22 Famous Couple Halloween Costume Ideas Perfect For You And Your Boo

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Why settle for an ORDINARY couples costume when you can be FAMOUS?!

Halloween is a time to be anyone you want to be. So why not be a celebrity? Better yet, you and your boyfriend can be a hot, famous celeb couple.

Unleash your inner freak factor (whatever it may be). You might want to be one of your favorite TV characters. Or perhaps a famous fictional video game character. Maybe you want to be something scary or funny... maybe something a little sexy too. The best costumes are the ones where you pair up with someone else! 

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Having a partner to go along with your iconic famous couple costume idea is the best way to celebrate Halloween. When you're out and about that night you have a partner in crime to get into all sort of mischief with.

Doing it with your significant other makes it special and something you'll always remember having done together.

Halloween might not be known as a romantic holiday. But hey, who says it can't be? Costumes are always better when they are in two parts anyway. 

How do you choose which famous celebrity couple you want to be?  The possibilities are endless and you can be any combination of a couple that you can think of.

It's nostalgic and clever, what more could you ask for in a Halloween costume?! It's a fun way to have people guessing who exactly you could be if it's not an obvious one too. 

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It's also the perfect opportunity to be creative with ideas for Halloween. Coming up with unique and clever clothing to fit the couple is destined to be a crowd pleaser.

You can dress up a little slutty for Halloween in an attempt to find true love, a.k.a. Kardashian-style. When Kim and Kayne hit the party, everyone will be green with envy. And that won't be just the green face paint they might be wearing.

Which couple would you choose? A glamorous old Hollywood couple? Or maybe a pop star duo? Are they dead or alive? Do they make sense together? Or are they an odd couple?

The choice may be easy or a bit more difficult if you don't immediately have a favorite. But there's no shortage of famous relationships

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If you feel you have exhausted all your favorite ideas don't fret! Because romance happens every day and there will probably be ten more creative couple costume combos by Halloween '18.

So saddle up for a fun and exciting night out with your partner in crime and become two completely different people. And hey, make them your celebrity crush, you can finally have a night with them and make it feel like the real deal. 

John Lennon and Yoko Ono Halloween costume.
Photo: Pinterest

Just try not to break up the band. This combination may not be an obvious choice but it is a classic one. Going as the famous Beatles front man and the woman who notoriously split them up will be hit.

Have some other buddies be Paul, Ringo, and George! 

Brittney Spears and Justin Timberlake famous couple Halloween costume.
Photo: Pinterest

In that iconic ensemble. It will be hard to miss when you walk into the room with this costume combination. The total jean look certainly raised eyebrows back in the day, and on Halloween, it will not disappoint either.

I'm still hopeful JT and Brittney will get back together *sigh*. 

Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock Halloween costume.
Photo: Pinterest

Fun and easy to make on your own. The famous singer and slow-motion runner are a perfect combo for Halloween. All you need is a couple of blonde wigs and some styling wife beaters and you are ready to party.

Kid and Pam themselves would be proud. 

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt famous couple Halloween costume.
Photo: Pinterest

R.I.P Brangelina. This power duo can live on through Halloween. They may be done and over in real life but they will be alive with you and your beau this year at least.

Come on don't lie, you definitely have either crushed on Brad or Angelina so this is perfect. 

Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke Halloween costume.
Photo: Pinterest

Not exactly a couple but there are always some blurred lines. The famous and crazy VMA performance is having an encore.... on Halloween night!

This duo is sure to be one for the books. Plus the foam finger is a TON of fun to have. Just trust me on that.  

Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain couples costume.
Photo: Pinterest

This costume is pure Nirvana. Fans of the two can have their spirits live on. With this costume combination, you are sure to have a fun and exciting night. It's also easy to make and put together on your own.

Who wouldn't be down with that? 

Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne Halloween costume.
Photo: Pinterest

Costume full of personality for a couple full of personality. Having a short redheaded wig or a long black one is the perfect way to escape and be someone completely different for the night.

This couple is a fun time in real life so you can be sure you will have a ton of fun on October 31st.


Donald and Melania Trump famous couple Halloween costume.
Photo: Pinterest 

The scariest costume of all. BOO! This couple is a bit of a doozy. Being the President and First Lady in the past may not have been as colorful but this year is a little different.

The good thing is that you can take the costume off after the night. 

