Holy Transformation! Amanda Bynes Is Almost Unrecognizable In New Photos

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Holy Transformation! Amanda Bynes Is Almost Unrecognizable

Lindsay Lohan, Corey Haim, and Erin Moran couldn't do it. They couldn't make that transition from child star to adult performer. Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato have both had their share of ups and downs, but being in the public eye and having success at such an early age takes a toll.  

Amanda Bynes is someone who has had many struggles in her life and many of them in the public eye. She was first noticed on the Nickelodeon shows All That and then her own show The Amanda Show

She had great comic timing for someone so young and while she was cute, she wasn't drop-dead gorgeous — she felt approachable and as if she was a friend, not a huge TV star. She was likable and it looked as if her life would be easy and full of success. She went on to make some memorable films such as She's the Man, What a Girl Wants, Sydney White, Hairspray, and Easy A.

But things took a downward turn for her in 2012. During that year she got in several car accidents, was charged with a DUI, got into a number of Twitter wars, and was arrested for possession of marijuana, tampering with evidence, and reckless endangerment (i.e., throwing her bong out the window). There were also incidents of stripping in inappropriate places (such as when working out). She shared her erratic behavior via Twitter and other social media.

She seemed to have one meltdown after another, leading to no one wanting to work with her, and her career stalled. Whether it was under advisement or perhaps she instinctively knew it would be best to do her recovery out of the spotlight, she disappeared.

For the last three months, Amanda hadn't been seen at all. That is, until recently when she was spotted at a Ralph's Grocery Store on The Miracle Mile in Los Angeles.

So, what does Amanda Bynes look like now? She's nearly unrecognizable waiting in line.

You don't go through what Amanda Bynes has gone through and look the same as you did when you were a teenager. She now has long blonde hair, has a fuller body type, large-framed glasses, and is dressed casually.

We don't know the amount of effort it must have taken her to go out in public. She may have had to psyche herself up to do it. Going to the grocery store may have been an act of bravery for her, but she appeared restrained and attentive.

This is a pretty swanky Ralph's and is elevated from the street. Amanda was seen with another woman, reportedly her life coach Joy Stevens. Amanda appears sober and subdued.

Earlier this year in an interview, Amanda admitted that she was ready to go back to television acting where she got her start.

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Amanda Bynes may not have the thriving acting career she once had but she's still worth a reported six million dollars. With any luck, Amanda Bynes's health issues are behind her and she can resume acting. 

All photos: Daily Mail

No matter how lucky you may be, life is hard and it shows real strength when you're down to work on yourself and get back up again. Here's hoping that Amanda Bynes will be able to turn her life around.


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