Men With THIS Type Of Face Are More Likely To Cheat

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type of men who are most likely to cheat

Don't pull out the tape measures just yet, ladies.

Usually, when our partner cheats in a relationship we automatically assume it’s because they’re unhappy or unsatisfied. Well, new research says some men can’t help but cheat — all based on their type of face. That's right, there is a certain type of men who are most likely to cheat.

According to a study published in Archives of Sexual Behavior, researchers linked facial width-to-height ratio (FWHR) to behavioral characteristics — more specifically, a higher sex drive — primarily in men.

So, men with shorter and wider faces have a higher sex drive and are more likely to cheat on their partner than men with longer and more narrow faces.

To prove their hypothesis, two studies were conducted at Nipissing University, Simon Fraser University, the University of Ottawa, and the Northern Ontario School of Medicine in Canada.

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In the first study, 145 heterosexual students (69 male and 76 female) who were currently in relationships completed questionnaires about their sexual behaviors and then had the dimensions of their faces measured from photographs they provided.  The width of their faces were then measured by dividing the bi-zygomatic width of the face by the height of the upper face and found that FWHR was positively correlated with sex drive in men.

In the second study, not only did researchers examine the link between FWHR and sex drive, they also examined intended infidelity and sociosexuality (desire for casual sex rather than sex in a committed relationship).

The second study recruited a larger group — a total of 314 participants (43 percent of which were men) — and had them go through the same steps as in study 1, with the addition of questions about any tendencies to cheat. The students recruited were from a small college in Canada, just 350 km from where the first study took place. 

Study 2 found a correlation between FWHR and sex drive but also showed a similar correlation between sociosexuality and intentional infidelity among men.

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While the study shows strong correlations, it also has strong limitations about the type of men who are most likely to cheat. The research was only conducted among college students who were mostly straight and white, making us wonder if the results are similar when spread out among different age groups, sexualities, and races.

There’s no actual proof that just because your boyfriend has a square face he’ll cheat on you. And if he DOES cheat, using “I have a square face!” isn’t a good enough excuse, so don’t try it, guys.


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