Woman Turns Her Own Labia Into Crystal Jewelry And It's Actually Kind Of Pretty

Photo: tracy kiss
woman turns her labia into jewelry

Tracy Kiss is a mother of two, a blogger, and a model. But now she can add "jewelry designer" to her resume.

Tracy explains on her blog that she hadn’t really noticed how much her labia had been enlarged over the years... until she rode a bike for the first time since childhood.

She explains the pain as being “pure agony” and at times she even felt like crying when walking or sitting down. Tracy goes on to say that she’s never felt embarrassed or insecure about her enlarged labia because this was the only length she had known labia to be. The only thing that gets on her nerves is the excruciating pain.

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Wearing tight clothing pinches her labia and leaves painful swelling behind. She also experiences pain during sex due to her labia being pushed inside of her or her labia being caught between her underwear. Tracy thought this was something all women experienced and never once questioned it until she visited a doctor after discovering a cyst in her left labia.

After the first doctor’s visit and then discovering another cyst not long after, Tracy decided it was time to undergo a labiaplasty, a surgical procedure to remove unwanted tissue of the vaginal opening.

After undergoing the surgery, she decided to keep her cut off labia in a jar of surgical fluid as a trophy, rewarding herself for pushing through endless amounts of pain. But when the excess tissue began to wrinkle and turn gray, she decided to turn it into an accessory to carry with her everywhere.

That's right, this woman turns her labia into jewelry!

Yes, Tracy Kiss turned her labia into an empowering necklace and is using it to raise awareness and make sure women know they’re not alone in their concern for their enlarged labia.

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Painting her labia a bright red and adding glitter to it, she then placed it in a pendant mold and filled it up with a crystallizing mixture, preserving her labia forever and turning it into a fashionable keepsake.

Photos: Tracy Kiss

Tracy hopes that by being vocal and blogging along the way, she'll help educate women on labiaplasty and hopes to let women know that this is always an option for their vaginal health, rather than living an entire life filled with pain and constant discomfort.


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