How To Make A Man Orgasm More Quickly

Make him explode — and quick!

How To Make A Man Orgasm More Quickly weheartit

If you have a man that can never reach “the end” sexually or takes so long you think you could write a 19th Century novel all while going down on him, you might want him to speed it up a little. Because let’s be honest: sometimes, we need it to be a quickie and all parties want to leave smiling, no?

It shouldn’t feel like an unending show and you want to feel like you’re making his day, sexually speaking. So, here's how to make him finish orgasm quickly when you really need things to end. 


1. Have rough sex.

You don’t need to be a jackhammer, but usually some intense speed on his penis — whether anally, orally or vaginally — will help him orgasm, especially if you give him the depth of penetration or swallow.

2. Learn how to deep throat.

When you can devour his penis from tip to base, whether slowly and intensely or quickly, you’re more apt to get him to orgasm. It’s harder to get every inch of him “covered,” so when you do so in an intense manner, you’ll hurry up his pace.


3. Focus on the visual.

Men can be visual creatures, whether they are sleeping with men or women. Getting in a position that allows him a full-on view, such as from behind or you right on top, can give him the birds-eye view his brain and his penis need.

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4. Stimulate his mind.



Orgasm is brain and body together, yes? When we feel aroused physically and mentally, the orgasms will come. So, dive into his kinks like talking dirty to him or wearing something hot that he'll enjoy seeing you in.

No matter what, figure out what his mind needs to be in the right place in order to “prep” for a hot and proper landing.

5. Watch what you say.

Does he hate dirty talk? Then skip it! But if he loves it, indulge him. But no matter where he is on the spectrum, do not dive into your issues with him, recite your grocery list or other non-sexy topics. Doing so will only delay him further.

6. Take some time for foreplay.



Want to make him so rock-hard he’ll explode? Don’t we all. To get him ready to orgasm, send him sexy texts and pictures. Engage in a little phone sex, but just don’t let him orgasm or else you might be there for a week.

Get him aroused enough to make him anticipate having you. It will build up his excitement.

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7. Pull out all his tricks.

Does he absolutely love a handjob? Is he crazy over anal sex? When you want him to finish fast, pull out the things he loves to do, especially the ones he doesn’t always get to do with you.

8. Tease him.



Bind his hands. Handcuff him to your bed. Refuse access for as long as you can or only allow him to touch certain areas.

To make him crazier and more desperate to have you, let him watch you masturbate. Do NOT let him join in until he is dying. Well, close enough until he’s desperate and begging. They’re so cute when they beg, aren’t they?

9. Take the focus off of you.

Don’t let him focus on you if you really need him to get to the finish. Just dive in and go down on him or focus on solely pleasing him. Not only will this help him relax, but it will turn him on and make him feel like a king. All men want to feel like a king.


10. Avoid serious conversations.

Don’t bring up tense conversations or situations beforehand. If you two do fight ahead of time, expect Mr. Marathon to go longer. It’s only fair. His mental state just isn’t right.

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