She has this awesome courage and determination to succeed and she doesn’t want to waste it by sitting back and letting other people beat her.

And if you are holding her back, she is a sign that will tell you so, leave you behind, and get hustlin’.

She is also short-tempered. Which means her impatience comes with a BITE and a stab to your gentle heart.

If you can’t handle the firecracker that is Aries, I suggest you move out of the way and let her do her thanggg.

Impulsivity is her biggest demon and her impatience fuels her NEED to get things done right this second. It’s not good for her mental health or her pockets. Because, let me tell you, this girl can do some damage in a Target.

Leo (July 23 - August 22)

Leo zodiac sign with least patience

Leo is an awesome leader just like her fire sign pal, Aries. And just like Aries, she does everything in her power to dominate the competition. But her intelligence really comes in handy when she wants to solve the most difficult problems. She wants to get stuff done so she can relax and be lazy.

Along with be impatient, she is stubborn and inflexible. She has no time for other people’s ideas. Her ideas are right and well thought out and she doesn’t mind leaving people behind to get er’ done. She also believes her time is sacred and won’t budge to comply with another’s schedule.

This sign has it ALL under control. She is a leader after all and would be WAY too impatient to let someone else take the reins. She would go crazy!!

Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21)

Sagittarius zodiac sign with least patience

Sagittarius is bouncing all over the place with excitement and energy. Nothing can hold her down and she waits for no one.

She is determined to achieve her goals and doesn’t let anything or anyone keep her from them. In order to do so, she can’t depend on others who might be slower than her, or don’t have the enthusiasm to succeed like she does.

Sag is also extremely independent and loves freedom. She can’t stand clingy people, so it’s no wonder she is impatient when they try to hold her back. You CANNOT hold this sign back. She is a black stallion on an open prairie and has the whole wide world in front of her.

She is itching to take off and waits for no one to say “GO!” Because she is already gone!

Aquarius (January 20 - February 18)

Aquarius zodiac sign with least patience

This might sound harsh, but Aquarius is impatient with stupid people. And how can you blame her? She is SO smart that she only has time for intellectual conversations.

HELLO, she’s saving the world and can’t bother with basic convos. Yep, it’s true, she loves to think deeply about everything she does and if you can’t keep up she’ll get extremely impatient with you.

She’s also ALWAYS changing. She’s a progressive thinking sign and is ahead of all the signs at any given moment.

And because she values being progressive, she doesn’t have time for anybody who is not on her page or trying to be on her page.

She may seem a little stuck up, but she is our future! We should be happy that she is impatient! She is solving the world’s problems and thinking ahead to what could ail us in the future.

Thank goodness for signs like Aquarius, seriously!