13 Totally Clever Halloween Costumes For Lesbian Couples

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lesbian couple halloween costumes

Halloween is fast approaching, which means it's time to start thinking about the costumes you and your sweetie will be donning this year.

Couples Halloween costumes can be a hassle and if you don't start early then it's even harder. But if you don't look at it as a chore, then it can actually be a really fun project.

Get together with your babe and put together a list of possible costume ideas that work for both of you.

Whether its a DIY, store bought, or vintage, make the mission to getting the ultimate couple costume a fun one. They're are endless possibilities to choose from, whether they are silly, terrifying, or drop dead sexy.

Do something that compliments both your styles and that will wow any Halloween crowd. 

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Here are 13 clever and creative Halloween costume ideas for lesbian couples:

Daphne and Velma

Become your own mystery-solving duo with a purple dress and pink boots for Daphne, and an orange sweater and red mini skirt for Velma. Don’t forget those knee socks!

Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy


Go for a harlequin print bodysuit and jester’s hat for Harley, and a green corset or dress with accompanying tights for Ivy. 

Any two ladies from Game of Thrones

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Who wouldn't want to be one of these seriously gorgeous, ass-kicking girls? Halloween’s your perfect chance to do so. Depending on which way you go, you’ll need either armor, furs or, you know, whatever the heck it Daenerys is wearing. And wigs are a must, of course!

Glinda The Good Witch and Wicked Witch of the West

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lesbian couple costumes

Who’s the good one and who’s the bad one? That’s for you two to decide. Add some tulle to an old bridesmaid dress to become Glinda, the Good Witch, and use any high-necked black dress to become the Witch of the West. The key here is makeup. 

Catwoman and Wonder Woman

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lesbian couple costume

Dig up a black bodysuit, tail and ears for Cat Woman, and the iconic unitard, crown and boots for Wonder Woman. In addition to being totally badass, you have the fun of play-fighting all night. 

Woody and Buzz

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lesbian couple costume

These costumes are not only an easy and cheap DIY project but you will literally be living out your childhood goals. 

Queen of Hearts and White Queen

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lesbian couple costumes

This costume is perfect for makeup lovers, most of your work for this costume will be on your face, lots of liner, and fake lashes will go a long way.


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lesbian couple costumes

This Minions couples costume is simple and cute to wear. All yellow outfits and makeshift goggles with googly eyes. 

Emoji Twins

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lesbian couple costumes

This is a super cute and fun DIY costume for emoji obsessed couples.

Sweet like candy

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lesbian couple costume

Super cute costume idea for any major candy couples, and you can do this for just about any kind of candy.

Team Rocket!

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lesbian couple costume

Prepare for trouble! Make it Double! All that's needed in addition to these Pokemon inspired costumes is a cute little plush Meowth.


Snow White and the Evil Queen

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lesbian couple costumes

This is the perfect princess vs. villain inspired costume with Disney's original princess!

Alex and Piper

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lesbian couple costumes

This one is pretty self explanatory. These Orange is the New Black characters are the ultimate lesbian power couple. And they make orange jumpsuits look pretty damn good. 

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