Beyonce and Jay Z famous couple Halloween costume.
Photo: Pinterest 

Queen Bey and King Jay. Our own American royalty as a power couple. On Halloween night you can be ready to SLAY. There is no better way to run the world and get the dirt off your shoulders than with this costume combination.  

Get ready to run the world. 

Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian famous couple Halloween costume.
Photo: Pinterest 

Just keeping up with these Kardashians. They may not have been the most functional couple but hey, they were entertaining. Being Scott and Kourtney will be a great way to have Keeping Up With The Kardashians not just on in your living room, but in your life. 

Although at this point, you may want to add a few more baby dolls in there.


Run DMC Halloween couples costume.
Photo: Pinterest

A little switch-up to spice up the night. Not an obvious choice but definitely a fun one! Not to mention comfortable. And another plus side? You can wear those sweats and eat as much candy as you want!

So baggy that it doesn't even matter.  

Jackie 0 and JFK Halloween costume.
Photo: Pinterest

Classic. This couple is timeless. The costume is an image from that era, and everyone will recognize that. Being JFK and Jackie O is a testament to time, and remembering one of our country's greatest power couples.

Not too mention the costumes make you look dapper.  

Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen famous couple Halloween costume.
Photo: Pinterest

This costume is a touchdown. Two incredibly beautiful people. A pro football player and an actual supermodel? It sounds like the real-life Barbie and Ken, but they aren't made up. And you can step into their shoes for the night!

You can even keep the costumes if you want, who wants to stop pretending to be them? 

Elvis and Marilyn Monroe couples Halloween costume
Photo: Pinterest

A couple that may not be romantically involved but both iconic. Everyone knows Marilyn and Elvis. They may not have been romantically involved in their actual lives but for Halloween, they can be the power couple.

Everyone will be bowing down to musical legends aka you!  

Ellen Degeneres and Portia De Rossi couples costume.
Photo: Pinterest

Definitely a winner. Ellen and Portia are full of personality and energy. That is PERFECT for Halloween costumes. You can be the fun and loving couple that night.

Everyone will love the unique idea because everyone loves Ellen and Portia anyway. 

Bill and Hillary Clinton famous couple Halloween costume.
Photo: Pinterest

A couple of politicians just looking for some candy. Bill and Hill. They are a power couple of sorts and you can bring them to life at your Halloween party or event. This couple in real life may be into politics but on October 31st they are just into looking for some Twizzlers and Candy Corn. 

Marilyn Monroe and Joe Dimaggio Halloween costume.
Photo: Pinterest

Hit it out of the park with this look. The iconic and timeless couple can be yours for the night. The classic white dress and old-time baseball uniform will look perfect together.

Plus it is a great idea that many people probably haven't thought of. A hidden gem straight from the movie screen and outfield. 

Katy Perry and Russel Brand famous couples costume.
Photo: Pinterest

What a colorful couple. They may not be together in real life at the moment but boy did they make a splash. And you can too with this combination! Halloween will be anything but boring, plus their fashion looks alone are enough to consider dress up.

Get ready for some compliments! 


Prince William and Kate Middleton famous couple Halloween costume.
Photo: Pinterest

The royal couple themselves. Get to re-live the royal wedding as if you were there. Even if you missed it on TV it can come to life on Halloween! Being this power couple will be sure to please everyone and bring a lot of compliments! Plus the outfits just look so dashing. 


Rihanna and Drake Halloween costume.
Photo: ‚Äčinstagram @terrilomax

Ri Ri and Drizzy. This couple is powerful with a capital P. They are both amazing musical artists and they will surely make great Halloween costumes as well. Sing a song on Halloween and see if the magic of RiRi and Drizzy will bring you perfect harmonies. 


Sonny and Cher famous Halloween costume.
Photo: Pinterest

An oldie but a goodie. This colorful and fun couple were a hit back years ago and that won't change in 2017. Everyone will be interested in your costume choice, being so classic and timeless it's no wonder! Halloween will be very groovy this year.


Elvis and Priscilla Presley famous couples Halloween costume.
Photo: Pinterest

You'll be a hunk of burning love. Graceland comes to life when you become Elvis and Priscilla for this year. The classic couple is famously in love and talented. It will be perfect for you and your beau!

Channeling this legend will only make Halloween more fun. 

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